Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sweet Candy Overdose

So here I was, almost certain that I'd neglected to post in over a week... Turns out my schedule is all mixed up. Shabbos went by but not a whole week. Super confusing. Last Wednesday I started taking my vitamins again. This time I'm doing it 'for real' - aiming for 6 months then a re-test at the bloodworks place. Here's to hoping that it helps get all my numbers out of the low-end red color. Late Wednesday afternoon we went out to the mall. Buzz 'demanded' a slice of pizza - he then opted to walk around the mall a couple of times then he led us out to the car. Some days he just doesn't want to play.
Thursday was somewhat boring but I was actually quite productive. I scrubbed bathrooms, and cooked most of the food for Shabbos. I also was more than happy to accept an invitation to The FamBily House for lunch on Shabbos - because it saved me the trouble of cooking lunch.

Buzz was super excited to cook - he kicked off the day by literally making 'breakfast IN bed' for me. (Yes, that's my stick blender, sans blade - he can reach EVERYTHING on the counter - it's insane!) His next task was undertaken in the living room (under the supervision of Z...) while I organized part of the guest room. Buzz took out his very largest stock pot (think HUGE) and got some soup 'cooking'. He must have felt that it needed some additional seasoning because he got out my his trusty teaspoon measure, helped himself to the 1kg container of table salt from the kitchen counter, and proceeded to season his stock one-teaspoonful at a time. By the time Z looked up from his work approximately half a kilo of salt was flavoring the bottom of my his pot. Since we weren't sure how much salt he'd eaten while working diligently on his creation we just attempted to push him to drink as much water as we could for the remainder of the day. I don't think I will ever quite forget the enormous smile and look of pride he flashed us when we took away the pot and placed it on the cook-top (for lack of counter-space) as though it were a delicacy he'd dreamed up especially for us.
Friday was long and boring. We went out to Osher Ad and superpharm just to have something to do. Buzz ended up conking out for a late nap - so we opted to make 'regular' shabbos. Thankfully Buzz went to sleep more or less on time even though he'd napped so late in the day. OUr meal was delicious - the chicken soup came out tastier than I remember any coming out in a VERY long time, the Indian style chicken was out of this world, and the basmati rice even came out delicious and fluffy.

Shabbos morning after shul we walked over to The FamBily House. The Freddies were there for the weekend - and Buzz was super excited to hang out with his cousin! Lunch was great! Then we relaxed, played a 6 player game of Settlers, relaxed some more... and eventually found our shoes, packed up our water bottles, leashed our dog, and headed out to The Park at the Top of the Hill. The kids had a blast running around and the puppy was thrilled to sit in a shady tower of the climbing structure and catch the breeze. After almost an hour Fuzzle and Yo'Abba went home and the rest of us continued on towards S&S's house. We were already halfway up the hill so the remainder of the walk was pretty easy. Buzz was getting tired and grumpy but he perked up when he realized where we were going. It was a pleasure to see S&S, as always. I ate waaaay too many grapes - and am totally thinking of picking up some more when we go to the store later this week. We headed home with a little less than an hour of Shabbos left. Phil joined us, she was after the leftover chicken from Friday night. (She had the right idea, it WAS delicious!) We partied for a while and eventually it was time for sleep.
Today was boring but productive too. We spent the morning working on projects that need to be completed. Z is hard at work on the house corrections, and is hoping to have them finished by 6am so that he can get them printed and then go directly to drop them off at the offices for their next round of 'checking'. (This is really taking forever and it's not even just on account of Z anymore...) I spent my day working on labels and fliers - 400 papers and stickers later and the whole stack is done. Now I just have to deliver them to the client.

We went over to The FamBily House to use their printer after our fritzed out on us. We ended up hanging out and sticking around for Shabbos leftovers (so it was like we were there ALL weekend instead of just for lunch.) We dined-&-dashed as is our habit - but it's the best way to get Buzz into bed on schedule. He was fast asleep in his cozy little bed by 8:32pm. Perfect.

