Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lerk eht Meh Perkeberls

Erev Shabbat Chol Hamoed was spent in style. We traveled over to our favorite beach in Ashdod with Phil and spent a few hours soaking up some rays. Phil and I braved the spring waters of the Mediterranean, but to be honest, it was quite cold. Back in The Sun House we threw together a simple but delicious meal for dinner. Then we got ourselves ready to light candles.
We enjoyed Shabbos lunch as guests of The Wolickis. Everybody was amused by Buzz, the food was great as usual, and our hostess gift of chocolate mints were much appreciated by all. After the meal we wandered over to The Fambily House - because The Freddies were in residence for the weekend. Everyone was napping when we arrived, but Buzz's banging woke them soon enough.

Buzz was thrilled to see his cousin and they played nicely - except when they disagreed about the best course of care for the baby doll that they both dote upon. We also ventured up to The Park at the Top of the Hill - and met up with the Lindzs. Our playdate got cut short when the weird weather decided that 'rain' seemed like an appropriate option for the middle of a boiling hot afternoon in mid-April.
Sunday was over too quickly. Cooking didn't take as long as anticipated, neither did cleaning. The Preisers sent Buzz a birthday gift - a ball tent complete with 50 colorful balls. The best part is that the ball-pit-pool fits almost perfectly inside the tent! So now the balls are somewhat contained, and Buzz absolutely loves that now his favorite spot is IN a TENT! He really IS the luckiest kid in the world! Also - our collection is up to 400 balls.
Monday morning was chag. We didn't end up enjoying our huge salad, because the lettuce had gone bad. So lunch was kind of a bust. But we did have potato blintzes - which being pesadik meant that really they were just eggs and potatoes. We ate, then we hung out and relaxed. Phil knocked on our door. She decided to take a walk after brunch just to stretch her legs. A few hours later we all walked back to the other side of town. The Crazy Lady made a mouth-wateringly delicious bbq for 'seudat mashiach' - or whatever we're calling that party that we had late in the afternoon of the 7th day of Passover.

Z and I opted to walk home after eating more than was necessary. Not to aid the digestion, but rather so we could be home in time to get Buzz to bed on time. The walk ended up serving both purposes - so it was all good. Then we collapsed into bed and I conked out for the night.
This morning Buzz woke up SUPER early - as though he knew something was up. Turns out he was right. We had an 8:15am appointment at Tipat Chalav. The nurse managed to weigh and measure the kid - even though he was wholly uncooperative. Then he figured she wasn't ~so~ bad, because she let him color with crayons. Then he revised his opinion after she betrayed him by jabbing him with his final vaccination - well, until he's 6 or so anyway. We had an, ummmm, interesting, meeting with the pediatrician on staff, then left as quickly as we possibly could.
Buzz was quite upset with how he'd been forced to spend his morning. So we popped into the local makolet and picked up a fresh loaf of bread. Then we swung by the house and picked up the peanut butter and jelly. Finally we went out to the new HUGE park where we enjoyed pb&j sandwiches in one of the lower towers before spending almost an hour going down every single slide, climbing every ladder, and crossing every bridge and walkway in the thing.

Back at home the kid was zonked. He actually took an early, short but refreshing nap and he woke up as we finished clearing the Pesach stuff out of the kitchen. Then we hopped into the car and went out to do some grocery shopping. All we really needed was some diapers and some vegetables.
When we got home I noticed some messages from Phil waiting for me. She was bored. So I told her to come on over. She joined us for dinner. It was delicious. We finished up almost all of our leftovers from the holiday. There's just a little bit of chicken soup left.

We then started an episode of GG while Z gave Buzz a bath. We said goodnight to the kiddo and finished the episode as he fell asleep. Then Phil walked back home. I was feeling a little bit lonely and bored when I realized that I hadn't been on top of things here. So I rectified that situation.

Now it's time for pajamas, bed, and planning tomorrow's adventures!

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