Sunday, May 04, 2014


Last week started off like most of the other weeks then took a turn. We kicked off the week pretty boring-ly. Z attempting to design stuff and me doing crafts. Then Z got a job offer - thanks to 'protekzia' (a friend of his had to leave his job and recommended Z as a replacement) so Z has been out of the house for over 9 hours a day.
We have yet to figure out a schedule for everything from breakfast to grocery shopping - since Z's work is 'on site' wherever the boss is working that day he needs to take the car to be able to get there. Thankfully there's enough food left in the house to out together decent enough meals and SuperH is only an 8 minute walk away if I'm really desperate.
A crazy heat wave has been keeping us housebound for the last few days too - which doesn't really help matters. It's not so simple to shlep a two year old out when the sun is blazing down cooking everything and it's in the high 80s or 90s. Then again, staying home isn't so straightforward either since we get no real cross-breeze to speak of in the apartment. I could always turn the air conditioning on - but the whole monetary consideration makes me hesitant to indulge - I'd rather hold off until the summer when I know there will be no respite for months. I mean, it's only the beginning of May!
Shabbos was fun. Ayala joined us for dinner Friday night, since Avi had to be on duty on a base over the weekend. For dinner I threw a whole chicken into the crockpot on top of a layer of potatoes, onions, and carrots. Mostly because I had no patience to turn on the oven since it was already hot enough inside. The next morning was walked over to The FamBily House to have lunch with 2 out of 3 of the Freddies. (Mr. Freddie spent the weekend singing in Munich.) We enjoyed a delicious dairy brunch, Yo'Abba chilled a bottle of my favorite Zinfandel to accompany the meal, and chocolate cake with ice cream finished everything off perfectly.
We relaxed until late in the afternoon when the temperature had dropped enough to contemplate leaving the house. The kids wanted to go to the park. So out we went, up to the top of the hill. After about twenty minutes Buzz was bored so we said our goodbyes and headed for home. Eventually it was late enough to make havdalah. Then Buzz went to sleep.
This morning Z left for work bright and early. Buzz watched some Curious George and bounced around the house. I tried really hard to be lazy but eventually I got bored. I washed all of the dairy and pareve dishes, wiped down the kitchen counter, made Buzz fries for breakfast then some scrambled eggs and chocolate milk for aruchat eser, we put four trays of ice into the freezer to freeze up, watered the super-thirsty plants, and played. I'm waiting for the dishes to dry then I'll put them away and wash the meat stuff. I've got plans - see? 

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