Z will be working for another few hours so I think I'll load some tv onto the ipad and crawl into bed. Sleep sounds good. Tomorrow I guess I might tackle the laundry hill that's taking over my bathroom. Maybe I"ll wash some dishes and scrub out the kitchen sinks too - they could REALLY use it. Merely speculation for the moment - but who knows... It could happen.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lerk eht Meh Perkeberls

Erev Shabbat Chol Hamoed was spent in style. We traveled over to our favorite beach in Ashdod with Phil and spent a few hours soaking up some rays. Phil and I braved the spring waters of the Mediterranean, but to be honest, it was quite cold. Back in The Sun House we threw together a simple but delicious meal for dinner. Then we got ourselves ready to light candles.
We enjoyed Shabbos lunch as guests of The Wolickis. Everybody was amused by Buzz, the food was great as usual, and our hostess gift of chocolate mints were much appreciated by all. After the meal we wandered over to The Fambily House - because The Freddies were in residence for the weekend. Everyone was napping when we arrived, but Buzz's banging woke them soon enough.

Buzz was thrilled to see his cousin and they played nicely - except when they disagreed about the best course of care for the baby doll that they both dote upon. We also ventured up to The Park at the Top of the Hill - and met up with the Lindzs. Our playdate got cut short when the weird weather decided that 'rain' seemed like an appropriate option for the middle of a boiling hot afternoon in mid-April.
Sunday was over too quickly. Cooking didn't take as long as anticipated, neither did cleaning. The Preisers sent Buzz a birthday gift - a ball tent complete with 50 colorful balls. The best part is that the ball-pit-pool fits almost perfectly inside the tent! So now the balls are somewhat contained, and Buzz absolutely loves that now his favorite spot is IN a TENT! He really IS the luckiest kid in the world! Also - our collection is up to 400 balls.
Monday morning was chag. We didn't end up enjoying our huge salad, because the lettuce had gone bad. So lunch was kind of a bust. But we did have potato blintzes - which being pesadik meant that really they were just eggs and potatoes. We ate, then we hung out and relaxed. Phil knocked on our door. She decided to take a walk after brunch just to stretch her legs. A few hours later we all walked back to the other side of town. The Crazy Lady made a mouth-wateringly delicious bbq for 'seudat mashiach' - or whatever we're calling that party that we had late in the afternoon of the 7th day of Passover.

Z and I opted to walk home after eating more than was necessary. Not to aid the digestion, but rather so we could be home in time to get Buzz to bed on time. The walk ended up serving both purposes - so it was all good. Then we collapsed into bed and I conked out for the night.
This morning Buzz woke up SUPER early - as though he knew something was up. Turns out he was right. We had an 8:15am appointment at Tipat Chalav. The nurse managed to weigh and measure the kid - even though he was wholly uncooperative. Then he figured she wasn't ~so~ bad, because she let him color with crayons. Then he revised his opinion after she betrayed him by jabbing him with his final vaccination - well, until he's 6 or so anyway. We had an, ummmm, interesting, meeting with the pediatrician on staff, then left as quickly as we possibly could.
Buzz was quite upset with how he'd been forced to spend his morning. So we popped into the local makolet and picked up a fresh loaf of bread. Then we swung by the house and picked up the peanut butter and jelly. Finally we went out to the new HUGE park where we enjoyed pb&j sandwiches in one of the lower towers before spending almost an hour going down every single slide, climbing every ladder, and crossing every bridge and walkway in the thing.

Back at home the kid was zonked. He actually took an early, short but refreshing nap and he woke up as we finished clearing the Pesach stuff out of the kitchen. Then we hopped into the car and went out to do some grocery shopping. All we really needed was some diapers and some vegetables.
When we got home I noticed some messages from Phil waiting for me. She was bored. So I told her to come on over. She joined us for dinner. It was delicious. We finished up almost all of our leftovers from the holiday. There's just a little bit of chicken soup left.

We then started an episode of GG while Z gave Buzz a bath. We said goodnight to the kiddo and finished the episode as he fell asleep. Then Phil walked back home. I was feeling a little bit lonely and bored when I realized that I hadn't been on top of things here. So I rectified that situation.

