Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kill a Man Jaro!

As is our habit - though we had 'big plans' for Monday - we spent the day at home, doing nothing. Relatively depressing to be honest. Well, I did manage to write 7 lists - things 'to do', things 'to clean', shopping list for pesach, shopping list for shabbos, schedule of what to cook/bake when this week, and some others. Or course I left the schedule open for Monday because in my naive idiocy I actually believed that we would find something exciting to do. What a waste of a day.

Z washed dishes which was the biggest miracle of the day - but that was about it.
Ayala arrived in the middle of huge afternoon. She had been hanging out at her new apt and warned to work on homework but doesn't have wifi set up yet. She offered to watch Buzz while Z and I went out for a romantic dinner - but that didn't work out - because at the last minute she realized that she needed something important from the mall then we ended up crashing at The FamBily House for shabbos leftovers instead. Cheaper but definitely not as 'relaxing' as I would've liked.

After dinner we taste-tested a whole bunch of liqueurs - some better than others...

Ayala came back to our house to do some more homework. Sarah Leah was home from work. Ayala ended up crashing on the couch overnight.
Tuesday got off to an (early) but productive start. I baked a full batch of challah - I got 4 nice sized loaves and 17 rolls out of the batch. Then I experimented and baked a batch of checkerboard shortbread cookies for the goody-bags for the sheva brachot.

We did a big grocery shopping at Osher Ad - which worked out alright - but we're already low in vegetables again (now that Buzz and our guests are all like bunny rabbits in that they love the healthy stuff.)
Ayala washed a lot of dishes, but I made so many more dirty that it didn't really even make a dent in the situation. I washed two loads of laundry and made Z sweep the floor but even didn't help the feeling that the house was disgusting. 

Dinner worked out well - I pulled split pea soup out of the freezer along with a package of hotdogs. There were even hot dog buns in there. Sarah Leah went out to a wedding so there was just enough for everyone who was home.
This morning I attempted to bake chocolate and vanilla swirl cookies but the dough was more crumbly than I'd anticipated. I ended up making two-tone matchstick cookies instead. (If I weren't so sleep deprived I probably would have done cute stripes squares so that they would fit better with the checkerboard cookies, oh well.

Z cut up four chickens (three for Sheva brachot and one for shabbos) - well, actually that's what he's working on now.

Dinner tonight will be: honey soy glazed chicken wings, roasted cauliflower, and something green (maybe)

I can't believe that tomorrow is Thursday again. There's SO much to do and my anxiety-meter is preparing to shoot sky-high. I really need a break - even if just to get my eyebrows shaped. On man - come to think of it... I really DO need to do that too.

Add it to the list.

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