Sunday, March 30, 2014

Peleg Brama Saga

We spent last Tuesday trying to organize the house a little bit. It was pretty much a disaster area after all those guests and the craziness of sheva brachot. They'd been fun events but the apartment looked worse than - well, let's just say it looked bad.
On Wednesday we decided to shirk all sense of responsibility and we drove out to Modiin in the mid-morning. The Crazy Lady and I indulged in mani/pedis - we felt that we'd earned them after the amazing party success. Z and Buzz had a blast - they enjoyed brunch at Cafe Greg while we were pampering ourselves. Our last stop was at the second-hand bookstore in the parking-lot where we picked up a whole bunch of reading material for us gals for Pesach.
Back in The Sun House we weren't ready to head home just yet. We swung by BIG Fashion and decided to grab some lunch at Rimon. We saw Sara and some other people. Yo'Abba came out and met us at the restaurant. The Crazy Lady and I each enjoyed our favorite 'Italian Salad - no croutons' and Buzz was quite pleased with the mountains of feta cheese, cucumbers, and french fries that we piled on his plate.

After finishing up we played at the soft-play-area for a while, then when Buzz got bored we 'stole' some empty boxes from the trash pile at the back of the mall (ok, fine, Phil was hard at work unpacking the Gap's new stock - so she kindly allowed us to take a few boxes for Spring/Pesach packing/organizing.)
Thursday was its usual self. We kicked off with a french-fry breakfast - I've noticed that Buzz 'dips' every single fry into imaginary ketchup on the plate before eating it - but won't actually eat ketchup - he just lieks the 'dipping' action. After eating Z 'forced' me to sit and organize three of the cabinets in the kitchen - we organized them so well that I barely recognize them. We even tackled the ubiquitous 'plastic containers' collection.
In an attempt to prep for Shabbos I decided to turn some rice into kugel. I poured the ingredients into a bowl. Buzz whisked it all up, then we poured it into a pan and popped it into the oven. Buzz was super-energized so we went out to The FamBily House. We crashed dinner and Fuzz ran Buzz ragged. When we got home the kid happily changed into pjs and collapsed into bed. It was awesome.
I woke up early Friday morning. And when I say 'early' it's tough to gauge what that means since we switched the clocks at 2am. Still, the sun was shining and people outside were moving around - so I guess it was a somewhat acceptable hour of the morning. I decided to begin with an attempt at organizing the disaster that was my bedroom.

