Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mer Low See Rah!

Monday was Erev- chag. It was a ridiculously long day. We went out to the grocery store to pick up some last-minute random things. The store wasn't nearly as crowded as I had anticipated - which was kind of a pleasant surprise. Buzz took a long very-late nap so we were hoping he'd stay up for at least part of the Seder (he only made it to ha-lachma or thereabouts before breaking down sobbing that he wanted to go to sleep. So Z put him to bed for the night.) He wore his snazzy birthday shirt under his white button-down and we left the button down open so that everybody could see his cool swag.
The Seder was a lot of fun. It was the family (minus The Freddies), Devorah, Uncle Abe, and Timmy's friend Yoshi (who brought his dog, Mush - short for mushroom I was informed...) it was quite the party. The Crazy Lady made awesome chicken soup and a huge amount of fricassee with mashed potatoes on the side for the meal. It was amazing - even after sitting on the plata for quite a while.
The morning after everybody was woozy and super-tired. We enjoyed a light refreshing dairy lunch. Then we hung out and relaxed. Eventually it was late enough to go to the park. It was pretty crowded but Phil joined us, and Buzz had a blast running across bridges, going through tunnels, and sliding down crazy tall slides for an hour. When we got back to the house it was dinner time - we had an out of this world bbq - fresh off the grill. As soon as chag was over we ran home to get Buzz into bed. It was 8:30pm and he was out for the night. It was fantastic!
This morning we had trouble agreeing on a course of action for the day. We opted out of the beach because the weather-man said that the day would turn out cloudy and cool. So I baked some pesach rolls and cooked up a batch of crepes for blintzes. Then we wasted a few hours while Buzz napped earlier and longer then he has on any day in MONTHS. By 3pm we managed to get out of the house - only to find that the day was hot and bright - darn you weatherman.

We spent an hour at the mall. Buzz didn't want to play on the soft-play-area. So we walked up and down the whole mall a bunch of times. We stopped to play on all of the rides. Then we made our way to The FamBily House where we crashed a tv watching party. We ended up sticking around for dinner. Then we dashed to get Buzz to bed because he was crashing.
Tomorrow is another day - moadim l'simcha!

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