Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hum & Noshen

Yesterday - as planned - I baked up a double batch of caramel popcorn. That's two cups of unpopped popcorn kernels. I popped them in 4 batches (because that's how big my biggest pareve pot is), and they baked on 4 trays - which means 4 hours of my day because I can only bake 1 tray at a time.
Z was out for most of the day - unfortunately he had to attend a funeral near Petach Tikva. Afterwards he went out with a group of his friends who had also been in attendance. Not a great occasion but nice to see his pals.

Since I was home with Buzz the fact that I swept the whole apartment was an accomplishment in itself. Ayala stopped by for a while to hang out. She's awesome. She arrived while I was armpit deep in caramel, saw that the sink was overflowing with dishes to wash, and just washed them. That's not the only reason she's awesome - but I was extremely grateful for her help.
Later that evening Phil and Frank came over after the gym for a little hanging out and 'grooming'. I sneak-fed them turkey/chicken soup for dinner. We watched a bunch of ridiculous youtube videos. Then Z drove them back home.

This morning I spent a while contemplating spending all day in bed - but realized that it would be a real shame not to bake any hamentashen - especially considering the fact that I'd prepped a batch of dough the day before.
My tendency towards overly efficient behaviors (OK so it sounds a tad like OCD...) led to me spend 6 hours baking hamentashen. How? Well, that first batch of dough didn't make nearly as many cookies as I'd imagined (read: remembered from previous years) so I mixed up a second batch of dough. However I had to find a NEW recipe because I decided to make 'fancy' hamentashen this year - filled with 'apple pie filling' - just to be, ummm, different. SO the new recipe had to be slightly more sturdy than my usual soft doughy recipe. Luckily an old friend posted something online and it looked perfect. I mixed up the dough and decided that I should try it out with some jam before preparing the apple pie filling (why waste 20nis of apples - that's a whopping 3 apples for the record - if the dough isn't even up to the task.) Happily the dough was perfect, so I cooked up the filling, only to find that it REALLY needed to cool before I used it as a filling.

After being cooped up in the house for two days because of the rain - both Buzz and I really needed to get out. So we called up The Crazy Lady and invited ourselves over for break-the-fast dinner. It was a very good idea. We went, we partied, we ate, we shook, we were merry, then we came home and parked down the block because every parking spot closer was already taken on account of the rain.
I'm trying to figure out my menu for shabbos. I was supposed to cook today but that (obviously) didn't happen. Thankfully we are having a QUIET weekend. I can't remember the last time we had one of those. It's just us and I have a mind to just make the easiest things I can though I'm having trouble deciding what those are. If I want to be REALLY lazy we can always go to The FamBily House for lunch on Saturday. Then I just have to: roast a garlic, pull soup and challah from the freezer, make some rice, and cook a chicken for Friday night. That's not so hard. So very very very tempting.

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