Now it's time for pajamas, bed, and planning tomorrow's adventures!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Big Bones

The morning got off to a slow start. S&S called to invite us to join them at the hotel for dinner. Buzz bounced around and was so full of energy that Z decided to take him to the park. On their way out of the building they checked the mail and there was a petek for a package waiting for us. It was in my name so I quickly got dressed and went out with them.
We picked up our big book of Curious George from the post office then headed over to the park. Z called Dibble, who wasn't doing anything overly exciting, and he joined us for some park-time. An hour of climbing ladders, running across bridges, crawling through tunnels, balancing on see-saws, and climbing webs, left us exhausted. Buzz seemed wiped out. 
We crashed at The FamBily House for a couple of hours. Buzz perked up and ran around like a crazy person there too. It was fun. Phil was getting ready to head out to work. And it was somewhere to be that wasn't crowded or our home.
Eventually we made our way back across town to get dressed for dinner. Well, it was a bit early, so I figured I'd watch some tv - but Buzz conked out next to me and proceeded to nap for almost two hours. When the time came to leave the house we carried him out to the car still asleep. Buckling him in woke him up but it was just as well.
Thankfully we didn't hit too much traffic on the ride to the hotel. We even made it there without having to drive through Abu Gosh. We found everybody up near their rooms and hung out for a bit until it was time to head down to dinner.
It was really nice to see all of the cousins and FamBily. We schmoozed over dinner then Buzz really enjoyed the chocolate-mousse for dessert. He enjoyed it so much that he licked his cup clean then sneakily made off with half of Frank's cup too! We opted to head out on the earlier side, in hopes of avoiding Buzz's pre-bedtime-meltdown. We got lucky because when we reached The Sun House it was 9:20pm and Buzz was wide awake.
We made a detour to the mall because Phil was working until 10pm and we figured if Buzz was awake anyway we might as well swing by and give her a lift home. Buzz was more than happy to wander around the mall. He was already in pajamas but that didn't stop him. Frank and Z had a blast too - well, at least they entertained themselves. Finally Phil was ready to leave and Buzz got SUPER excited when he realized that she'd be joining us in the car.

We dropped them off at The FamBily House - and Buzz freaked out when they got out of the car and we didn't seem to be parking... He really wanted to go hang-out some more. But we told him that we'd be back soon and that it was time to recharge our batteries. He nodded as though he understood, and hugged Toffee a little tighter.
Tomorrow is Friday and I need to cook food for the Friday Night meal. The Freddies and Uncle Abe will be at The FamBily House for the 'weekend' so we'll head over there after our fun and exciting meal at the Wolickis on Saturday afternoon.

Still - tomorrow is an awfully long day and cooking won't take the whole time - so maybe we should go out and do something fun...

Ashdod? Anybody?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mer Low See Rah!

Monday was Erev- chag. It was a ridiculously long day. We went out to the grocery store to pick up some last-minute random things. The store wasn't nearly as crowded as I had anticipated - which was kind of a pleasant surprise. Buzz took a long very-late nap so we were hoping he'd stay up for at least part of the Seder (he only made it to ha-lachma or thereabouts before breaking down sobbing that he wanted to go to sleep. So Z put him to bed for the night.) He wore his snazzy birthday shirt under his white button-down and we left the button down open so that everybody could see his cool swag.
The Seder was a lot of fun. It was the family (minus The Freddies), Devorah, Uncle Abe, and Timmy's friend Yoshi (who brought his dog, Mush - short for mushroom I was informed...) it was quite the party. The Crazy Lady made awesome chicken soup and a huge amount of fricassee with mashed potatoes on the side for the meal. It was amazing - even after sitting on the plata for quite a while.
The morning after everybody was woozy and super-tired. We enjoyed a light refreshing dairy lunch. Then we hung out and relaxed. Eventually it was late enough to go to the park. It was pretty crowded but Phil joined us, and Buzz had a blast running across bridges, going through tunnels, and sliding down crazy tall slides for an hour. When we got back to the house it was dinner time - we had an out of this world bbq - fresh off the grill. As soon as chag was over we ran home to get Buzz into bed. It was 8:30pm and he was out for the night. It was fantastic!
This morning we had trouble agreeing on a course of action for the day. We opted out of the beach because the weather-man said that the day would turn out cloudy and cool. So I baked some pesach rolls and cooked up a batch of crepes for blintzes. Then we wasted a few hours while Buzz napped earlier and longer then he has on any day in MONTHS. By 3pm we managed to get out of the house - only to find that the day was hot and bright - darn you weatherman.

