Thursday, April 17, 2014

Big Bones

The morning got off to a slow start. S&S called to invite us to join them at the hotel for dinner. Buzz bounced around and was so full of energy that Z decided to take him to the park. On their way out of the building they checked the mail and there was a petek for a package waiting for us. It was in my name so I quickly got dressed and went out with them.
We picked up our big book of Curious George from the post office then headed over to the park. Z called Dibble, who wasn't doing anything overly exciting, and he joined us for some park-time. An hour of climbing ladders, running across bridges, crawling through tunnels, balancing on see-saws, and climbing webs, left us exhausted. Buzz seemed wiped out. 
We crashed at The FamBily House for a couple of hours. Buzz perked up and ran around like a crazy person there too. It was fun. Phil was getting ready to head out to work. And it was somewhere to be that wasn't crowded or our home.
Eventually we made our way back across town to get dressed for dinner. Well, it was a bit early, so I figured I'd watch some tv - but Buzz conked out next to me and proceeded to nap for almost two hours. When the time came to leave the house we carried him out to the car still asleep. Buckling him in woke him up but it was just as well.
Thankfully we didn't hit too much traffic on the ride to the hotel. We even made it there without having to drive through Abu Gosh. We found everybody up near their rooms and hung out for a bit until it was time to head down to dinner.
It was really nice to see all of the cousins and FamBily. We schmoozed over dinner then Buzz really enjoyed the chocolate-mousse for dessert. He enjoyed it so much that he licked his cup clean then sneakily made off with half of Frank's cup too! We opted to head out on the earlier side, in hopes of avoiding Buzz's pre-bedtime-meltdown. We got lucky because when we reached The Sun House it was 9:20pm and Buzz was wide awake.
We made a detour to the mall because Phil was working until 10pm and we figured if Buzz was awake anyway we might as well swing by and give her a lift home. Buzz was more than happy to wander around the mall. He was already in pajamas but that didn't stop him. Frank and Z had a blast too - well, at least they entertained themselves. Finally Phil was ready to leave and Buzz got SUPER excited when he realized that she'd be joining us in the car.

We dropped them off at The FamBily House - and Buzz freaked out when they got out of the car and we didn't seem to be parking... He really wanted to go hang-out some more. But we told him that we'd be back soon and that it was time to recharge our batteries. He nodded as though he understood, and hugged Toffee a little tighter.
Tomorrow is Friday and I need to cook food for the Friday Night meal. The Freddies and Uncle Abe will be at The FamBily House for the 'weekend' so we'll head over there after our fun and exciting meal at the Wolickis on Saturday afternoon.

Still - tomorrow is an awfully long day and cooking won't take the whole time - so maybe we should go out and do something fun...

Ashdod? Anybody?

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