Sunday, May 25, 2014

Round not Sound

After the excitement of lag b'omer the remainder of the week was pretty boring. With Z out of the house for 9 or so hours a day - Buzz and I are kind of lame. We eat breakfast, do about 1/2 hour of 'exercise', then pretend to do housework. I washed a lot of dishes, and procrastinated laundry-day (until Thursday) but there wasng much else to do.

On Thursday night we went to the mall instead of the park. Buzz begged us to eat dinner out and we agreed that it had been a while so we let him choose the place. Of course he chose Greg - because he loves the chocolate milk and the little menu they have for kids. I couldn't decide between two dishes - so Z ordered both and we shared them. It was awesome and delicious as usual!

We didn't end up going to the beach on Friday, though we did finally get a package in the mail to Nana. The floor finally got somewhat cleaned and the food didn't take long to put together since we were invited to The FamBily House for lunch.

Abe joined us for the weekend and we had a great time over with The FamBily. Chocolate cake shots, marble cake, and REALLY cold, sweet, and juicy watermelon... Of course Buzz provided general entertainment, as did Mickey-cat who 'just wanted love', Fuzzle who 'needed a treat', and the gaggle of mostly teenage boys who spent the day traipsing in, out, up, down and all around the house.

This week should be ummm.... Well, I'm not quite sure - I just know it's week2 of powering through the Blogilates Beginners Calendar with Buzz at my side (and on my back, chest, pulling my arms, and grabbing at my feet.) He likes to help make my workouts 'advanced' intensity. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Floppifying Pan

Pretty typical morning - eggs and fries for breakfast. Then we watched some George before doing half an hour of blogilates. We weren't overly productive in terms of housework - which is to say that besides for washing the pan used to make breakfast we did nothing around the house.
Eventually it was (early) lunchtime and Buzz happily ate some chicken nuggets with pasta. Then he snuggled with me and conked out for a nap on the living room couch. I managed to get him tucked into his bed without too much trouble and he proceeded to sleep for a little more than an hour. Luckily for me as soon as he was safely in his room I ran to shower. I'm glad I didn't dilly-dally or any such nonsense because if I had I would have definitely missed out on the opportunity to bathe in blessed silence for the second time in three days! Woohoo!
When he woke up from his nap he was moderately cheery. He probably could have used a longer nap but he wasn't going to conk out again. So I worked with what I had. After a snack of pretzel sandwiches (Buzz's idea...) we put on shoes, packed up snacks, and headed out to the park.

Over the last six months or so Buzz has show little to no interest in playing at the park near our house. (Probably because we spoiled him by frequently letting him play at the jumbo-normous parks in nearby neighborhoods.) Today he was quite enthusiastic about exploring the snake-path park just one building past ours. Somehow we spent over an hour winding our way up and up and up with plenty of breaks for water and snacks along the way.
We played until Z got home from work. Then after a quick trip to the grocery store for important staples (milk, jam, and eggs...) followed by a mad dash back to the apartment (to close all of the windows and drop off the cold stuff) we drove over to The FamBily House. We'd been invited to a Lag (read:lahd) Bomer bbq. Dinner was delicious and we enjoyed hanging out as usual. We apprehensively watched cranes and dump trucks unloading their cargo of wooden stuffs. All fire fodder. Simply put - terrifying.

As the sun set the bonfires were lit. Massive towers, the height of two tall men, set ablaze by pyromaniacal natives. They heated so much and so quickly that nobody could even bear to stay in their vicinity. The mountain of flames was quickly abandoned and smaller sites were set up in other areas of the field, where people could actually congregate and sit round the fires to kumzitz and enjoy.
We said our goodbyes and made our way home to bathe one very dirty and very tired little monster. He was yawning and asking to go to bed until he realized that we'd been serious about bathing him. As soon as he heard the water running in the tub he perked up and got ridiculously excited about playing with his bath toys.

