Saturday, June 07, 2014

Boop bop bap!

Yesterday was quite eventful. I was out of the house by 8:30am with no plans in mind. I decided to go to the mall and see if I could snag a mani/pedi at ispa. Unfortunately they were completely booked up - so I took the shekels I had set aside for my spa treat and bought myself some new clothes instead. The most exciting part of use shopping was that the store was having a pretty good end-of-season sale and since it's June (my birthday month!) I have a special membership reward that gives me an additional 30% off. So even though the total bill rang up to a little over 600nis, with all of the discounts I ended up paying less than half of that and 'saved' 350nis! Which is crazy! I was super excited because I finally bought myself the two dresses and adorable denim skirt that I'd been eyeing for the last four months. I refused to buy them until they were on sale, and once on sale I figured I might as well wait for June. Luckily they still had everything I wanted in stock. The last ones in my size on the racks... But hey, now they're mine!

Back at home I watched a lot of tv and baked two peanut butter chocolate chip coffee cakes (so that we could take one to The FamBily House - as per Phil's request.) I managed to do a load of laundry. Then I figured I should prep the chicken. I was more than a little tired of regular 'roasted chicken' and tried hard to think of something different. I was sort of in the mood for pesto - so I left the chicken whole and filled the space between the meat and the skin with a delicious pesto. I rested the bird on a bed of halved cherry tomatoes and let it all marinate for a couple of hours. Suffice it to say - I will definitely be making that again. After just twenty minutes in the oven and the house smelled amazing.

Last night was interesting. Buzz conked out in my bed at 5:45pm. I'm pretty sure he would have slept through the night with no incident - if he hadn't fallen out of bed at a little before 9pm... He was fine - but the thud really woke him up. We were just sitting down to eat - so he perked up and demanded some food. Then he bounced around until almost 11pm.

Thankfully he spent the whole (remainder) of the night in his own bed. Buuuut he was up this morning bright and early. We got up and headed out to The FamBily House with The FamBily including The Freddies.

Lunch was delicious as always. Then we hung out for a few hours. Eventually we found our shoes and made our way to the park at the top of the hill. After some playing and some snacks we walked over to S&S's house. We all took different routes but got there eventually. It was great to see S&S but eventually the little people got grumpy and it was almost time for seudah shlishit at The FamBily House so we had to head out.

Back at home we fed Buzz some dinner. Then we battled him into pajamas. Finally he agreed to go into his room and within the hour he was asleep. It was 9 - but hey that's better than 11...

Tomorrow: dish washing, closet reorganizing, maybe some kitchen organization, and hopefully a 'belated' 10-year high school reunion.

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