Monday, June 23, 2014

Emmett & Planty

Last night I typed a post then promptly fell asleep before hitting either the 'save' or 'publish' button. The silly app that I post in has no auto-save feature which is a major failing but what that means for the masses is that my snarky and entertainingly well thought out post is gone - and in lieu of it I have thrown together a slapdash update of the last few days...

Friday was good. We cleaned A LOT. Then we packed up and drove all the way to The FamBily House where we spent Shabbos (out of laziness towards cooking and walking in 100F weather...)

Saturday night was surprisingly delightful - because we came home to a clean house.

Sunday was relatively boring. We sat around the house and did nothing productive because the house was more or less clean and the house plans have been handed in and nobody has any interest in tackling projects like organizing closets or bookcases.

Z and Buzz went to the park and The FamBily House for dinner without me (I needed some 'me' time). Meanwhile Sarah Leah arrived to stay for the night. She cut my hair and we shmoozed. Then the boys came home and everybody called it a night.

This morning at 5:13am Buzz woke up whining and kvetching. He insisted that he was hungry and cried until Z took him to the kitchen and offered him food. The kid accepted two crackers, climbed back into bed, ate half of one cracker, then promptly fell back asleep. Now it's 8am and he's still snoring away peacefully. Maybe he's having a growth spurt... Who knows.

Last night I decided to turn on the airconditioning, even though it was somewhat cool outside. It felt stuffy inside and I sleep so much better when it feels cool and the air is circulating. Turns out that it was a good call. According to my neighbors at around 3am the fields behind our neighborhood were fertilized and everyone who had left their windows open woke up to such a bad smell that nobody was able to go back to sleep for the rest of the night. This morning I could smell it coming in through the bathroom windows - whooooweee is that fragrant. I think we'll just leave the a/c on today and call it a civil service.

Today we need to go and get all of the paperwork in order for Buzz's procedure next week. They give you quite the run-around - maybe to dissuade you from doing it unnecessarily? I don't know. The system might be better than other countries but it's still pretty screwed up.

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