Sunday, June 01, 2014

Everything is Awesome...

Let's see - recap of last week - nothing exciting happened. Well, Z finally stopped working for the crazy abusive boss who had no idea what he was doing - so now he's home again... But he did have an interview at the end of the week - so we're hopeful that he'll get that job instead. Meanwhile he's hard at work on the house plans. We're hoping to submit the new version sometime in the next week and a half or so.

Buzz has officially reached the '(horrible evil) terrible twos'. He was this cute kid who wouldn't speak and all of a sudden he turned into this toddler monster from the depths of somewhere dark and unspeakable. He's all about ripping everything up, breaking everything, and being - well - terrible. I know it's just a stage but it is seriously annoying and aggravating. Of course he still has his cute moments ( but more and more I find myself yelling at him and putting him in time out for everything from unrolling entire rolls of toilet paper to ripping the guts out of the printer or unplugging all of the cables on the back of the computer tower...

I've been keeping myself busy trying to make a routine my 'way of life'. Breakfast happens every morning now - we even bought a new little frying pan so that we could stop eating the non-stick coating that kept peeling off into the eggs. Vitamins happen when breakfast does and about 45-60 minutes later we 'work out' for anywhere between 25-45 minutes - depending on how long the scheduled routine in for the day. I'm hoping to add in more cardio (in the forms of walking, biking, and swimming) and some weights - but first I've got to power through the next two weeks. I haven't changed anything about my eating habits because losing weight isn't necessarily my goal for the moment (although I would gladly drop the post-baby-bulge (in the form of too many lbs to mention) that I'm still shlepping around.) For now it's just about building up my stamina and regaining my flexibility.
Enough about my boring plans for the future -

Let's talk more about this coming week. Shavuot is Tuesday night and Wednesday. We'll be eating lunch at our neighbor's S&L and I'm planning to keep dinner pretty simple - especially since it will just be us. I will be making cheesecake - for Z - because he loves it oh so much. This morning I set up a sour-cream draining system - which is how I'm making my kg of cream cheese for the project. Z went out and bought a couple of adorable mini springform pans (11cm each in diameter) so I can make some cakes with FF crust and the rest with (knock-off) Oreo-cookie crust. Thankfully my Iherb order arrived at the end of last week so now I'm fully stocked with super-strong lactaids to get me through all sorts of dairy cheesy heaven! I'm so excited!

Thursday night is E&N's wedding in Jeru. That should be fun for Z - he'll get to see all of his school friends and show off the little monster.

Then it's Friday again - and I'm not even sure how/when I'm going to find time to organize food for that. Hopefully this weekend Z will stop inviting people over so that I can just rest, relax, and breathe for a few hours.
Still - it's only Sunday and Friday is a long way off. Have a great week!

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