Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I'm the backyard!

Random sarcastic thought for the day: It is awesome to be the family screw-up. Not being able to do anything right feels better than a million bucks.

Yesterday I spent the day lying on the couch watching tv. It's partly Freddie's fault for getting me hooked on a show that just started its fifth season - so much to catch up on! I did two loads of laundry - one of them was the floormats from the bathrooms. When they were dry Z decided that the fluffy purple one belonged in the bathroom - pretty sketchy if you ask me.

We took Buzz out to the park in the early evening. We drove to the park at the top of the hill but Bnzz refused to get out of the car. He wanted to go to the 'new' jumbo park. He had a blast driving his toy tractor down all the slides, and playing on the swings. He took a ride on the big hammock/tire swings by himself then relaxed in the comfy swings and almost fell asleep. I guess he was charging up because not too long after he took my hand and led me up to the third and fourth levels of the big climbing structure at the big-kids park.

We went to The FamBily House for dinner. Timmy was home and he seasoned the meat. He made a supremely sublime 'upgraded' Zaatar Chicken (which is definitely going into my rotation) and rubbed the skins of whole potatoes with roasted garlic, onion oil, S&P - then wrapped them in foil and baked them until the insides were soft and creamy.

This morning I went out to the local kupat-cholim. I sat with the secretary for about a minute - she flipped through my stack of papers and said that everything looks to be in order - so we're good to go for surgery in one week from today.

Tonight we'll be bidding safe-travels to The Crazy Lady and Yo'Abba - early tomorrow morning they're off on a 3 week adventure. We'll be keeping a close eye on the goings-on at The FamBily House as all the siblings will be holding down the fort and we'll be making a lot of dinners and doing the grocery shopping.

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