Having a 'house-guest' hog the guest room for a month meant that nothing really got hung up in the closet or put where it belonged. Instead, everything ended up piled on the coffee table in my bedroom. I decided to remedy the situation. I weeded through everything and pulled out a stack of clothes that I hadn't worn in about five years. I figure it's probably time to toss them.
Just as I completed my task I noticed a notification on my iPad. (Background: On Tuesday somebody had posted a really awesome looking IKEA bed-frame on a swap/sell group that I belong to. It was a kids bed, solid wood, and in excellent condition. Best part - she was selling it for just 100nis because she wanted it out of her house and didn't have instructions for how to assemble it. I tried so hard to 'win' it but somebody managed to post before me - so I had 'lost' the race.) However - the person who had 'won' the bed hadn't shown up to collect it - so the original poster offered it again on a 'first-come-first-served' basis. I immediately called the poster and told her that we were on our way to collect it. Then The Crazy Lady, Frank, and Z RAN to RBS to pick it up. It's an awesome bed - convertible (can either be high or low - with a canopy or as a loft), assembly instructions are online, and any pieces that are missing we can just replace at Ikea. I am SO excited to put it together for Buzz. Best part? It's a 950nis bed and we got it for just 100nis. That's pretty good second-hand-hunting if I do say so myself.
Phil came over for a 'spa'-session. I indulged too. Then when she left we realized that since it was after 2 we should probably make some food for the weekend. We threw together a stew with the last chunk of #8 meat that we had in the freezer. Lunch came together quickly - pasta salad for Buzz and a two-tone potato gratin for us. I even found some cookies in the freezer for dessert.
By the time candle-lighting rolled around I was really regretting my decision not to go spend all day at the beach. The weather had been perfect and we hadn't really done anything all day. Dinner was delicious and the kid conked out at a reasonable hour. Completely exhausted for some inexplicable reason I also fell asleep at a little after 9pm.
Saturday morning was a lazy morning to say the least. Even Buzz 'slept in' all the way until 7:40 (mind you, two days earlier that would've been 6:40...) After a somewhat late lunch we packed up and found our shoes before heading over to The FamBily House. We hung out there until Shabbos was over. We played rummikub and ate lots of cookies and all the usual stuff. Z had driven Phil home Friday then walked back to our place, so on Motzash the car was waiting for us. We dropped Phil off for a Saturday night shift then headed home. Buzz conked out in the car, since he hadn't napped all day and was exhausted. We managed to get him inside and changed him into pjs without waking him up. It was great!
This morning we had our fries, and played for a while. Eventually Buzz got bored so we went out to the mall where we did a walk through with a quick detour to the play-area - we were in and out in under an hour and didn't spent an agura. Back at home we found some lunch then eventually Buzz got restless again. We shoe-d up and went out to the park at the top of the hill. Buzz was in a 'park-mood' so he actually played for a while. (Lately he hasn't wanted to go down the slides or actually play - but I guess the weather just got him in the mood.) He was very sad when we didn't head to The FamBily House after the park - but with the promise of visiting Oscar tomorrow made, he agreed to come home.

I've been typing this post for over an hour - which is kind of mind-boggling - but be that as it may - I've got to make some dinner and then get Buzz to bed.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Larry is a nice person!

Whooooowee! What a crazy few days!
Shabbos was great! Z's whole game crew came for lunch and we had an awesome bagel brunch with two kinds of quiche, sweet salad, and lemonade. It was a blast. Buzz was SUPER friendly and excited to see everybody.
Sunday was craaaaay busy as we did the second-to-last minute prep for Sheva brachot. Then we drove up to Jeru for Avi & Ayala's wedding at the Ticho House in the center of town. It was absolutely beautiful. We saw a whole bunch of friends and the food was beyond amazing.
This morning I was up and about by 7am getting things prepped for the party. I baked 80-something kasha Knishes,  wrapped 90-something mini hotdogs in phyllo dough, baked 4 loaves of 'no knead' bread, cooked up 3.5 cups of fluffy fluffy rice, and packed up the party favor baggies. It was crazy!
We left home a bit later than expected but with enough time to pick up a couple of bags of ice.
The party went swimmingly! Everybody mingled, the food was delicious (we even made exactly the right amount of almost everything), and the tiny dessert spoons were a HUGE hit with the under 10 crowd. It's always nice when three families get together for the first time and really get along well.
My head is still spinning with all of the flurry of activity. Hopefully things will quiet down a bit for a week or so.
It's time to start cleaning for Pesach. This should be fun.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kill a Man Jaro!

As is our habit - though we had 'big plans' for Monday - we spent the day at home, doing nothing. Relatively depressing to be honest. Well, I did manage to write 7 lists - things 'to do', things 'to clean', shopping list for pesach, shopping list for shabbos, schedule of what to cook/bake when this week, and some others. Or course I left the schedule open for Monday because in my naive idiocy I actually believed that we would find something exciting to do. What a waste of a day.

Z washed dishes which was the biggest miracle of the day - but that was about it.
Ayala arrived in the middle of huge afternoon. She had been hanging out at her new apt and warned to work on homework but doesn't have wifi set up yet. She offered to watch Buzz while Z and I went out for a romantic dinner - but that didn't work out - because at the last minute she realized that she needed something important from the mall then we ended up crashing at The FamBily House for shabbos leftovers instead. Cheaper but definitely not as 'relaxing' as I would've liked.

After dinner we taste-tested a whole bunch of liqueurs - some better than others...

