Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sweet Candy Overdose

So here I was, almost certain that I'd neglected to post in over a week... Turns out my schedule is all mixed up. Shabbos went by but not a whole week. Super confusing. Last Wednesday I started taking my vitamins again. This time I'm doing it 'for real' - aiming for 6 months then a re-test at the bloodworks place. Here's to hoping that it helps get all my numbers out of the low-end red color. Late Wednesday afternoon we went out to the mall. Buzz 'demanded' a slice of pizza - he then opted to walk around the mall a couple of times then he led us out to the car. Some days he just doesn't want to play.
Thursday was somewhat boring but I was actually quite productive. I scrubbed bathrooms, and cooked most of the food for Shabbos. I also was more than happy to accept an invitation to The FamBily House for lunch on Shabbos - because it saved me the trouble of cooking lunch.

Buzz was super excited to cook - he kicked off the day by literally making 'breakfast IN bed' for me. (Yes, that's my stick blender, sans blade - he can reach EVERYTHING on the counter - it's insane!) His next task was undertaken in the living room (under the supervision of Z...) while I organized part of the guest room. Buzz took out his very largest stock pot (think HUGE) and got some soup 'cooking'. He must have felt that it needed some additional seasoning because he got out my his trusty teaspoon measure, helped himself to the 1kg container of table salt from the kitchen counter, and proceeded to season his stock one-teaspoonful at a time. By the time Z looked up from his work approximately half a kilo of salt was flavoring the bottom of my his pot. Since we weren't sure how much salt he'd eaten while working diligently on his creation we just attempted to push him to drink as much water as we could for the remainder of the day. I don't think I will ever quite forget the enormous smile and look of pride he flashed us when we took away the pot and placed it on the cook-top (for lack of counter-space) as though it were a delicacy he'd dreamed up especially for us.
Friday was long and boring. We went out to Osher Ad and superpharm just to have something to do. Buzz ended up conking out for a late nap - so we opted to make 'regular' shabbos. Thankfully Buzz went to sleep more or less on time even though he'd napped so late in the day. OUr meal was delicious - the chicken soup came out tastier than I remember any coming out in a VERY long time, the Indian style chicken was out of this world, and the basmati rice even came out delicious and fluffy.

Shabbos morning after shul we walked over to The FamBily House. The Freddies were there for the weekend - and Buzz was super excited to hang out with his cousin! Lunch was great! Then we relaxed, played a 6 player game of Settlers, relaxed some more... and eventually found our shoes, packed up our water bottles, leashed our dog, and headed out to The Park at the Top of the Hill. The kids had a blast running around and the puppy was thrilled to sit in a shady tower of the climbing structure and catch the breeze. After almost an hour Fuzzle and Yo'Abba went home and the rest of us continued on towards S&S's house. We were already halfway up the hill so the remainder of the walk was pretty easy. Buzz was getting tired and grumpy but he perked up when he realized where we were going. It was a pleasure to see S&S, as always. I ate waaaay too many grapes - and am totally thinking of picking up some more when we go to the store later this week. We headed home with a little less than an hour of Shabbos left. Phil joined us, she was after the leftover chicken from Friday night. (She had the right idea, it WAS delicious!) We partied for a while and eventually it was time for sleep.
Today was boring but productive too. We spent the morning working on projects that need to be completed. Z is hard at work on the house corrections, and is hoping to have them finished by 6am so that he can get them printed and then go directly to drop them off at the offices for their next round of 'checking'. (This is really taking forever and it's not even just on account of Z anymore...) I spent my day working on labels and fliers - 400 papers and stickers later and the whole stack is done. Now I just have to deliver them to the client.

We went over to The FamBily House to use their printer after our fritzed out on us. We ended up hanging out and sticking around for Shabbos leftovers (so it was like we were there ALL weekend instead of just for lunch.) We dined-&-dashed as is our habit - but it's the best way to get Buzz into bed on schedule. He was fast asleep in his cozy little bed by 8:32pm. Perfect.

Z will be working for another few hours so I think I'll load some tv onto the ipad and crawl into bed. Sleep sounds good. Tomorrow I guess I might tackle the laundry hill that's taking over my bathroom. Maybe I"ll wash some dishes and scrub out the kitchen sinks too - they could REALLY use it. Merely speculation for the moment - but who knows... It could happen.

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