Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

Recap of Shabbos because it was awesome. We spent the weekend with The Freddies at their house in Petah Tiqwa. The food was delicious, the munchkins were hysterically entertaining, Buzz located the cabinet with all of his 'extended family' (al of the kitchen devices), we played Settlers (and I stole the win from Z and gave it to Mr Freddie), Bananagrams was intense, the bubbles blew big, and even though the weather was hot we had a super cool time!

Also an ENORMOUS mazal tov shout out to my dear friend Becca who tied the knot with Ben today! I can't wait to see more pictures! But I still maintain that you should postpone any trips to The Holy Land for about a year and a half so that (HOPEFULLY) you can stay in style in our amazingly planned guest suite! I mean - I'd love to see you sooner - but this apartment is a pain in the guest-room.
And now I present: How I spent my birthday
6:30am wake-up courtesy of Buzz who decided that I ~needed~ to be kicked in the back and shoulder multiple times (before digging his chin and elbows into my side).
10(ish)am Z runs out to the grocery store to buy more milk after accidentally tripling the pancake batter recipe.
Sometime later (after eating a really delicious (white flour, white sugar, dairy milk) pancake breakfast in bed watched a few too many episodes of tv.
Then I accidentally smashed my bottle of vitamin-B drops (so I guess I won't be taking that vitamin until I order new ones and they actually arrive - probably about 3 weeks.)

Next I baked myself a birthday cake after watching Z flail around the kitchen pulling out things like white beet sugar and gluten (instead of cane sugar and barley flour).
Our next stop was the Keilim Mikva where I dunked my new vanilla extract bottles, and my BEEEEAUTIFUL birthday present from The Freddies (a gorgeous new pitcher which I LOVE!!!)
We then drove over the the 'new' park but it was swarming with over 100 girls on a field-trip of some kind. Buzz tried valiantly to play but after a run across the third-level bridge and a few minutes on a baby-swing we decided to call it a day. It was 11:30am and 95F - so we were too hot to really think straight.
Back at Home Buzz experienced a complete melt-down (probably on account of only sleeping a bit more than 9 hrs in the last 24...) thankfully he conked out for a nice long nap. I was just happy to be relaxing comfortably in the airconditioning. (Secretly thankful that we didn't actually go to the beach today...) S&S called to give me birthday wishes then the online greetings started trickling in too!
Eventually Buzz woke up and we ventured out to the park at the top of the hill. We spent a while sitting in the shade. Buzz went down the slides a few times. Then we figured that we were sufficiently sweaty so we headed over to The Fambily House. The Parentals called just as dinner prep came to an end and I was glad to hear that they're having a great time on their trip (they just seemed pleased to hear that their house is still standing...)
As you could probably tell from the pictures Phil and Z had planned a whole birthday dinner extravaganza for me. Everything was pink and princess-y - there was even a tiara for me! Hawaiian chicken and pina coladas made up the meal and the brownie cake with ooey gooey delicious chocolate frosting was dessert. A&A joined us for the festivities. A great time was had by all!

Eventually we left for home - it was time to toss Buzz into bed. Timmy called to send birthday greetings just as I reached the end of this post. And with that my day is complete.

Quite a successful 29th birthday day.

Tomorrow grocery shopping and maybe some fingerpainting!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I'm the backyard!

Random sarcastic thought for the day: It is awesome to be the family screw-up. Not being able to do anything right feels better than a million bucks.

Yesterday I spent the day lying on the couch watching tv. It's partly Freddie's fault for getting me hooked on a show that just started its fifth season - so much to catch up on! I did two loads of laundry - one of them was the floormats from the bathrooms. When they were dry Z decided that the fluffy purple one belonged in the bathroom - pretty sketchy if you ask me.

We took Buzz out to the park in the early evening. We drove to the park at the top of the hill but Bnzz refused to get out of the car. He wanted to go to the 'new' jumbo park. He had a blast driving his toy tractor down all the slides, and playing on the swings. He took a ride on the big hammock/tire swings by himself then relaxed in the comfy swings and almost fell asleep. I guess he was charging up because not too long after he took my hand and led me up to the third and fourth levels of the big climbing structure at the big-kids park.

We went to The FamBily House for dinner. Timmy was home and he seasoned the meat. He made a supremely sublime 'upgraded' Zaatar Chicken (which is definitely going into my rotation) and rubbed the skins of whole potatoes with roasted garlic, onion oil, S&P - then wrapped them in foil and baked them until the insides were soft and creamy.

