Sunday, May 25, 2014

Round not Sound

After the excitement of lag b'omer the remainder of the week was pretty boring. With Z out of the house for 9 or so hours a day - Buzz and I are kind of lame. We eat breakfast, do about 1/2 hour of 'exercise', then pretend to do housework. I washed a lot of dishes, and procrastinated laundry-day (until Thursday) but there wasng much else to do.

On Thursday night we went to the mall instead of the park. Buzz begged us to eat dinner out and we agreed that it had been a while so we let him choose the place. Of course he chose Greg - because he loves the chocolate milk and the little menu they have for kids. I couldn't decide between two dishes - so Z ordered both and we shared them. It was awesome and delicious as usual!

We didn't end up going to the beach on Friday, though we did finally get a package in the mail to Nana. The floor finally got somewhat cleaned and the food didn't take long to put together since we were invited to The FamBily House for lunch.

Abe joined us for the weekend and we had a great time over with The FamBily. Chocolate cake shots, marble cake, and REALLY cold, sweet, and juicy watermelon... Of course Buzz provided general entertainment, as did Mickey-cat who 'just wanted love', Fuzzle who 'needed a treat', and the gaggle of mostly teenage boys who spent the day traipsing in, out, up, down and all around the house.

This week should be ummm.... Well, I'm not quite sure - I just know it's week2 of powering through the Blogilates Beginners Calendar with Buzz at my side (and on my back, chest, pulling my arms, and grabbing at my feet.) He likes to help make my workouts 'advanced' intensity. 

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