Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ear Buds Company

Wow - it's been about a week. So I'm getting one in under the wire here - you know, in the spirit of keeping you up to date...

Shabbos was a lot of fun. The Freddie's were at The FamBily House and Sarah Leah stayed by us. Friday night was a quick affair and Shabbos lunch was a super exciting experience - the whole FamBily came to our house for the meal. Luckily we have gorgeous dairy china with enough plates to serve an army and a set of cutlery for 12. Oh yes, and Z even cleaned the spare chairs. Buzz had a blast with his cousin and of course he showed off for everyone else too. The ball-pool was definitely a hit. After lunch we walked over to S&S's house. Eventually Buzz got grumpy so we said our goodbyes. Once we got outside we decided to walk all the way to The FamBily House. It was quite a hike (since we had Buzz in the carrier - and he promptly fell asleep and for the first time in forever couldn't figure out how to comfortably position his sleeping head between my shoulder-blades.) Luckily it's not an overly long walk and we spent the rest of the afternoon sampling tea cakes and playing phase10.

A little before havdala I started to feel decidedly 'out of it'. I attributed it to all of the walking and not eating properly. By Sunday morning I felt miserable. I had an appointment scheduled with the dr for an unrelated matter so I figured I might as well ask him about my symptoms. He almost left the office before my appointment because he wasn't feeling well himself but since I was there and looked so pathetic he checked my ears and throat - and proclaimed me bacterial-infection free. I drove home,got into pajamas, and crawled into bed to take my temperature. It was hovering a bit above 103 (which I consider 'sick' - since 'normal' is about 97.4 for me.) Pain killers barely took the edge off of the pain. I was decidedly miserable in a way that I haven't felt for about two years. I slept the day away and thankfully at about 2:00 Monday morning I woke up drenched in sweat, feeling exhausted, but decidedly better.

Late Monday afternoon Z decided that since I was feeling so much better that I deserved the bbq I'd been begging for last week. We prepped food then went over to The FamBily House to use their grill. Dinner was delicious! I love barbecue! We enjoyed wings, shnitzel, and hotdogs hot off the grill. On the side we enjoyed oven-fried, crispy, delicious, spiced, potato wedges. YUM!

This morning we went out to vote in the over-publicized, eagerly-awaited, re-election for city mayor. Then we decided (in a moment of insanity) to go to Osher Ad. The place was a madhouse. Nothing out of the ordinary for that store but quite a bit worse than it usually is on a Tuesday. Probably because Purim is coming. I bought a bunch of kosher l'pesach chocolates and candies because they're on sale and the store has all the good flavors in stock now! I also picked up some apples for the apple pie filling that I'm planning to make to fill some hamentashen. (They should be delicious!)

Back at Home we did lots of laundry (mostly because it's Buzz's favorite 'in the house' activity). I also theoretically decided what I'll be prepping when for the rest of the week (let's see how that goes). Buzz took a really long (slightly late) nap so I'm not sure what time he'll go to sleep at tonight.

Tomorrow I'm planning to get started on the caramel popcorn for Purim. Thursday I'm hoping to get Shabbos prepared and the house cleaned up. Then on Friday the plan is to bake a zillion hamentashen.

Personally I'm excited about Friday the most. I'm planning to fill the cookies with all sorts of delicious things: hazelnut spread, chocolate filling, apple pie filling, strawberry jam, apricot jam, and peanut butter filling...

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