This morning I went out to the local kupat-cholim. I sat with the secretary for about a minute - she flipped through my stack of papers and said that everything looks to be in order - so we're good to go for surgery in one week from today.

Tonight we'll be bidding safe-travels to The Crazy Lady and Yo'Abba - early tomorrow morning they're off on a 3 week adventure. We'll be keeping a close eye on the goings-on at The FamBily House as all the siblings will be holding down the fort and we'll be making a lot of dinners and doing the grocery shopping.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Emmett & Planty

Last night I typed a post then promptly fell asleep before hitting either the 'save' or 'publish' button. The silly app that I post in has no auto-save feature which is a major failing but what that means for the masses is that my snarky and entertainingly well thought out post is gone - and in lieu of it I have thrown together a slapdash update of the last few days...

Friday was good. We cleaned A LOT. Then we packed up and drove all the way to The FamBily House where we spent Shabbos (out of laziness towards cooking and walking in 100F weather...)

Saturday night was surprisingly delightful - because we came home to a clean house.

Sunday was relatively boring. We sat around the house and did nothing productive because the house was more or less clean and the house plans have been handed in and nobody has any interest in tackling projects like organizing closets or bookcases.

Z and Buzz went to the park and The FamBily House for dinner without me (I needed some 'me' time). Meanwhile Sarah Leah arrived to stay for the night. She cut my hair and we shmoozed. Then the boys came home and everybody called it a night.

This morning at 5:13am Buzz woke up whining and kvetching. He insisted that he was hungry and cried until Z took him to the kitchen and offered him food. The kid accepted two crackers, climbed back into bed, ate half of one cracker, then promptly fell back asleep. Now it's 8am and he's still snoring away peacefully. Maybe he's having a growth spurt... Who knows.

Last night I decided to turn on the airconditioning, even though it was somewhat cool outside. It felt stuffy inside and I sleep so much better when it feels cool and the air is circulating. Turns out that it was a good call. According to my neighbors at around 3am the fields behind our neighborhood were fertilized and everyone who had left their windows open woke up to such a bad smell that nobody was able to go back to sleep for the rest of the night. This morning I could smell it coming in through the bathroom windows - whooooweee is that fragrant. I think we'll just leave the a/c on today and call it a civil service.

Today we need to go and get all of the paperwork in order for Buzz's procedure next week. They give you quite the run-around - maybe to dissuade you from doing it unnecessarily? I don't know. The system might be better than other countries but it's still pretty screwed up.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Abba Dabba!

We kicked off the morning with a trip to Osher Ad. We bumped into The Crazy Lady in the produce section and she invited us to sleep at their house for Shabbos. Seems a little silly (since it's only an 18 minute walk) but considering the weather is supposed to spike even higher over the weekend - we're going to take them up on the offer.

Back at home I put away the groceries. Then I mixed up a batch of homemade super-cleaner (1 cup of slightly warmed vinegar mixed with about 1/2 cup of Palmolive dish-soap) I poured the concoction into my spritz bottle then covered the bathroom sinks and toilets with a layer of the mixture. I let everything sit for about 20 minutes then I washed it all off - no scrubbing required - all ickiness gone. In a word - shiny. Now that's what I call good cleaning.

I was relatively lazy the rest of the day. I didn't do laundry because I figure I might as well do it tomorrow and be left with no laundry before Shabbos. The boys took a nice long nap this afternoon and I entertained myself by watching a whole lot of tv.

When they woke up we made some early dinner. Then we went out to the mall to let Buzz burn off his energy. After a whole lot of walking, riding the escalators and elevators, and playing in the soft play area - it was time for Phil to leave work. So we picked her up from the store, and went out to the car. We were almost at The FamBily House to drop her off when she got a phone call. The Parentals were at S&S's house - so we drove over there detouring to pick up Z's computer.

We visited with S&S for a bit - Savta gave us a tutorial on how to make kasha (without getting scrambled egg in the finished product) and Z gave everyone a virtual tour of the house. Sadly Buzz got tired so we had to dash.

It didn't take long to get home (for some funny reason), and when we walked in the door I was still smelling the nutty aroma of the kasha that Savta had prepared. I tried to forget it but after 20 minutes when I couldn't shake it I decided to cook up a batch myself.