We're all sleeping in sweats and long sleeves tonight since the a/c is running. Z wanted the timer to turn it off at 2am but I for one refuse to get out of bed to open windows at that hour of the morning. Especially when the smoke cloud of unbanked bonfires will hover over the city for at least the next day and a half.
Tomorrow is Monday. Phil is off on adventures and Z has work. Buzz and I will have to find something exciting to do. Maybe we will bake some cookies, or make some playdoh, or paint with watercolors, or fingerpaint, or something else messy and oh so much fun!! Who knows - there are so many possibilities!

Saturday, May 17, 2014


AYesterday Z generously decided to give me a 'day off' - which amounted to him taking Buzz out of the house for the entirety of the morning. They went out to check out an old friends house in a field past Tzomet Tapuach. They travelled via Ariel and stopped in at the university to buy some supplies and visit the library (at least they were supposed to do those things...)
I spent the entire morning cleaning. Not much a vacation if you ask me. I organized all of Buzz's toys. I washed so many dishes that my back cried. I baked a double-layer devils food cake with fluffy vanilla buttercream between the layers and mocha frosting on the outside. I packed up the last of my stuff for the weekend. I swept the floor in the front half of the house. I cleared off the dining room table, wiped it down, and took out the leaf that's been in it for the last month and a half. Eventually I got showered and dressed for Shabbos. The FamBily picked me up on their way out of town and we headed off to The Freddies in Petah Tiqwa.
It was an awesome Shabbos. I love spending the weekend at The Freddies! Good food, great company, and of course so many many many toys for the kiddos to, ummm, 'share'. Really though it was a weekend well spent. We even ventured out to the park this afternoon. I don't think I've ever left The Freddies house on Shabbos before! But the kids had fun and the walk and five flights of stairs were definitely needed on my part (made even more fun by wearing Buzz on my back on the way home!) I'm reading my way through a book about the guy who hitchhiker around Ireland with a fridge. Yeah, a fridge. You read that right.
We made it home by 10pm. Buzz had conked out in the car so when we got home he popped up and is having some trouble falling back asleep. It's only been half an hour - I hope by 11 he'll have conked out. It's officially lag baomer (Happy Anniversary to you! You know who you are!) and though the rabbanut 'pushed off' the bonfires until tomorrow night the people have not heeded the proclamations. An enormous inferno is raging beside our building in the empty lot - I really wish I'd remembered to shut the windows yesterday before leaving but by the time we got back it was too late to get the smell out so now we'll just have to deal with it.

Monday, May 12, 2014


Dear Bubby & Zaydie,
Sorry I didn't come in to see you earlier - I was a little too excited about the park and refused to get out of my carseat until I saw the towers and slides out the window. I'll come by and play another day. I promise!
Today felt like the first 'normal' day in a while. Z left for work early this morning which meant that Buzz and I had a full day together.
We hung out with Curious Geroge and Blue, we colored and put stickers on papers (so many stickers!) We went to the the little park near our house, but it's boring now that we know what fun a 'real' park is. We played with bubbles and played with water. It was quite a full day.
Buzz even took a 2.5 hour nap early this afternoon because I tired him out so much with all of our activities. Not too shabby if you ask me.
I didn't do much besides for sweeping the floor in half of the apartment. I did get to shower - (which when you become a mom with a kid at home becomes quite an elusive feat treat.)
Did I mention that last Thursday the guys showed up and fixed our water-heater so now we can actually enjoy hot showers again - well, they did and it is awesome!
Eventually Z came home from work. He offered Buzz a trip to the big new park and of course the kid was thrilled. I finally remembered to drop off those flyers by S&S's house, since it was a normal hour of the day and I had the car. Then we were off to the park where the Buzz-monster ran wild for over an hour.
He threw a full-blown terrible-twos tantrum when we scooped him up to head home at a quarter after seven. We figured it was time for dinner and pajamas. Hopefully we ran enough of his energy out on the playground.
The guys are enjoying leftovers from yesterdays Fish-N-Chips lunch. I'm considering heating up some leftover chicken soup from shabbos. If I eat it out on the mirpeset it will be perfect - the cool night air and the hot soup will balance each other out.
I'm not sure what's on the calendar for tomorrow. I've got to mail a letter, take the sewing machine in to the shop, finish reorganizing my clothes closet, and other 'fun' stuff like that. Z may or may not have work - but he won't find out until later tonight so I'm not counting on him being around.
How bad is it that all I really want to do is bake a zillion cookies...

