Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Coocoo Not Cream

Last night we had a sleep-related once-in-a-toddlerhood (I assume anyway) experience. You see, Buzz fell asleep at 5pm as we drove home from The FamBily House. We carried him inside, not being particularly careful to be gentle, and dumped him in his bed when he was still fast asleep. At 8pm we sat around staring at each other incredulously waiting for him to wake up. We enjoyed a quiet romantic dinner together - eating whatever we wanted from our plates without fear of a small person demanding the choicest bits. Then we watched a whole lot of tv (we have a lot to catch up on ever since falling behind while Z was in miluim). Buzz woke up at a little after 10pm - he drank down half of a bottle then promptly fell back asleep. He slept in his bed until 4:30am, when he showed up in our room and crawled into our bed. He tried to get us to play get when we didn't respond and the sun wasn't up yet he accepted the fact that it was still nighttime - and went back to sleep until 6AM!!!
Suffice it to say, we kicked off this morning bright and early. Our first stop was the post office. We picked up 'the missing iherb box' - I placed an order almost a month ago and it never arrived which was strange because they usually show up within a week or so. Yesterday I received a 'second' notice from the post office and it was dated Feb. 24 (yeah, a week ago!) Thankfully the box was waiting for me and hadn't been sent back.
As I checked out all of the goodies in the box, we drove out to Shafir - just past kiryat melachi. Our goal was to get a 'tik' (file) opened in order to begin the official process of getting the building permit. We walked in confidently (wrongly) thinking that we had everything required. The woman at the desk looked through the mountain of papers we'd brought and informed us that while we had successfully obtained the correct document that Z had been missing on his prior visit - we could still not open a file.

Why not?

See if you can follow this - On Monday when Z went out there they sent him to pay a fee on the land in an office on the other side of the yishuv. The other office had given him a receipt of payment - HOWEVER (in classic Israeli bureaucratic fashion) the receipt did not suffice as 'confirmation' from the office - the 'stamp of approval' required could only be obtained when a specific person comes into the office (which he only does on Thursdays) then the signed paper would need to pass through random secretaries hands until Monday, just because, and finally it would either be mailed to or personally picked up by us and only THEN could it be brought to the office opening the tik in order to open the file.

I was furious and frustrated and ready to throw things around and specifically at peoples' heads. I threw a mini-tantrum which culminated in me dramatically throwing my hands up in the air, 'wiping them clean' of the whole sorry business, and finally storming out of the building - leaving a bewildered looking Z standing with an extremely sad-looking Buzz in his arms surrounded by about a zillion VERY expensive papers.

Approximately seven minutes later Z called me on my cell and asked me to come back inside. He said, "please come back in and watch Buzz - they're letting me open the tik and we'll deal with the 'ishur' on Monday once it's signed."

So in I went - feeling a bit stupid and mostly like the cat who got the cream and then some. Let's be honest though - if not for the outburst we'd still be in limbo. As 'they' say, "ain't nobody got time fo' dat."
We drove back to The Sun House feeling elated and quite excited. In celebration of our acheivement and as a late anniversary gift we decided to go out for lunch. We tried out Cafe Greg at the mall and it was INCREDBLE! The staff was great and the food was AMAZING. (Yes, those caps are warranted.) It was worth 'cheating' on FF today - I got ravioli and not only was the pasta 'fresh' - each pocket was stuffed full of tasty, smooth, cheesy, goodness. It was divine. Since we were celebrating we all shared a Belgian waffle for dessert - covered in milk and dark chocolate sauces, some caramel drizzle, a mound of sweet whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. *sigh* I will dream of it tonight - I'm certain.
After our delicious meal Buzz led us over to the soft play area. He really loves it there. Since it was the early afternoon everything was pretty deserted - so he had full run of the place. (His favorite!) He bounced around like a crazy person - giggling and cracking himself up.

Then I heard Z say, "that man walking towards us looks strangely like your Father..." I looked up and behold, it was my father. (heehee, that sounded dramatic didn't it?!)

Turns out Yo'Abba had dropped the van off for an oil change then decided to walk over to the mall to maybe catch a glimpse of Phil, hard at work. Phil was working and not near her phone so we were a great second-place surprise. We gave him a ride home after riding down in the elevator and trick-speeding Buzz past the 'rides' near the mall's entrance.
We hung out at The FamBily house for a little while - but not for long. I dropped off Phil's new cocoa-butter stick. Then we decided to head home. Z took a nap on the couch for a while while Buzz ran amok. When Z woke up and Buzz was done killing the ipad battery by opening up every single app I have on the device...we went out to Osher Ad.
We stocked up on vegetables for Shabbos and a few other things that we'll need for the awesome famBily lunch we're hosting. Then we headed home again. I made a delicious dinner of chicken with broccoli and bucatini - which Z and Buzz enjoyed a whole lot. Then after moving all of my canned goods from the kitchen pantry into his little house - Buzz went to sleep at about half past 8. Quite a decent hour if I do say so myself.
Here's to hoping for a good night of sleep. Tomorrow I've got to cook for Shabbos and maybe we'll do some organizing of stuff. Who knows. For now I'm going to wash some dishes, then fall asleep watching some tv. G'nite!

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