Thursday, June 19, 2014

Midnight Mall Madness

Where has this week flown to? It's been reeeeally long - I mean, I can't remember what happened on Monday... But it feels like it's been really short too.

I know I washed a lot of dishes this week. So that sounds a little bit productive. We've also had our air conditioning running more or less non-stop all week due to stagnant air in the mid-90's.

I also bought the second part of the birthday gifts for the summer birthdays. Now I need to decide howw to decorate them. The fun options I'm seeing online aren't available here - so I might just leave them plain. Boring, but what can I do - I don't have patience to decorate and then have it all wash off the first time they get cleaned.

On Tuesday Z went into Jeru to run an errand. He then crashed at Akiva's house for the entire day and worked on the house plans. He came home at 7pm (after leaving me to entertain Buzz for 11 hours in a row) and worked on the plans more. 

Wednesday morning he was up bright and early working on the plans again. Finally at 10:30 he finished. Then he ran to the printer and got a copy made, drove the half hour like a maniac to the va'ada (trying to make it before they closed at noon), and managed to submit the plans for consideration. The woman there looked over them and said that everything looks to be in order and hopefully in about two weeks we will FINALLY have the green light to move to stage 2 of obtaining the final permit before we can break ground.

Talk about suspense and frustration - this house feels like it will ever be built. I feel like I shouldn't be excited that the plans have FINALLY been accepted (after four attempts, and a COMPLETE redesign) because something is sure to go wrong. But who knows - I may be pleasantly surprised and we may be able to break ground as soon as August! Not that I'm holding my breath or anything.

Clearly leaving Z in charge of things has been the biggest mistake I've made in my 20's. Well, maybe the second biggest mistake...

Yesterday we ended up at The FamBily House for dinner after a failed ten minutes at the park (Buzz refused to play). The Crazy Lady made deeelicious sweet&sour chicken! Buzz 'walked' Fuzz, we laughed at Frank's tiny backpack, had a hot wax party, and sat on each other's faces (actually, only Buzz did that...)

Today we desperately need to be productive. The floor needs to get cleaned, laundry needs to get done, I need to bake challah and maybe even desserts for Shabbos, and we need to go grocery shopping at some point because we are clean out of fruits and veggies.

But first a quick workout!
(Photo by: Buzz - he's pretty good, huh?)

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