I followed the directions - beat the egg well, then beat the kasha into until it was all fluffy and airy, heated the pot and stirred constantly, and 20 minutes later I had perfect kasha! Fluffy and delicious! A perfect 'midnight' snack.

So many thanks to Savta for the awesome cooking class! I even cooked up some bowties to mix the kasha with for Buzz for lunch tomorrow - he's going to LOVE it!

Midnight Mall Madness

Where has this week flown to? It's been reeeeally long - I mean, I can't remember what happened on Monday... But it feels like it's been really short too.

I know I washed a lot of dishes this week. So that sounds a little bit productive. We've also had our air conditioning running more or less non-stop all week due to stagnant air in the mid-90's.

I also bought the second part of the birthday gifts for the summer birthdays. Now I need to decide howw to decorate them. The fun options I'm seeing online aren't available here - so I might just leave them plain. Boring, but what can I do - I don't have patience to decorate and then have it all wash off the first time they get cleaned.

On Tuesday Z went into Jeru to run an errand. He then crashed at Akiva's house for the entire day and worked on the house plans. He came home at 7pm (after leaving me to entertain Buzz for 11 hours in a row) and worked on the plans more. 

Wednesday morning he was up bright and early working on the plans again. Finally at 10:30 he finished. Then he ran to the printer and got a copy made, drove the half hour like a maniac to the va'ada (trying to make it before they closed at noon), and managed to submit the plans for consideration. The woman there looked over them and said that everything looks to be in order and hopefully in about two weeks we will FINALLY have the green light to move to stage 2 of obtaining the final permit before we can break ground.

Talk about suspense and frustration - this house feels like it will ever be built. I feel like I shouldn't be excited that the plans have FINALLY been accepted (after four attempts, and a COMPLETE redesign) because something is sure to go wrong. But who knows - I may be pleasantly surprised and we may be able to break ground as soon as August! Not that I'm holding my breath or anything.

Clearly leaving Z in charge of things has been the biggest mistake I've made in my 20's. Well, maybe the second biggest mistake...

Yesterday we ended up at The FamBily House for dinner after a failed ten minutes at the park (Buzz refused to play). The Crazy Lady made deeelicious sweet&sour chicken! Buzz 'walked' Fuzz, we laughed at Frank's tiny backpack, had a hot wax party, and sat on each other's faces (actually, only Buzz did that...)

Today we desperately need to be productive. The floor needs to get cleaned, laundry needs to get done, I need to bake challah and maybe even desserts for Shabbos, and we need to go grocery shopping at some point because we are clean out of fruits and veggies.

But first a quick workout!
(Photo by: Buzz - he's pretty good, huh?)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

We can take you to the creepy mall...

