Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Larry is a nice person!

Whooooowee! What a crazy few days!
Shabbos was great! Z's whole game crew came for lunch and we had an awesome bagel brunch with two kinds of quiche, sweet salad, and lemonade. It was a blast. Buzz was SUPER friendly and excited to see everybody.
Sunday was craaaaay busy as we did the second-to-last minute prep for Sheva brachot. Then we drove up to Jeru for Avi & Ayala's wedding at the Ticho House in the center of town. It was absolutely beautiful. We saw a whole bunch of friends and the food was beyond amazing.
This morning I was up and about by 7am getting things prepped for the party. I baked 80-something kasha Knishes,  wrapped 90-something mini hotdogs in phyllo dough, baked 4 loaves of 'no knead' bread, cooked up 3.5 cups of fluffy fluffy rice, and packed up the party favor baggies. It was crazy!
We left home a bit later than expected but with enough time to pick up a couple of bags of ice.
The party went swimmingly! Everybody mingled, the food was delicious (we even made exactly the right amount of almost everything), and the tiny dessert spoons were a HUGE hit with the under 10 crowd. It's always nice when three families get together for the first time and really get along well.
My head is still spinning with all of the flurry of activity. Hopefully things will quiet down a bit for a week or so.
It's time to start cleaning for Pesach. This should be fun.

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