Ayala came back to our house to do some more homework. Sarah Leah was home from work. Ayala ended up crashing on the couch overnight.
Tuesday got off to an (early) but productive start. I baked a full batch of challah - I got 4 nice sized loaves and 17 rolls out of the batch. Then I experimented and baked a batch of checkerboard shortbread cookies for the goody-bags for the sheva brachot.

We did a big grocery shopping at Osher Ad - which worked out alright - but we're already low in vegetables again (now that Buzz and our guests are all like bunny rabbits in that they love the healthy stuff.)
Ayala washed a lot of dishes, but I made so many more dirty that it didn't really even make a dent in the situation. I washed two loads of laundry and made Z sweep the floor but even didn't help the feeling that the house was disgusting. 

Dinner worked out well - I pulled split pea soup out of the freezer along with a package of hotdogs. There were even hot dog buns in there. Sarah Leah went out to a wedding so there was just enough for everyone who was home.
This morning I attempted to bake chocolate and vanilla swirl cookies but the dough was more crumbly than I'd anticipated. I ended up making two-tone matchstick cookies instead. (If I weren't so sleep deprived I probably would have done cute stripes squares so that they would fit better with the checkerboard cookies, oh well.

Z cut up four chickens (three for Sheva brachot and one for shabbos) - well, actually that's what he's working on now.

Dinner tonight will be: honey soy glazed chicken wings, roasted cauliflower, and something green (maybe)

I can't believe that tomorrow is Thursday again. There's SO much to do and my anxiety-meter is preparing to shoot sky-high. I really need a break - even if just to get my eyebrows shaped. On man - come to think of it... I really DO need to do that too.

Add it to the list.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Geometric Exploring Presents...

Last Friday was kind of surreal. I didn't have much cooking to do - which is how I'd planned it - so I had the whole day to devote to baking hamentashen. Z went out and bought some bagels (yup, 'take-out' for Shabbos brunch) and I pulled everything for dinner out of the freezer.
Friday night was quiet and enjoyable. Buzz actually went to sleep at a semi-decent hour so I got to read and go to sleep on the early side too. We all got a good night's sleep then in the morning we enjoyed our brunch.
After eating we were bored (this happens a lot now) so we got ourselves together and walked over to The FamBily House. In a surprising turn of events, Buzz actually walked himself most oft the way across town - the 20 minute walk took half an hour, but that's really not bad considering he's got short legs (compared to us anyway).
The Parentals had four guys from Mayanot over for Shabbos. They were a funny group - we heard how one of them decided to start keeping shabbos (a previous worker at GAP, he 'made a deal' with The Big Guy Upstairs asking for a day off when the Yamim Noraim fell on Shabbos - his payment, that he'd keep Shabbos from then. Well, he got the vacation day - and he's kept Shabbos ever since.) and how another had found himself wearing tzitzit on a regular basis (after he bought them on sale, and decided to save them for 'special religious occasions' - but found himself wearing them full-time after a whole lot of frat-house partying with his bros.)
Motzei Shabbos there was Megillah reading and much raiding of the costume-box. Frank explored his more feminine side, while Phil debated whether she could fit into the role (read: robe) of High Priest. We packed mishlochei manot and had a whole lot of fun.
Purim morning had us running around doing drop-offs. We visited The Wolicki's - the karaoke party was in full swing by noon. We saw a whole bunch of pals and neighbors. Then we went home, gathered up our stuff, and drove out to The Freddies in Petach Tiqwa.
Freddie had prepared an amazing feast. Everybody had a great time. Many funny things were said but I can't remember any of them now! Buzz had a blast and so did we. Eventually it was time to head back home. We kidnapped Phil and Frank. Once we got home Buzz conked out pretty quickly. We watched Frozen and shared 'a' bottle of wine. It was highly amusing and a very enjoyable end to the day. Then they walked home in the weirdly warm night air.
Today Phil isn't working - so we're trying to find something fun to do.

