Thursday, June 19, 2014

Abba Dabba!

We kicked off the morning with a trip to Osher Ad. We bumped into The Crazy Lady in the produce section and she invited us to sleep at their house for Shabbos. Seems a little silly (since it's only an 18 minute walk) but considering the weather is supposed to spike even higher over the weekend - we're going to take them up on the offer.

Back at home I put away the groceries. Then I mixed up a batch of homemade super-cleaner (1 cup of slightly warmed vinegar mixed with about 1/2 cup of Palmolive dish-soap) I poured the concoction into my spritz bottle then covered the bathroom sinks and toilets with a layer of the mixture. I let everything sit for about 20 minutes then I washed it all off - no scrubbing required - all ickiness gone. In a word - shiny. Now that's what I call good cleaning.

I was relatively lazy the rest of the day. I didn't do laundry because I figure I might as well do it tomorrow and be left with no laundry before Shabbos. The boys took a nice long nap this afternoon and I entertained myself by watching a whole lot of tv.

When they woke up we made some early dinner. Then we went out to the mall to let Buzz burn off his energy. After a whole lot of walking, riding the escalators and elevators, and playing in the soft play area - it was time for Phil to leave work. So we picked her up from the store, and went out to the car. We were almost at The FamBily House to drop her off when she got a phone call. The Parentals were at S&S's house - so we drove over there detouring to pick up Z's computer.

We visited with S&S for a bit - Savta gave us a tutorial on how to make kasha (without getting scrambled egg in the finished product) and Z gave everyone a virtual tour of the house. Sadly Buzz got tired so we had to dash.

It didn't take long to get home (for some funny reason), and when we walked in the door I was still smelling the nutty aroma of the kasha that Savta had prepared. I tried to forget it but after 20 minutes when I couldn't shake it I decided to cook up a batch myself.

I followed the directions - beat the egg well, then beat the kasha into until it was all fluffy and airy, heated the pot and stirred constantly, and 20 minutes later I had perfect kasha! Fluffy and delicious! A perfect 'midnight' snack.

So many thanks to Savta for the awesome cooking class! I even cooked up some bowties to mix the kasha with for Buzz for lunch tomorrow - he's going to LOVE it!

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