Sunday, February 16, 2014


Last Thursday was a whirlwind day. Z went to school, as usual, and I actually accomplished quite a bit in the house. Buzz was slightly out-of-sorts - I shlepped him out to the park twice but we only spent a grand total of about 40 minutes out of doors. Seemed like a shame since it was sunny and hot.

Friday the weather was strange. Z and Buzz left for their meeting with the vaad mekomi of the yishuv very early. In exciting news - we got the 'second' of the three 'big' signatures. Now we are all set to submit the plans for our building permit - finally!! That is the final 'signature' that we need before we can start building. It's taken long enough - I hope we can progress in a timely manner.

On Friday I walked over to the medical-center and got my eyes checked. A full 'check-up' since it had been quite a while since the last one. All was good - and the nice dr gave me a printout with all of the pertinent details - so when I got home I sat down and ordered myself some new glasses. Hopefully they'll arrive in a couple of weeks at the latest. I can't wait to see clearly again - it's been a while.

Shabbat morning we enjoyed a quick delicious lunch. Then we packed up a birthday cake and walked over to S&S's house. It was great to see them, but our visit got cut short by a demanding Buzz. What was he demanding? A nap. Funny kiddo. We figured that if we walked over to The FamBily House that Buzz would fall asleep on the way. However that didn't work out quite as planned. As soon as he realized where we were heading he got all energized. It took a dozen rounds of the block to get him to conk out.

We hung out until shabbos ended. After Havdala we headed home.

This morning Z left for a week of miluim. While he's on 'vacation' in reserve duty - I'm stuck at home with a goopy nosed, super kvetchy Buzz. I was not happy with the situation - to say the least. Phil and Frank took pity on me and came over to visit me this afternoon. They arrived at 2:50, just five minutes after Buzz had fallen asleep for his very-overdue nap. The kid napped for a solid 3 hours - I let him sleep because he clearly wasn't feeling well. While he napped we entertained ourselves.

When Buzz woke up, The Crazy Lady picked us all up and took us to The FamBily House. We enjoyed a delicious, nutritious, warm, filling, dinner. Once Buzz had a full tummy he was more than happy to play with all of the toys. It's 9pm and he shows no signs of tiring - so we're just sitting tight waiting for a signal.

I have no clue how I'm going to get through the night without Z. I'm already dreading the kid's midnight freakout when he wanders into my bedroom and Z is missing from the bed.

In the morning - we take him to the doctor...

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