Thursday, June 05, 2014

Bite me.

Chag was nice. Buzz's sleep schedule gets all messed up every single shabbos - so having chag in the middle of the week just makes everything worse. He didn't go to sleep until 11:30pm on Tuesday night and was up at 6:40 on Wednesday morning. Z went out to learn with a buddy of his, and he claims he came in at 1:30 but I was fast asleep so I'm really not sure.

We went over to our friends house for lunch. Buzz had fun playing with his friends and we enjoyed the change of pace and hanging out with other grown-ups. The food was delicious!!! I've got to find out what they used to fill their cannelloni - because it was amazing!

The weather was abnormal - the mercury hovered near 100F for most of the day and the air was dead for the most part. No breezes offering any relief from the oppressive heat.

We spent most of the day inside, but by 5:30pm Buzz was going stir-crazy. We ventured out to the park and once there decided to trek over to The FamBily House out of sheer boredom. We had no stroller or carrier - because we'd forgotten them in the car. Buzz walked part of the way and Z carried him the rest of the way. There was just a little over an hour left of chag by the time we arrived and the temperature had 'dropped' to the low 90s.

Last night Buzz refused to go to sleep before 10pm and was up bright and early this morning (as usual). Of course he's a super-cranky-pants because he is beeeeyond exhausted but he refuses to nap or rest. He's also going stir-crazy inside but the air quality outside is horrible today (a sandstorm is blowing through) so we can't even go to the park.

I really need to get my tush in gear and start cooking for shabbos. I'm having a hard time breathing because of the heat/sandstorm/airconditioning combo and my gut is angry about the weather/food combo of the last few days.

We're supposed to attend a wedding in Jeru tonight but I don't know whether I'll actually feel well enough to go. It's been a pretty pathetic day so far. (Starting at 5am when Buzz repeatedly smashing me in the back with his skull - chased me out of my bed and then I was unable to fall back asleep until around 6:40 when I finally nodded off - only to be woken at 7:30...) My muscles are upset at me for missing a day of working out - they're really becoming dependent on the stretching that I do and yesterday I didn't do any. So I feel pretty bad all-around.

Therefore - I'm lying in bed unproductively staring at Toddler Carriers online. I would LOVE to get one so that next year I can just wear Buzz to gan and not have to shlep the big stroller up/down 37stairs, or up/down the crazy hill at the snake park (in each direction). Our current carrier has a weight limit of 45lbs but the seat is narrow so his legs dangle, and the back is 'short' so he can get leverage to throw himself backwards more easily (which throws me off balance), and he can't really fall asleep in it because there's no fabric to support him. I'm busy dreaming about this beauty ( it's adorable but so expensive!

And of course writing this out makes me realize that I sure want a lot of things. Especially the house - which means I have to keep watching the kid so that Z can finish laying out the plans.

I probably should've held out a few more years and married somebody rich... :-P

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