Sunday, March 30, 2014

Peleg Brama Saga

We spent last Tuesday trying to organize the house a little bit. It was pretty much a disaster area after all those guests and the craziness of sheva brachot. They'd been fun events but the apartment looked worse than - well, let's just say it looked bad.
On Wednesday we decided to shirk all sense of responsibility and we drove out to Modiin in the mid-morning. The Crazy Lady and I indulged in mani/pedis - we felt that we'd earned them after the amazing party success. Z and Buzz had a blast - they enjoyed brunch at Cafe Greg while we were pampering ourselves. Our last stop was at the second-hand bookstore in the parking-lot where we picked up a whole bunch of reading material for us gals for Pesach.
Back in The Sun House we weren't ready to head home just yet. We swung by BIG Fashion and decided to grab some lunch at Rimon. We saw Sara and some other people. Yo'Abba came out and met us at the restaurant. The Crazy Lady and I each enjoyed our favorite 'Italian Salad - no croutons' and Buzz was quite pleased with the mountains of feta cheese, cucumbers, and french fries that we piled on his plate.

After finishing up we played at the soft-play-area for a while, then when Buzz got bored we 'stole' some empty boxes from the trash pile at the back of the mall (ok, fine, Phil was hard at work unpacking the Gap's new stock - so she kindly allowed us to take a few boxes for Spring/Pesach packing/organizing.)
Thursday was its usual self. We kicked off with a french-fry breakfast - I've noticed that Buzz 'dips' every single fry into imaginary ketchup on the plate before eating it - but won't actually eat ketchup - he just lieks the 'dipping' action. After eating Z 'forced' me to sit and organize three of the cabinets in the kitchen - we organized them so well that I barely recognize them. We even tackled the ubiquitous 'plastic containers' collection.
In an attempt to prep for Shabbos I decided to turn some rice into kugel. I poured the ingredients into a bowl. Buzz whisked it all up, then we poured it into a pan and popped it into the oven. Buzz was super-energized so we went out to The FamBily House. We crashed dinner and Fuzz ran Buzz ragged. When we got home the kid happily changed into pjs and collapsed into bed. It was awesome.
I woke up early Friday morning. And when I say 'early' it's tough to gauge what that means since we switched the clocks at 2am. Still, the sun was shining and people outside were moving around - so I guess it was a somewhat acceptable hour of the morning. I decided to begin with an attempt at organizing the disaster that was my bedroom.

Having a 'house-guest' hog the guest room for a month meant that nothing really got hung up in the closet or put where it belonged. Instead, everything ended up piled on the coffee table in my bedroom. I decided to remedy the situation. I weeded through everything and pulled out a stack of clothes that I hadn't worn in about five years. I figure it's probably time to toss them.
Just as I completed my task I noticed a notification on my iPad. (Background: On Tuesday somebody had posted a really awesome looking IKEA bed-frame on a swap/sell group that I belong to. It was a kids bed, solid wood, and in excellent condition. Best part - she was selling it for just 100nis because she wanted it out of her house and didn't have instructions for how to assemble it. I tried so hard to 'win' it but somebody managed to post before me - so I had 'lost' the race.) However - the person who had 'won' the bed hadn't shown up to collect it - so the original poster offered it again on a 'first-come-first-served' basis. I immediately called the poster and told her that we were on our way to collect it. Then The Crazy Lady, Frank, and Z RAN to RBS to pick it up. It's an awesome bed - convertible (can either be high or low - with a canopy or as a loft), assembly instructions are online, and any pieces that are missing we can just replace at Ikea. I am SO excited to put it together for Buzz. Best part? It's a 950nis bed and we got it for just 100nis. That's pretty good second-hand-hunting if I do say so myself.
Phil came over for a 'spa'-session. I indulged too. Then when she left we realized that since it was after 2 we should probably make some food for the weekend. We threw together a stew with the last chunk of #8 meat that we had in the freezer. Lunch came together quickly - pasta salad for Buzz and a two-tone potato gratin for us. I even found some cookies in the freezer for dessert.
By the time candle-lighting rolled around I was really regretting my decision not to go spend all day at the beach. The weather had been perfect and we hadn't really done anything all day. Dinner was delicious and the kid conked out at a reasonable hour. Completely exhausted for some inexplicable reason I also fell asleep at a little after 9pm.
Saturday morning was a lazy morning to say the least. Even Buzz 'slept in' all the way until 7:40 (mind you, two days earlier that would've been 6:40...) After a somewhat late lunch we packed up and found our shoes before heading over to The FamBily House. We hung out there until Shabbos was over. We played rummikub and ate lots of cookies and all the usual stuff. Z had driven Phil home Friday then walked back to our place, so on Motzash the car was waiting for us. We dropped Phil off for a Saturday night shift then headed home. Buzz conked out in the car, since he hadn't napped all day and was exhausted. We managed to get him inside and changed him into pjs without waking him up. It was great!
This morning we had our fries, and played for a while. Eventually Buzz got bored so we went out to the mall where we did a walk through with a quick detour to the play-area - we were in and out in under an hour and didn't spent an agura. Back at home we found some lunch then eventually Buzz got restless again. We shoe-d up and went out to the park at the top of the hill. Buzz was in a 'park-mood' so he actually played for a while. (Lately he hasn't wanted to go down the slides or actually play - but I guess the weather just got him in the mood.) He was very sad when we didn't head to The FamBily House after the park - but with the promise of visiting Oscar tomorrow made, he agreed to come home.

I've been typing this post for over an hour - which is kind of mind-boggling - but be that as it may - I've got to make some dinner and then get Buzz to bed.

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