Sunday, May 11, 2014

93 fish but none for Lorbles - as usual.

Last week was fun and busy. Yom Haazmaut craziness and all. Phil slept over that night to avoid the fireworks and the frenzy that they cause. Shabbos was fine, Sarah Leah joined us for the weekend - so it wasn't overly quiet but it was nice to be able to complain to her in person rather than over the internet.
This morning we woke up bright and early to head out to Jeru for Buzz's ENT appointment. We met with the doctor, who recommended a follow-up exam and confirmed that the kiddo will need his adenoids removed. The question is whether the fluid in his ears is contributing to the whole issue. It's nothing to be worried about and we're getting everything taken care of so everyone can rest easy. We go back to the ENT in one month to check the status of the fluid then we will schedule the procedure accordingly.
After our stint at the dr we walked over to the shuk. Z and Buzz enjoyed a delicious fish'n'chip lunch. Buzz doesn't look happy in the picture, but that's because I was trying to get him to smile and he just wanted to focus on his food! 

We drove back to The Sun House and decided to stop at the mall to play for a bit. Buzz took me on an elephant ride and then he bounced around in the free Gymboree. We said hi to Phil then made our way home.
Tomorrow Z has work so everything is back to the 'usual' boring schedule. On Friday I reorganized most of the guest room so now I can actually (more or less) access the sewing table. I'm hoping to take the sewing machine in to the shop to get looked at. I really need an outlet and hopefully sewing will be a productive one. (Ha, who are we kidding. I have too many hobbies.)

I don't have anything else nice to type so I'm going to stop before I get ahead of myself. Nighty night!

Sunday, May 04, 2014


Last week started off like most of the other weeks then took a turn. We kicked off the week pretty boring-ly. Z attempting to design stuff and me doing crafts. Then Z got a job offer - thanks to 'protekzia' (a friend of his had to leave his job and recommended Z as a replacement) so Z has been out of the house for over 9 hours a day.
We have yet to figure out a schedule for everything from breakfast to grocery shopping - since Z's work is 'on site' wherever the boss is working that day he needs to take the car to be able to get there. Thankfully there's enough food left in the house to out together decent enough meals and SuperH is only an 8 minute walk away if I'm really desperate.
A crazy heat wave has been keeping us housebound for the last few days too - which doesn't really help matters. It's not so simple to shlep a two year old out when the sun is blazing down cooking everything and it's in the high 80s or 90s. Then again, staying home isn't so straightforward either since we get no real cross-breeze to speak of in the apartment. I could always turn the air conditioning on - but the whole monetary consideration makes me hesitant to indulge - I'd rather hold off until the summer when I know there will be no respite for months. I mean, it's only the beginning of May!
Shabbos was fun. Ayala joined us for dinner Friday night, since Avi had to be on duty on a base over the weekend. For dinner I threw a whole chicken into the crockpot on top of a layer of potatoes, onions, and carrots. Mostly because I had no patience to turn on the oven since it was already hot enough inside. The next morning was walked over to The FamBily House to have lunch with 2 out of 3 of the Freddies. (Mr. Freddie spent the weekend singing in Munich.) We enjoyed a delicious dairy brunch, Yo'Abba chilled a bottle of my favorite Zinfandel to accompany the meal, and chocolate cake with ice cream finished everything off perfectly.
We relaxed until late in the afternoon when the temperature had dropped enough to contemplate leaving the house. The kids wanted to go to the park. So out we went, up to the top of the hill. After about twenty minutes Buzz was bored so we said our goodbyes and headed for home. Eventually it was late enough to make havdalah. Then Buzz went to sleep.
This morning Z left for work bright and early. Buzz watched some Curious George and bounced around the house. I tried really hard to be lazy but eventually I got bored. I washed all of the dairy and pareve dishes, wiped down the kitchen counter, made Buzz fries for breakfast then some scrambled eggs and chocolate milk for aruchat eser, we put four trays of ice into the freezer to freeze up, watered the super-thirsty plants, and played. I'm waiting for the dishes to dry then I'll put them away and wash the meat stuff. I've got plans - see?