Saturday, May 17, 2014


AYesterday Z generously decided to give me a 'day off' - which amounted to him taking Buzz out of the house for the entirety of the morning. They went out to check out an old friends house in a field past Tzomet Tapuach. They travelled via Ariel and stopped in at the university to buy some supplies and visit the library (at least they were supposed to do those things...)
I spent the entire morning cleaning. Not much a vacation if you ask me. I organized all of Buzz's toys. I washed so many dishes that my back cried. I baked a double-layer devils food cake with fluffy vanilla buttercream between the layers and mocha frosting on the outside. I packed up the last of my stuff for the weekend. I swept the floor in the front half of the house. I cleared off the dining room table, wiped it down, and took out the leaf that's been in it for the last month and a half. Eventually I got showered and dressed for Shabbos. The FamBily picked me up on their way out of town and we headed off to The Freddies in Petah Tiqwa.
It was an awesome Shabbos. I love spending the weekend at The Freddies! Good food, great company, and of course so many many many toys for the kiddos to, ummm, 'share'. Really though it was a weekend well spent. We even ventured out to the park this afternoon. I don't think I've ever left The Freddies house on Shabbos before! But the kids had fun and the walk and five flights of stairs were definitely needed on my part (made even more fun by wearing Buzz on my back on the way home!) I'm reading my way through a book about the guy who hitchhiker around Ireland with a fridge. Yeah, a fridge. You read that right.
We made it home by 10pm. Buzz had conked out in the car so when we got home he popped up and is having some trouble falling back asleep. It's only been half an hour - I hope by 11 he'll have conked out. It's officially lag baomer (Happy Anniversary to you! You know who you are!) and though the rabbanut 'pushed off' the bonfires until tomorrow night the people have not heeded the proclamations. An enormous inferno is raging beside our building in the empty lot - I really wish I'd remembered to shut the windows yesterday before leaving but by the time we got back it was too late to get the smell out so now we'll just have to deal with it.

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