We spent an hour at the mall. Buzz didn't want to play on the soft-play-area. So we walked up and down the whole mall a bunch of times. We stopped to play on all of the rides. Then we made our way to The FamBily House where we crashed a tv watching party. We ended up sticking around for dinner. Then we dashed to get Buzz to bed because he was crashing.
Tomorrow is another day - moadim l'simcha!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Casually Vacant

Last Monday was jam-packed. I finally did that blood-work and when the results came back I definitely felt like I'd failed quite miserably - let's just say if there was ever somebody all-around deficient - it'd be me. Shame it's not medal-worthy - I could really use a pick-me-up. After spending almost an hour waiting for the nurse to get around to taking my blood - I decided to run other errands that I'd been putting off. There was a parking spot at the top of cardiac hill, so I decided to pick up the checkbook that I'd ordered a couple of months earlier - that took almost an hour. Then I dropped off the recycling at the 'kiosk' and was lucky to have gotten my stuff in - the place was full from floor to ceiling - it was crazy. When I got home we piled back into the car and went out to IKEA. What's not to love about a cheap but tasty lunch out and of course Ikea 'stuff'. We got cups and a frying pan. We also picked up the 'tent' for Buzz's bed and thankfully the 'customer service' people were able to replace the missing/damaged pieces. When we got home we unpacked the car then spent the rest of the day assembling Buzz's bed and reorganizing his bedroom. He seems to love it so that's all good.
Tuesday was actually super-productive. We kicked off by scrubbing the stovetop and ovens cleaner than they have been since we first got the oven. The windows were completely spotless. It was crazy intense labor and my hand was cramped for two days after. While I was busy dealing with the oven, Z took some initiative and cleaned out the fridge and freezer. All the sticky gunk is officially gone! Yay! When I was finished with the cleaning I turned to 'straightening' as I successfully emptied one entire kitchen pantry and tetris-fit all of the contents into the second pantry. It took some maneuvering but I was successful. Z cleared the table and cleaned the floor. When we were done we went out to the mall and treated ourselves to some dinner at Cafe Greg. Back at home Z put Buzz to bed while I folded 4 loads of laundry and switched over the first part of huge kitchen. The cabinets were ready it was just a matter of putting everything into them.
Early Wednesday morning Z went out to the Shafir office to deal with house-plan related stuff. Turns out they don't like the way we allocated space in the house and have therefore not given us the permit. Now Z has to figure out how to cut a heck of a lot of space off of the plan and resubmit or he has to redesign the whole project. Either way, we are not getting anywhere and I am not happy - to say the least. The stupid people make it impossible to build a beautiful house - they insist that it needs to be a stupidly and poorly designed Israeli brick. At this point I have almost zero interest in actually ever living there - the idiocy is just killing me.
I spent my morning washing the last of the dishes, and scrubbing out the microwave. I also did some loads of laundry. When Z got back we went out to the grocery store. Osher Ad was a mob scene. It took us an hour and a half to get in, through, and out - and we barely needed anything. Just vegetables and some dairy stuff. Ridiculous. We dropped the groceries off at home then we kidnapped a vaccuum from The FamBily House. While the ovens were kashering we cleaned all three couches and all of the rugs. I also washed all 400 ball-pit balls and did a wash of stuffed animals. We also cleaned some hard-to-reach corners. Then we returned the vaccuum and kidnapped Frank on our way to the spice store. 
Thursday was also busy. We finally finished organizing the kitchen. I cooked up a big pot of tomato vegetable soup. We went over to The FamBily house and used their convenient power hook-ups and parking spot to vaccuum/clean out the car, stroller, and car seat. When that was done we snuck back home and Z collected the pile of things to kasher. He went out with everything and came back with everything. Very impressive. Now we officially have 'real' silverware to eat with for the week (you know, instead of plastic.)
Also Debs had a baby boy - so that's an exciting mazal tov to 'shout out'!
Friday morning showed up and it was time to figure out what we were going to eat for shabbos. We had that leftover vegetable soup so I decided to repurpose it. We made 1/4kg into tiny meatballs, browned them in our new frying pan, then put them into the soup - they made it even more delicious! We also roasted a whole chicken on a bed of onions, sweet and white potatoes. For lunch we invited ourselves over to The FamBily house - we brought a nice amount of two-toned potato gratin with us - it actually turned out quite deliciously.
I blanched and peeled 2 cups of almonds - then turned them into 3liters of deliciously creamy almond milk. I may have gotten Buzz hooked on chocolate milk.
We didn't spend all day in the kitchen though. We actually spent the whole morning out of the house. Z got me a special and exciting Pesach present - a food processor and hand mixer! Then we went to the mall to let Buzz get out some of his energy.
We were pretty relaxed when candle-lighting time arrived. Z went out to shul. Buzz stayed up for dinner then went to sleep without too much fuss.
Shabbos morning we walked over to The FamBily house on the early side. Lunch was delicious and fun and after a few hours we decided to make the most of the nice weather and we walked back home - Phil came with us and hung out until a little before the end of the day. Buzz was zonked even though he took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and he went to sleep right after havdala.
Now it's morning again and there's nothing much to do besides for taping up littler 'chametz' signs on the kitchen cabinets that we're 'selling'. We're trying to find something fun to do today because tomorrow is a nice long day too. It's not too sunny and hot out so maybe we'll just have a picnic out at the park - that could be fun. I'm going to go suggest it to the guys.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Word Train is out of gas...

