Monday, May 12, 2014


Dear Bubby & Zaydie,
Sorry I didn't come in to see you earlier - I was a little too excited about the park and refused to get out of my carseat until I saw the towers and slides out the window. I'll come by and play another day. I promise!
Today felt like the first 'normal' day in a while. Z left for work early this morning which meant that Buzz and I had a full day together.
We hung out with Curious Geroge and Blue, we colored and put stickers on papers (so many stickers!) We went to the the little park near our house, but it's boring now that we know what fun a 'real' park is. We played with bubbles and played with water. It was quite a full day.
Buzz even took a 2.5 hour nap early this afternoon because I tired him out so much with all of our activities. Not too shabby if you ask me.
I didn't do much besides for sweeping the floor in half of the apartment. I did get to shower - (which when you become a mom with a kid at home becomes quite an elusive feat treat.)
Did I mention that last Thursday the guys showed up and fixed our water-heater so now we can actually enjoy hot showers again - well, they did and it is awesome!
Eventually Z came home from work. He offered Buzz a trip to the big new park and of course the kid was thrilled. I finally remembered to drop off those flyers by S&S's house, since it was a normal hour of the day and I had the car. Then we were off to the park where the Buzz-monster ran wild for over an hour.
He threw a full-blown terrible-twos tantrum when we scooped him up to head home at a quarter after seven. We figured it was time for dinner and pajamas. Hopefully we ran enough of his energy out on the playground.
The guys are enjoying leftovers from yesterdays Fish-N-Chips lunch. I'm considering heating up some leftover chicken soup from shabbos. If I eat it out on the mirpeset it will be perfect - the cool night air and the hot soup will balance each other out.
I'm not sure what's on the calendar for tomorrow. I've got to mail a letter, take the sewing machine in to the shop, finish reorganizing my clothes closet, and other 'fun' stuff like that. Z may or may not have work - but he won't find out until later tonight so I'm not counting on him being around.
How bad is it that all I really want to do is bake a zillion cookies...

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