There's a lot to get done this week - Sheva Brachot are coming up in one week from today - but before that, Shabbos Brunch for a dozen people. Yikes!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hum & Noshen

Yesterday - as planned - I baked up a double batch of caramel popcorn. That's two cups of unpopped popcorn kernels. I popped them in 4 batches (because that's how big my biggest pareve pot is), and they baked on 4 trays - which means 4 hours of my day because I can only bake 1 tray at a time.
Z was out for most of the day - unfortunately he had to attend a funeral near Petach Tikva. Afterwards he went out with a group of his friends who had also been in attendance. Not a great occasion but nice to see his pals.

Since I was home with Buzz the fact that I swept the whole apartment was an accomplishment in itself. Ayala stopped by for a while to hang out. She's awesome. She arrived while I was armpit deep in caramel, saw that the sink was overflowing with dishes to wash, and just washed them. That's not the only reason she's awesome - but I was extremely grateful for her help.
Later that evening Phil and Frank came over after the gym for a little hanging out and 'grooming'. I sneak-fed them turkey/chicken soup for dinner. We watched a bunch of ridiculous youtube videos. Then Z drove them back home.

This morning I spent a while contemplating spending all day in bed - but realized that it would be a real shame not to bake any hamentashen - especially considering the fact that I'd prepped a batch of dough the day before.
My tendency towards overly efficient behaviors (OK so it sounds a tad like OCD...) led to me spend 6 hours baking hamentashen. How? Well, that first batch of dough didn't make nearly as many cookies as I'd imagined (read: remembered from previous years) so I mixed up a second batch of dough. However I had to find a NEW recipe because I decided to make 'fancy' hamentashen this year - filled with 'apple pie filling' - just to be, ummm, different. SO the new recipe had to be slightly more sturdy than my usual soft doughy recipe. Luckily an old friend posted something online and it looked perfect. I mixed up the dough and decided that I should try it out with some jam before preparing the apple pie filling (why waste 20nis of apples - that's a whopping 3 apples for the record - if the dough isn't even up to the task.) Happily the dough was perfect, so I cooked up the filling, only to find that it REALLY needed to cool before I used it as a filling.

After being cooped up in the house for two days because of the rain - both Buzz and I really needed to get out. So we called up The Crazy Lady and invited ourselves over for break-the-fast dinner. It was a very good idea. We went, we partied, we ate, we shook, we were merry, then we came home and parked down the block because every parking spot closer was already taken on account of the rain.
I'm trying to figure out my menu for shabbos. I was supposed to cook today but that (obviously) didn't happen. Thankfully we are having a QUIET weekend. I can't remember the last time we had one of those. It's just us and I have a mind to just make the easiest things I can though I'm having trouble deciding what those are. If I want to be REALLY lazy we can always go to The FamBily House for lunch on Saturday. Then I just have to: roast a garlic, pull soup and challah from the freezer, make some rice, and cook a chicken for Friday night. That's not so hard. So very very very tempting.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ear Buds Company

Wow - it's been about a week. So I'm getting one in under the wire here - you know, in the spirit of keeping you up to date...

Shabbos was a lot of fun. The Freddie's were at The FamBily House and Sarah Leah stayed by us. Friday night was a quick affair and Shabbos lunch was a super exciting experience - the whole FamBily came to our house for the meal. Luckily we have gorgeous dairy china with enough plates to serve an army and a set of cutlery for 12. Oh yes, and Z even cleaned the spare chairs. Buzz had a blast with his cousin and of course he showed off for everyone else too. The ball-pool was definitely a hit. After lunch we walked over to S&S's house. Eventually Buzz got grumpy so we said our goodbyes. Once we got outside we decided to walk all the way to The FamBily House. It was quite a hike (since we had Buzz in the carrier - and he promptly fell asleep and for the first time in forever couldn't figure out how to comfortably position his sleeping head between my shoulder-blades.) Luckily it's not an overly long walk and we spent the rest of the afternoon sampling tea cakes and playing phase10.