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad I know! And a very Happy Birthday to Yo'Abba and of course to his amazingly awesome and decidedly prettier twin and Michalie too! My goodness June 15th was quite a busy day this year!
Shabbos went pretty well. We managed to scrounge around and pull together a meal for Friday night. Thankfully (luckily)'we got a last minute invitation to The FamBily House for lunch because it was Devorah's last shabbos on The Holy Land and Timmy was scheduled to come home too! We walked early but it was in the 90s by 10am anyway. We opted to crash until shabbos was over and the sun had gone down to head home. We played two games of Settlers (Frank won them both- somehow...) and ate so much mandel bread...
This morning was busy busy busy. Buzz woke up at 6am - as though he knew we had plans and places to be.
At around 10:30 we piled into the car and drove into Jeru. We made it to the doctor's office early and managed to sneak in an appointment early since the other patient was a no-show. Based on the hearing rest results and the fact that some of the fluid in Buzz's ears has cleared - he does not need tubes, he just needs to have his adenoids removed.
It's a simple outpatient procedure. We've scheduled it for July 1st - bright and early in the morning (since he has to fast for 6 hours prior we want him in and out as quickly as possible). The doctor we chose is an expert and we are doing the surgery privately in Ramat Hachayal. Be"H everything will go smoothly, quickly, and painlessly.
After leaving the doctor's office we walked down to Rechov Shatz to visit the used book store. Sadly they didn't have the book that we were looking for, but we popped into a second used bookstore and I found one title that looked interesting. We also found the restaurant that Timmy works at - but he wasn't on shift - so we didn't get to see him.
We wandered back up Agripas. I bought a new bag of gluten (since my old bag was really old and in serious need of replacing). Then Z and Buzz picked up some fish'N'chips for lunch in the shuk.
When we got home Z washed all of the meat dishes that had been filling up the sink. Then I had enough space to whip up some mini FF Devils Food Cake(s). I made a full batch of batter - so I ended up with 4 small cakes - but 2 stacked were more than enough to make an adorable birthday/Father's Day cake for Yo'Abba. I went a little frosting-crazy and the cake ended up looking like a cliched wedding cake - but hey - it was a cake and it was made with love!
We made our way over to The FamBily House for a special BBQ birthday dinner. With cake for dessert, Buzz walking the Fuzz, Buzz chasing the spatula, Buzz being immensely amusing, frank's little white pills (turns out they were mini minty mentos), a lost pair of headphones, and a psychotic cat - it was quite the amusing evening.
We capped it all off by giving Frank and his friend a ride to the bus stop near our house. Back at home Sara called to (jokingly) find out whether I remembered her and whether we could be friends again - I said definitely yes to both - but only if she agreed to come for a shabbos meal! So we're working on that - hopefully next weekend when her finals are alllllmost over! My goodness it has been quite the busy semester!
Tomorrow I desperately need to organize my kitchen. The dairy sink is overflowing with dishes at this point so those should probably get washed. I also want to organize the food cabinets. If I'm feeling really adventurous I'll deal with sorting out the dairy and pareve stuff that we don't really use. I wonder whether Phill will have any boxes from work since they're switching around collections.
Did I mention that I wore my (Phil's) size 8 skirt on shabbos?! Yeeeehaw! More Pilates! Do all the Pilates! Tone those abs! Strike a pose! Just kidding - do a roll up and hold it - riiiiight there...

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lame Group

The high school reunion on Sunday got postponed for a week so I'm not sure whether I'll be able to make it. We also found out that we're being passed over yet again for things that I really don't want - but it still hurts.

Yesterday was busy - Z trekked down to the va'ada and got relatively (tentatively) good news about the house plans. They checked all of the calculations and looked over the plans. There are minor things that need correcting, and we need to collect all of the signatures after another perusal by the committee, but things are looking good.

The Crazy Lady helped us out by giving us a lift to Buzz's hearing test. He was freaked out and first but eventually relaxed into it before becoming completely preoccupied with a toy airplane and completely zoning out of the exam. Thankfully the airplane interest was piqued after she had collected enough data to write her report. The good news - he does hear. Now we need to figure out why he doesn't speak.

We'll be taking the results to the ENT on Sunday - hopefully we'll finally find out what procedures Buzz needs.

No plans for this weekend. We are trying to organize the house somewhat because it's a disaster area.

Today didn't quite get off to the hoped for good start. I squished a moldy lemon all over myself while trying to get it into the trash. Then when I started clearing off the kitchen counter (in order to clean the moldy lemon goop puddle), I picked up a garbage bag with four kg of sifted flour in it and went to put it into the pantry - but when I opened the pantry door a few glass bottles came flying off the shelf at me and in my effort to catch them the bag of flour slipped out of my grasp, fell to the floor and exploded in a floury cloud of mess all over the hallway, kitchen, living room, and dining room.

Thankfully Z humored me by getting out of bed and sweeping up the mess - while I crawled back into bed and tried not to cry.

At this point the second load of laundry is in the washing machine and the while apartment is swept.

I need to go to the post office to mail a letter, and I really want to go buy shelves to hang in Buzz's room so that we can put away his toys in some semblance of order.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Boop bop bap!

Yesterday was quite eventful. I was out of the house by 8:30am with no plans in mind. I decided to go to the mall and see if I could snag a mani/pedi at ispa. Unfortunately they were completely booked up - so I took the shekels I had set aside for my spa treat and bought myself some new clothes instead. The most exciting part of use shopping was that the store was having a pretty good end-of-season sale and since it's June (my birthday month!) I have a special membership reward that gives me an additional 30% off. So even though the total bill rang up to a little over 600nis, with all of the discounts I ended up paying less than half of that and 'saved' 350nis! Which is crazy! I was super excited because I finally bought myself the two dresses and adorable denim skirt that I'd been eyeing for the last four months. I refused to buy them until they were on sale, and once on sale I figured I might as well wait for June. Luckily they still had everything I wanted in stock. The last ones in my size on the racks... But hey, now they're mine!

