Sunday, April 06, 2014

Word Train is out of gas...

I'm a week behind on posting. Last Monday I wrote a heck of a lot of lists. We started straightening up the house. Then we crashed at The FamBily House for dinner with a couple of Franks friends. We ended up bbq-ing.  
On Tuesday Phil and I went out to Malcha mall - we took the train - it was fun! When we got back to The Sun House a lot of shopping went on as we started buying pesach kitchen stuff. We even stopped by S&S's house to have a look through their Pesach stuff - so many memories!!! Wednesday was fun - we baked some cinnamon buns for breakfast. Thursday we started organizing the guest room and ended up visiting the new jumbo park before crashing The FamBily House for dinner.
On Friday we cleaned Buzz's room and the Master bedroom for Pesach. Cooking went quickly and there was even time to primp - yay pretty nails! Avi&Ayala joined us for dinner - which was a lot of fun. We went over to The FamBily House for lunch because The Freddies were in town. We played Settlers, went to the huge park, ran around a lot, and noshed more than we should have.
Today was busy - for Z anyway. We got the guest room completely organized. We even consolidated and emptied more moving boxes. Lots of dishes were washed, all the new stuff got toiveled, the recycling went out to the car, random boxes got put down in the machsan... Things got organized!
And - if you couldn't tell - it was Buzz's 2nd English Birthday! He wore his birthday shirt, we took lots of pictures, we baked brownies then mixed up frosting, prepped BBQ stuff for dinner...
Then we made our way over to The FamBily House. Z, Frank, Buzz, and Avi grilled the deliciousness that was our dinner. Wings, shnitzel, hotdogs and sliders. I also made slider and hotdog buns. Dinner was amazing. A&A joined us for the festivities. Then came the cake. Buzz was REALLY excited.
He loved his tiny cake! (So did I!) A three-layered brownie confection covered with rich fudgy frosting and sprinkles! Then it was present time! The FamBily got Buzz an awesome birthday present - his very own tiny kitchen! He was exhausted by the time we got home - but he insisted on setting it up in his bedroom before going to sleep for the night.
Tomorrow there's lots more to do! Things on my list keep getting checked off but somehow it isn't getting any shorter. I'd better get some shut-eye and recharge for the day to come.

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