I'm a week behind on posting. Last Monday I wrote a heck of a lot of lists. We started straightening up the house. Then we crashed at The FamBily House for dinner with a couple of Franks friends. We ended up bbq-ing.  
On Tuesday Phil and I went out to Malcha mall - we took the train - it was fun! When we got back to The Sun House a lot of shopping went on as we started buying pesach kitchen stuff. We even stopped by S&S's house to have a look through their Pesach stuff - so many memories!!! Wednesday was fun - we baked some cinnamon buns for breakfast. Thursday we started organizing the guest room and ended up visiting the new jumbo park before crashing The FamBily House for dinner.
On Friday we cleaned Buzz's room and the Master bedroom for Pesach. Cooking went quickly and there was even time to primp - yay pretty nails! Avi&Ayala joined us for dinner - which was a lot of fun. We went over to The FamBily House for lunch because The Freddies were in town. We played Settlers, went to the huge park, ran around a lot, and noshed more than we should have.
Today was busy - for Z anyway. We got the guest room completely organized. We even consolidated and emptied more moving boxes. Lots of dishes were washed, all the new stuff got toiveled, the recycling went out to the car, random boxes got put down in the machsan... Things got organized!
And - if you couldn't tell - it was Buzz's 2nd English Birthday! He wore his birthday shirt, we took lots of pictures, we baked brownies then mixed up frosting, prepped BBQ stuff for dinner...
Then we made our way over to The FamBily House. Z, Frank, Buzz, and Avi grilled the deliciousness that was our dinner. Wings, shnitzel, hotdogs and sliders. I also made slider and hotdog buns. Dinner was amazing. A&A joined us for the festivities. Then came the cake. Buzz was REALLY excited.
He loved his tiny cake! (So did I!) A three-layered brownie confection covered with rich fudgy frosting and sprinkles! Then it was present time! The FamBily got Buzz an awesome birthday present - his very own tiny kitchen! He was exhausted by the time we got home - but he insisted on setting it up in his bedroom before going to sleep for the night.
Tomorrow there's lots more to do! Things on my list keep getting checked off but somehow it isn't getting any shorter. I'd better get some shut-eye and recharge for the day to come.