Back at home I watched a lot of tv and baked two peanut butter chocolate chip coffee cakes (so that we could take one to The FamBily House - as per Phil's request.) I managed to do a load of laundry. Then I figured I should prep the chicken. I was more than a little tired of regular 'roasted chicken' and tried hard to think of something different. I was sort of in the mood for pesto - so I left the chicken whole and filled the space between the meat and the skin with a delicious pesto. I rested the bird on a bed of halved cherry tomatoes and let it all marinate for a couple of hours. Suffice it to say - I will definitely be making that again. After just twenty minutes in the oven and the house smelled amazing.

Last night was interesting. Buzz conked out in my bed at 5:45pm. I'm pretty sure he would have slept through the night with no incident - if he hadn't fallen out of bed at a little before 9pm... He was fine - but the thud really woke him up. We were just sitting down to eat - so he perked up and demanded some food. Then he bounced around until almost 11pm.

Thankfully he spent the whole (remainder) of the night in his own bed. Buuuut he was up this morning bright and early. We got up and headed out to The FamBily House with The FamBily including The Freddies.

Lunch was delicious as always. Then we hung out for a few hours. Eventually we found our shoes and made our way to the park at the top of the hill. After some playing and some snacks we walked over to S&S's house. We all took different routes but got there eventually. It was great to see S&S but eventually the little people got grumpy and it was almost time for seudah shlishit at The FamBily House so we had to head out.

Back at home we fed Buzz some dinner. Then we battled him into pajamas. Finally he agreed to go into his room and within the hour he was asleep. It was 9 - but hey that's better than 11...

Tomorrow: dish washing, closet reorganizing, maybe some kitchen organization, and hopefully a 'belated' 10-year high school reunion.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Bite me.

Chag was nice. Buzz's sleep schedule gets all messed up every single shabbos - so having chag in the middle of the week just makes everything worse. He didn't go to sleep until 11:30pm on Tuesday night and was up at 6:40 on Wednesday morning. Z went out to learn with a buddy of his, and he claims he came in at 1:30 but I was fast asleep so I'm really not sure.

We went over to our friends house for lunch. Buzz had fun playing with his friends and we enjoyed the change of pace and hanging out with other grown-ups. The food was delicious!!! I've got to find out what they used to fill their cannelloni - because it was amazing!

The weather was abnormal - the mercury hovered near 100F for most of the day and the air was dead for the most part. No breezes offering any relief from the oppressive heat.

We spent most of the day inside, but by 5:30pm Buzz was going stir-crazy. We ventured out to the park and once there decided to trek over to The FamBily House out of sheer boredom. We had no stroller or carrier - because we'd forgotten them in the car. Buzz walked part of the way and Z carried him the rest of the way. There was just a little over an hour left of chag by the time we arrived and the temperature had 'dropped' to the low 90s.

Last night Buzz refused to go to sleep before 10pm and was up bright and early this morning (as usual). Of course he's a super-cranky-pants because he is beeeeyond exhausted but he refuses to nap or rest. He's also going stir-crazy inside but the air quality outside is horrible today (a sandstorm is blowing through) so we can't even go to the park.

I really need to get my tush in gear and start cooking for shabbos. I'm having a hard time breathing because of the heat/sandstorm/airconditioning combo and my gut is angry about the weather/food combo of the last few days.

We're supposed to attend a wedding in Jeru tonight but I don't know whether I'll actually feel well enough to go. It's been a pretty pathetic day so far. (Starting at 5am when Buzz repeatedly smashing me in the back with his skull - chased me out of my bed and then I was unable to fall back asleep until around 6:40 when I finally nodded off - only to be woken at 7:30...) My muscles are upset at me for missing a day of working out - they're really becoming dependent on the stretching that I do and yesterday I didn't do any. So I feel pretty bad all-around.

Therefore - I'm lying in bed unproductively staring at Toddler Carriers online. I would LOVE to get one so that next year I can just wear Buzz to gan and not have to shlep the big stroller up/down 37stairs, or up/down the crazy hill at the snake park (in each direction). Our current carrier has a weight limit of 45lbs but the seat is narrow so his legs dangle, and the back is 'short' so he can get leverage to throw himself backwards more easily (which throws me off balance), and he can't really fall asleep in it because there's no fabric to support him. I'm busy dreaming about this beauty ( it's adorable but so expensive!

