Sunday, March 02, 2014

DoodleSacks and Shnozz

This morning Buzz woke up at 6am. Happily he had spent the entire night in his own bed. I got up and made a lunch for Sarah Leah (who, if you haven't gathered by now - is staying with us for a while - while she finds herself an apartment in the Tel Aviv area.)
I got dressed and ran out of the house at 9am. Out into the weird, hot, dusty, yellow morning - the sandstorm blowing-on-by made it really hard to breathe. I met Phil and The Crazy Lady on the main road. We dropped Phil off at work. Then we went to the printing place and got the last 'big' plans printed for the official 'presentation' of the permit-request. A fun trip to the paper good store and we had managed to choose all of the goodies required for A&A's 7-brachot. Then we wandered around the mall before stopping at the crazy new 'max stock' store. Finally The Crazy Lady dropped me off at home. It was a fun morning - we even almost got pedicures but that will have to wait for another day.
For a long while I sat around and thought about all of the housework that I should be doing. Buzz kept pretending that he wanted to sleep but then wouldn't actually conk out. Lunch, brownies, more brownies... Still I accomplished nothing.
Finally it was 'late enough' to start preparing the bread for dinner. I didn't really have much of a plan besides for attempting to bake some homemade ciabattas. I'd found a recipe sometime last week and it seemed so cool to use a high-hydration dough - it became an obsessive 'want/need' so last night I prepped the 'biga' (preferment to give the bread a depth of flavor) and today I made the bread. Buzz was SUPER excited to help. He helped pour things into the mixer and stood on a chair by the counter next to me so that he could watch the dough slap-around in the mixing bowl. The process was incredible - during the mixing this super-wet mixture turned into a silky soft ball of dough and as soon as we turned off the machine it puddled at the bottom of the bowl looking smooth and beautiful. Buzz and I were entranced. I had fun shaping it too - but I didn't let tuzz help with that part - all the flour flying got a bit too complicated for him.
I decided to call The FamBily and ask if it would be alright to 'crash' their leftovers dinner. Luckily they didn't mind. So as soon as the bread came out of the oven we wrapped it in a towel and made our way across to the other side of town.
I'm not going to lie - I tasted the bread. Ok, fine, I gorged myself on it. Oh my goodness it was delicious! Chaval we were having meat because I would have LOVED to enjoy it warm from the oven with butter. Good thing I have the recipe and that I let myself cheat on wheat every once in a while. It's TOTALLY worth it.
As we packed up to head home Frank decided to find some festival appropriate attire. Buzz entertained us by trying some on.

When we got home I washed all of the dishes that had piled up since Friday. My hands are is pretty bad shape. I'm going to put coconut oil and socks on them and go to sleep.

Maybe tomorrow Z will apply for the building permit. I think we officially have everything ready to go (besides for a stupid red folder that isn't available anywhere.)

Maybe I'll do something productive tomorrow. It's nice to pretend that I will but I actually can't think of anything pressing to do. I supposed I could bake cookies for the sheva brachot goody bags - I'm planning on making them early and freezing them anyway. Or maybe I should bake some bagels for Shabbos... Decisions decisions.

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