Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

Recap of Shabbos because it was awesome. We spent the weekend with The Freddies at their house in Petah Tiqwa. The food was delicious, the munchkins were hysterically entertaining, Buzz located the cabinet with all of his 'extended family' (al of the kitchen devices), we played Settlers (and I stole the win from Z and gave it to Mr Freddie), Bananagrams was intense, the bubbles blew big, and even though the weather was hot we had a super cool time!

Also an ENORMOUS mazal tov shout out to my dear friend Becca who tied the knot with Ben today! I can't wait to see more pictures! But I still maintain that you should postpone any trips to The Holy Land for about a year and a half so that (HOPEFULLY) you can stay in style in our amazingly planned guest suite! I mean - I'd love to see you sooner - but this apartment is a pain in the guest-room.
And now I present: How I spent my birthday
6:30am wake-up courtesy of Buzz who decided that I ~needed~ to be kicked in the back and shoulder multiple times (before digging his chin and elbows into my side).
10(ish)am Z runs out to the grocery store to buy more milk after accidentally tripling the pancake batter recipe.
Sometime later (after eating a really delicious (white flour, white sugar, dairy milk) pancake breakfast in bed watched a few too many episodes of tv.
Then I accidentally smashed my bottle of vitamin-B drops (so I guess I won't be taking that vitamin until I order new ones and they actually arrive - probably about 3 weeks.)

Next I baked myself a birthday cake after watching Z flail around the kitchen pulling out things like white beet sugar and gluten (instead of cane sugar and barley flour).
Our next stop was the Keilim Mikva where I dunked my new vanilla extract bottles, and my BEEEEAUTIFUL birthday present from The Freddies (a gorgeous new pitcher which I LOVE!!!)
We then drove over the the 'new' park but it was swarming with over 100 girls on a field-trip of some kind. Buzz tried valiantly to play but after a run across the third-level bridge and a few minutes on a baby-swing we decided to call it a day. It was 11:30am and 95F - so we were too hot to really think straight.
Back at Home Buzz experienced a complete melt-down (probably on account of only sleeping a bit more than 9 hrs in the last 24...) thankfully he conked out for a nice long nap. I was just happy to be relaxing comfortably in the airconditioning. (Secretly thankful that we didn't actually go to the beach today...) S&S called to give me birthday wishes then the online greetings started trickling in too!
Eventually Buzz woke up and we ventured out to the park at the top of the hill. We spent a while sitting in the shade. Buzz went down the slides a few times. Then we figured that we were sufficiently sweaty so we headed over to The Fambily House. The Parentals called just as dinner prep came to an end and I was glad to hear that they're having a great time on their trip (they just seemed pleased to hear that their house is still standing...)
As you could probably tell from the pictures Phil and Z had planned a whole birthday dinner extravaganza for me. Everything was pink and princess-y - there was even a tiara for me! Hawaiian chicken and pina coladas made up the meal and the brownie cake with ooey gooey delicious chocolate frosting was dessert. A&A joined us for the festivities. A great time was had by all!

Eventually we left for home - it was time to toss Buzz into bed. Timmy called to send birthday greetings just as I reached the end of this post. And with that my day is complete.

Quite a successful 29th birthday day.

Tomorrow grocery shopping and maybe some fingerpainting!

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