And of course writing this out makes me realize that I sure want a lot of things. Especially the house - which means I have to keep watching the kid so that Z can finish laying out the plans.

I probably should've held out a few more years and married somebody rich... :-P

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Peeeenuh Buhbuh!

Yesterday was fun. We cleaned the house a little, went out to two grocery stores, received a super special wedding invitation, entertained guests (a friend of Z's from 'the old country' and the guy's mother stopped by to say hi), went to the park at the top of the hill, and then went to The FamBily House for dinner and fun. We spent a goodly amount of time working on the layout of our future kitchen and I quite like how it turned out! 
This morning got off to an early but somewhat unproductive start. At 11am the only thing I'd accomplished was getting a tall&creamy cheesecake into the oven. Here's to hoping it is delicious! Guess we'll find out tomorrow!
Thankfully I got my act together. I crushed day 17 of the beginners calendar - didn't even need (too many) breaks. Then I was all warmed up so I: roasted vegetables made a batch of pesto, organized the fridge, cooked a cranberry roast, and made a new version of baked ziti, washed dishes twice, cleaned the bathroom, kept Buzz from destroying the house, washed more dishes, ran around like a crazy person, and danced like nobody was watching - except that I was being stared at - by a super-confused toddler.
The house is more or less ready. The weather was beautiful all day but the sky just got dark and overcast. Everyone is wondering whether the forecast (100F+) for tomorrow is even possible after two beautiful days. We'll be leaving our a/c on - just in case...
I just realized that with nothing else to do and some time to spare - I might as well polish the candlesticks.

Have a great holiday! See you on the other side - when we freak out about the fact that Shabbos is just a day away...

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Everything is Awesome...

Let's see - recap of last week - nothing exciting happened. Well, Z finally stopped working for the crazy abusive boss who had no idea what he was doing - so now he's home again... But he did have an interview at the end of the week - so we're hopeful that he'll get that job instead. Meanwhile he's hard at work on the house plans. We're hoping to submit the new version sometime in the next week and a half or so.

Buzz has officially reached the '(horrible evil) terrible twos'. He was this cute kid who wouldn't speak and all of a sudden he turned into this toddler monster from the depths of somewhere dark and unspeakable. He's all about ripping everything up, breaking everything, and being - well - terrible. I know it's just a stage but it is seriously annoying and aggravating. Of course he still has his cute moments ( but more and more I find myself yelling at him and putting him in time out for everything from unrolling entire rolls of toilet paper to ripping the guts out of the printer or unplugging all of the cables on the back of the computer tower...

I've been keeping myself busy trying to make a routine my 'way of life'. Breakfast happens every morning now - we even bought a new little frying pan so that we could stop eating the non-stick coating that kept peeling off into the eggs. Vitamins happen when breakfast does and about 45-60 minutes later we 'work out' for anywhere between 25-45 minutes - depending on how long the scheduled routine in for the day. I'm hoping to add in more cardio (in the forms of walking, biking, and swimming) and some weights - but first I've got to power through the next two weeks. I haven't changed anything about my eating habits because losing weight isn't necessarily my goal for the moment (although I would gladly drop the post-baby-bulge (in the form of too many lbs to mention) that I'm still shlepping around.) For now it's just about building up my stamina and regaining my flexibility.
Enough about my boring plans for the future -

Let's talk more about this coming week. Shavuot is Tuesday night and Wednesday. We'll be eating lunch at our neighbor's S&L and I'm planning to keep dinner pretty simple - especially since it will just be us. I will be making cheesecake - for Z - because he loves it oh so much. This morning I set up a sour-cream draining system - which is how I'm making my kg of cream cheese for the project. Z went out and bought a couple of adorable mini springform pans (11cm each in diameter) so I can make some cakes with FF crust and the rest with (knock-off) Oreo-cookie crust. Thankfully my Iherb order arrived at the end of last week so now I'm fully stocked with super-strong lactaids to get me through all sorts of dairy cheesy heaven! I'm so excited!

Thursday night is E&N's wedding in Jeru. That should be fun for Z - he'll get to see all of his school friends and show off the little monster.

Then it's Friday again - and I'm not even sure how/when I'm going to find time to organize food for that. Hopefully this weekend Z will stop inviting people over so that I can just rest, relax, and breathe for a few hours.
Still - it's only Sunday and Friday is a long way off. Have a great week!