Sunday, May 11, 2014

93 fish but none for Lorbles - as usual.

Last week was fun and busy. Yom Haazmaut craziness and all. Phil slept over that night to avoid the fireworks and the frenzy that they cause. Shabbos was fine, Sarah Leah joined us for the weekend - so it wasn't overly quiet but it was nice to be able to complain to her in person rather than over the internet.
This morning we woke up bright and early to head out to Jeru for Buzz's ENT appointment. We met with the doctor, who recommended a follow-up exam and confirmed that the kiddo will need his adenoids removed. The question is whether the fluid in his ears is contributing to the whole issue. It's nothing to be worried about and we're getting everything taken care of so everyone can rest easy. We go back to the ENT in one month to check the status of the fluid then we will schedule the procedure accordingly.
After our stint at the dr we walked over to the shuk. Z and Buzz enjoyed a delicious fish'n'chip lunch. Buzz doesn't look happy in the picture, but that's because I was trying to get him to smile and he just wanted to focus on his food! 

We drove back to The Sun House and decided to stop at the mall to play for a bit. Buzz took me on an elephant ride and then he bounced around in the free Gymboree. We said hi to Phil then made our way home.
Tomorrow Z has work so everything is back to the 'usual' boring schedule. On Friday I reorganized most of the guest room so now I can actually (more or less) access the sewing table. I'm hoping to take the sewing machine in to the shop to get looked at. I really need an outlet and hopefully sewing will be a productive one. (Ha, who are we kidding. I have too many hobbies.)

I don't have anything else nice to type so I'm going to stop before I get ahead of myself. Nighty night!

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