Wednesday, February 12, 2014

~Whole-grain low fat~

My goodness - how did an entire week pass by with no updates? Clearly I've been busy. Or just too tired of being tired that I couldn't bring myself to post. Right, staying positive - I've just been so busy I've had no time to sit and type for an hour. So - here I am. A bit of free time and I'm spending it on a post just for you. Feeling special yet? I hope so.

Last Thursday we were getting ready to go grocery shopping when the doorbell rang. It was the fix-it-guy. It was also only 10am. (when they'd told us they were coming between noon and one...) We quickly covered all of the counters with the last of our plastic tablecloths and moved the fridge out of the way. The guy proceeded to spend over 5 hours scraping and repainting the walls. Since they have no interest in coming twice to finish a job - they scraped, slapped on a new layer of 'tiach' then painted half an hour later. Now - I don't mind that there was paint EVERYWHERE and I could have lived with the fact that the tiach hadn't dried completely so all of the paint bubbled in a very ugly fashion - but what I can't deal with is the fact that the mall had MOLD growing on it for MONTHS and they didn't put any sort of cleaning agent or anything to clean it. Six days after the 'fix'-job and our house still REEKS of old-moldy-gross-cheese. A smell that only surfaced when the guy started scraping the paint off of the moldy walls - which leads me to believe that it was and is caused by the mold itself. Since then we have left our doors and windows wide open from 8am until 8pm every single day - but the smell will not dissipate. It is disgusting. Not quite as bad as smelling the wet mold rot - but extremely nauseating in the sense that it smells like old gym sneakers that somebody shoved a dead fish into and left in the trunk of a car in the middle of the summer.

Friday was busy last week too. We cooked up shabbos lunch for The FamBily then shlepped it across town to The FamBily House. The Freddies were in town for the weekend so we walked over for lunch early shabbos morning. Buzz and Lil' Miss were quite amusing to watch. Shabbos was a lot of fun. I didn't win either of the games of Settlers that we played - but I did eat A LOT of desserts - and that's pretty much just as good as winning.

On Sunday I decided to start taking my vitamins again - yay me! Anemia and vitamin deficiency have really been getting me down for the last few months - so I decided to make a bit more of an effort to resolve the situation. At least for a little while - or until I decide I feel well enough to forget about them, again...

On Sunday I also overcame enough laziness/anxiety and took Buzz to the park alone for an hour for the first time in a week. I also painted my nails in an attempt to stop biting them - but I think I've taken on too many things too fast...

Monday was notable because Z resumed classes. Phil came over to hang out - we went to the park, made amazing chicken with broccoli for dinner (which we ate in the comfort of my bedroom so that we could watch more GG - finally!) I also got the web version of A&A's wedding invite mostly finished.

Tuesday morning I tweaked the invite color a tads then it was finished. I sent it off so that they could send it out. We went grocery shopping at Shufersol and bought a gazillion chickens. Ok, only 5. But hey - that's a lot of chickens for us. In my defense - our freezer was empty. I did a whole lot of laundry - washed/folded/AND put away! We also went to the park at the top of the hill for about ten minutes - then Buzz ran to the edge of the mountain and pointed in the direction of The FamBily House. He refused to play anymore. He refused to walk back to the car - or be carried. He would ONLY walk towards The FamBily House. So we walked - down the mountain. Z picked us up at the bottom of the hill when Buzz was sure that we were heading in the 'right' direction.

Finally we made it to today. Let's see - woke up and enjoyed french fries and eggs for the first time in a week or so. Buzz was happy with the breakfast selection. Then I guilt-tripped Z into washing all of the meat dishes. (He washed the stuff in the dairy sink too - but there wasn't much in it.)

Today Phil decided that it was time to put her gym/pool membership to use. I didn't have plans so she convinced me that swimming would be an excellent plan of action. Luckily for me Z was home so I was free to go. I convinced Z to come with and we figured maybe Buzz would enjoy - but the kid could not be convinced to get into the oversized bathtub full of weird old people in funny hats and goggles. He sat on a chair with Z and watched us intently to make sure we didn't disappear. He really didn't like the whole 'goggle' concept and wouldn't engage us if we were wearing them. After about half an hour we gave up and Z took Buzz home. Phil and I swam for a little over two hours. It was awesome. I love swimming. I worked my legs and arms thoroughly. I'll feel it tomorrow but I'm thinking I'll do some pilates and make my core cry a bit.

We were invited over to The FamBily House for a dinner of sliders - on the condition that we bring tiny slider-sized-buns. I couldn't refuse an offer like that. However the whole swimming for a few hours in the middle of the afternoon - kind of complicated matters. Luckily for me - Z is great at making bread doughs. He kneaded up a batch of bun-dough and once it was risen I shaped them.

We ended up shlepping the whole tray over to The FamBily House because Buzz didn't want to wait anymore to see Oscar. Always seems funny to walk out of the house with sesame seeds, a pastry brush, and an egg in my purse - but maybe I'm not as weird as I think.

Dinner was great. We made our way home to get the Buzz into bed. He's still not asleep - but it's 'only' 9:38pm (they've been in there since 8:08...poor Z...)

Meanwhile I've definitely typed for long enough - time to crash.

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