A little before havdala I started to feel decidedly 'out of it'. I attributed it to all of the walking and not eating properly. By Sunday morning I felt miserable. I had an appointment scheduled with the dr for an unrelated matter so I figured I might as well ask him about my symptoms. He almost left the office before my appointment because he wasn't feeling well himself but since I was there and looked so pathetic he checked my ears and throat - and proclaimed me bacterial-infection free. I drove home,got into pajamas, and crawled into bed to take my temperature. It was hovering a bit above 103 (which I consider 'sick' - since 'normal' is about 97.4 for me.) Pain killers barely took the edge off of the pain. I was decidedly miserable in a way that I haven't felt for about two years. I slept the day away and thankfully at about 2:00 Monday morning I woke up drenched in sweat, feeling exhausted, but decidedly better.

Late Monday afternoon Z decided that since I was feeling so much better that I deserved the bbq I'd been begging for last week. We prepped food then went over to The FamBily House to use their grill. Dinner was delicious! I love barbecue! We enjoyed wings, shnitzel, and hotdogs hot off the grill. On the side we enjoyed oven-fried, crispy, delicious, spiced, potato wedges. YUM!

This morning we went out to vote in the over-publicized, eagerly-awaited, re-election for city mayor. Then we decided (in a moment of insanity) to go to Osher Ad. The place was a madhouse. Nothing out of the ordinary for that store but quite a bit worse than it usually is on a Tuesday. Probably because Purim is coming. I bought a bunch of kosher l'pesach chocolates and candies because they're on sale and the store has all the good flavors in stock now! I also picked up some apples for the apple pie filling that I'm planning to make to fill some hamentashen. (They should be delicious!)

Back at Home we did lots of laundry (mostly because it's Buzz's favorite 'in the house' activity). I also theoretically decided what I'll be prepping when for the rest of the week (let's see how that goes). Buzz took a really long (slightly late) nap so I'm not sure what time he'll go to sleep at tonight.

Tomorrow I'm planning to get started on the caramel popcorn for Purim. Thursday I'm hoping to get Shabbos prepared and the house cleaned up. Then on Friday the plan is to bake a zillion hamentashen.

Personally I'm excited about Friday the most. I'm planning to fill the cookies with all sorts of delicious things: hazelnut spread, chocolate filling, apple pie filling, strawberry jam, apricot jam, and peanut butter filling...

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Coocoo Not Cream

Last night we had a sleep-related once-in-a-toddlerhood (I assume anyway) experience. You see, Buzz fell asleep at 5pm as we drove home from The FamBily House. We carried him inside, not being particularly careful to be gentle, and dumped him in his bed when he was still fast asleep. At 8pm we sat around staring at each other incredulously waiting for him to wake up. We enjoyed a quiet romantic dinner together - eating whatever we wanted from our plates without fear of a small person demanding the choicest bits. Then we watched a whole lot of tv (we have a lot to catch up on ever since falling behind while Z was in miluim). Buzz woke up at a little after 10pm - he drank down half of a bottle then promptly fell back asleep. He slept in his bed until 4:30am, when he showed up in our room and crawled into our bed. He tried to get us to play get when we didn't respond and the sun wasn't up yet he accepted the fact that it was still nighttime - and went back to sleep until 6AM!!!
Suffice it to say, we kicked off this morning bright and early. Our first stop was the post office. We picked up 'the missing iherb box' - I placed an order almost a month ago and it never arrived which was strange because they usually show up within a week or so. Yesterday I received a 'second' notice from the post office and it was dated Feb. 24 (yeah, a week ago!) Thankfully the box was waiting for me and hadn't been sent back.
As I checked out all of the goodies in the box, we drove out to Shafir - just past kiryat melachi. Our goal was to get a 'tik' (file) opened in order to begin the official process of getting the building permit. We walked in confidently (wrongly) thinking that we had everything required. The woman at the desk looked through the mountain of papers we'd brought and informed us that while we had successfully obtained the correct document that Z had been missing on his prior visit - we could still not open a file.

