Monday, March 17, 2014

Geometric Exploring Presents...

Last Friday was kind of surreal. I didn't have much cooking to do - which is how I'd planned it - so I had the whole day to devote to baking hamentashen. Z went out and bought some bagels (yup, 'take-out' for Shabbos brunch) and I pulled everything for dinner out of the freezer.
Friday night was quiet and enjoyable. Buzz actually went to sleep at a semi-decent hour so I got to read and go to sleep on the early side too. We all got a good night's sleep then in the morning we enjoyed our brunch.
After eating we were bored (this happens a lot now) so we got ourselves together and walked over to The FamBily House. In a surprising turn of events, Buzz actually walked himself most oft the way across town - the 20 minute walk took half an hour, but that's really not bad considering he's got short legs (compared to us anyway).
The Parentals had four guys from Mayanot over for Shabbos. They were a funny group - we heard how one of them decided to start keeping shabbos (a previous worker at GAP, he 'made a deal' with The Big Guy Upstairs asking for a day off when the Yamim Noraim fell on Shabbos - his payment, that he'd keep Shabbos from then. Well, he got the vacation day - and he's kept Shabbos ever since.) and how another had found himself wearing tzitzit on a regular basis (after he bought them on sale, and decided to save them for 'special religious occasions' - but found himself wearing them full-time after a whole lot of frat-house partying with his bros.)
Motzei Shabbos there was Megillah reading and much raiding of the costume-box. Frank explored his more feminine side, while Phil debated whether she could fit into the role (read: robe) of High Priest. We packed mishlochei manot and had a whole lot of fun.
Purim morning had us running around doing drop-offs. We visited The Wolicki's - the karaoke party was in full swing by noon. We saw a whole bunch of pals and neighbors. Then we went home, gathered up our stuff, and drove out to The Freddies in Petach Tiqwa.
Freddie had prepared an amazing feast. Everybody had a great time. Many funny things were said but I can't remember any of them now! Buzz had a blast and so did we. Eventually it was time to head back home. We kidnapped Phil and Frank. Once we got home Buzz conked out pretty quickly. We watched Frozen and shared 'a' bottle of wine. It was highly amusing and a very enjoyable end to the day. Then they walked home in the weirdly warm night air.
Today Phil isn't working - so we're trying to find something fun to do.

There's a lot to get done this week - Sheva Brachot are coming up in one week from today - but before that, Shabbos Brunch for a dozen people. Yikes!!!

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