Why not?

See if you can follow this - On Monday when Z went out there they sent him to pay a fee on the land in an office on the other side of the yishuv. The other office had given him a receipt of payment - HOWEVER (in classic Israeli bureaucratic fashion) the receipt did not suffice as 'confirmation' from the office - the 'stamp of approval' required could only be obtained when a specific person comes into the office (which he only does on Thursdays) then the signed paper would need to pass through random secretaries hands until Monday, just because, and finally it would either be mailed to or personally picked up by us and only THEN could it be brought to the office opening the tik in order to open the file.

I was furious and frustrated and ready to throw things around and specifically at peoples' heads. I threw a mini-tantrum which culminated in me dramatically throwing my hands up in the air, 'wiping them clean' of the whole sorry business, and finally storming out of the building - leaving a bewildered looking Z standing with an extremely sad-looking Buzz in his arms surrounded by about a zillion VERY expensive papers.

Approximately seven minutes later Z called me on my cell and asked me to come back inside. He said, "please come back in and watch Buzz - they're letting me open the tik and we'll deal with the 'ishur' on Monday once it's signed."

So in I went - feeling a bit stupid and mostly like the cat who got the cream and then some. Let's be honest though - if not for the outburst we'd still be in limbo. As 'they' say, "ain't nobody got time fo' dat."
We drove back to The Sun House feeling elated and quite excited. In celebration of our acheivement and as a late anniversary gift we decided to go out for lunch. We tried out Cafe Greg at the mall and it was INCREDBLE! The staff was great and the food was AMAZING. (Yes, those caps are warranted.) It was worth 'cheating' on FF today - I got ravioli and not only was the pasta 'fresh' - each pocket was stuffed full of tasty, smooth, cheesy, goodness. It was divine. Since we were celebrating we all shared a Belgian waffle for dessert - covered in milk and dark chocolate sauces, some caramel drizzle, a mound of sweet whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. *sigh* I will dream of it tonight - I'm certain.
After our delicious meal Buzz led us over to the soft play area. He really loves it there. Since it was the early afternoon everything was pretty deserted - so he had full run of the place. (His favorite!) He bounced around like a crazy person - giggling and cracking himself up.

Then I heard Z say, "that man walking towards us looks strangely like your Father..." I looked up and behold, it was my father. (heehee, that sounded dramatic didn't it?!)

Turns out Yo'Abba had dropped the van off for an oil change then decided to walk over to the mall to maybe catch a glimpse of Phil, hard at work. Phil was working and not near her phone so we were a great second-place surprise. We gave him a ride home after riding down in the elevator and trick-speeding Buzz past the 'rides' near the mall's entrance.
We hung out at The FamBily house for a little while - but not for long. I dropped off Phil's new cocoa-butter stick. Then we decided to head home. Z took a nap on the couch for a while while Buzz ran amok. When Z woke up and Buzz was done killing the ipad battery by opening up every single app I have on the device...we went out to Osher Ad.
We stocked up on vegetables for Shabbos and a few other things that we'll need for the awesome famBily lunch we're hosting. Then we headed home again. I made a delicious dinner of chicken with broccoli and bucatini - which Z and Buzz enjoyed a whole lot. Then after moving all of my canned goods from the kitchen pantry into his little house - Buzz went to sleep at about half past 8. Quite a decent hour if I do say so myself.
Here's to hoping for a good night of sleep. Tomorrow I've got to cook for Shabbos and maybe we'll do some organizing of stuff. Who knows. For now I'm going to wash some dishes, then fall asleep watching some tv. G'nite!

Monday, March 03, 2014

Pizza & Oscars

Well, I ended up being completely unproductive today after all.

Z went out to file for our building permit only to find out that having the official document that we received from the Land Authority isn't good enough to establish proof of ownership. So they turned him away with instructions to get a new copy of the letter and submit within 6 months of issuance. (Are you freaking kidding me?! Nope, they're dead serious.) In good news - turns out they have the elusive pink folders available at their office - so I can stop wandering around office supply stores like an idiot looking for one. Take 2 - whenever we figure out where to get this ridiculous letter from.

I spent the entire day watching tv. I wish I were joking. I watched on the ipad until the battery died, then I watched on the computer. Pretty pathetic.

At 5:30pm I finally got up and got dressed. Savta and The Crazy Lady invited me to a clothing sale in RBS. I figured that it would be a good idea to get out of the house. I'm glad I went - S bought me a very pretty new shabbos skirt - so now I can retire that one with the holes in it that I stole from Phil and have been wearing since I was pregnant with Buzz.

Tomorrow a trip with Phil and Freddie. I need to pop by the mall at some point and the grocery store. We also might be hosting The FamBily for lunch on Shabbos - still have to sort that out.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

DoodleSacks and Shnozz

This morning Buzz woke up at 6am. Happily he had spent the entire night in his own bed. I got up and made a lunch for Sarah Leah (who, if you haven't gathered by now - is staying with us for a while - while she finds herself an apartment in the Tel Aviv area.)
I got dressed and ran out of the house at 9am. Out into the weird, hot, dusty, yellow morning - the sandstorm blowing-on-by made it really hard to breathe. I met Phil and The Crazy Lady on the main road. We dropped Phil off at work. Then we went to the printing place and got the last 'big' plans printed for the official 'presentation' of the permit-request. A fun trip to the paper good store and we had managed to choose all of the goodies required for A&A's 7-brachot. Then we wandered around the mall before stopping at the crazy new 'max stock' store. Finally The Crazy Lady dropped me off at home. It was a fun morning - we even almost got pedicures but that will have to wait for another day.
For a long while I sat around and thought about all of the housework that I should be doing. Buzz kept pretending that he wanted to sleep but then wouldn't actually conk out. Lunch, brownies, more brownies... Still I accomplished nothing.
Finally it was 'late enough' to start preparing the bread for dinner. I didn't really have much of a plan besides for attempting to bake some homemade ciabattas. I'd found a recipe sometime last week and it seemed so cool to use a high-hydration dough - it became an obsessive 'want/need' so last night I prepped the 'biga' (preferment to give the bread a depth of flavor) and today I made the bread. Buzz was SUPER excited to help. He helped pour things into the mixer and stood on a chair by the counter next to me so that he could watch the dough slap-around in the mixing bowl. The process was incredible - during the mixing this super-wet mixture turned into a silky soft ball of dough and as soon as we turned off the machine it puddled at the bottom of the bowl looking smooth and beautiful. Buzz and I were entranced. I had fun shaping it too - but I didn't let tuzz help with that part - all the flour flying got a bit too complicated for him.
I decided to call The FamBily and ask if it would be alright to 'crash' their leftovers dinner. Luckily they didn't mind. So as soon as the bread came out of the oven we wrapped it in a towel and made our way across to the other side of town.
I'm not going to lie - I tasted the bread. Ok, fine, I gorged myself on it. Oh my goodness it was delicious! Chaval we were having meat because I would have LOVED to enjoy it warm from the oven with butter. Good thing I have the recipe and that I let myself cheat on wheat every once in a while. It's TOTALLY worth it.
As we packed up to head home Frank decided to find some festival appropriate attire. Buzz entertained us by trying some on.

When we got home I washed all of the dishes that had piled up since Friday. My hands are is pretty bad shape. I'm going to put coconut oil and socks on them and go to sleep.

Maybe tomorrow Z will apply for the building permit. I think we officially have everything ready to go (besides for a stupid red folder that isn't available anywhere.)

Maybe I'll do something productive tomorrow. It's nice to pretend that I will but I actually can't think of anything pressing to do. I supposed I could bake cookies for the sheva brachot goody bags - I'm planning on making them early and freezing them anyway. Or maybe I should bake some bagels for Shabbos... Decisions decisions.