Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Peeeenuh Buhbuh!

Yesterday was fun. We cleaned the house a little, went out to two grocery stores, received a super special wedding invitation, entertained guests (a friend of Z's from 'the old country' and the guy's mother stopped by to say hi), went to the park at the top of the hill, and then went to The FamBily House for dinner and fun. We spent a goodly amount of time working on the layout of our future kitchen and I quite like how it turned out! 
This morning got off to an early but somewhat unproductive start. At 11am the only thing I'd accomplished was getting a tall&creamy cheesecake into the oven. Here's to hoping it is delicious! Guess we'll find out tomorrow!
Thankfully I got my act together. I crushed day 17 of the beginners calendar - didn't even need (too many) breaks. Then I was all warmed up so I: roasted vegetables made a batch of pesto, organized the fridge, cooked a cranberry roast, and made a new version of baked ziti, washed dishes twice, cleaned the bathroom, kept Buzz from destroying the house, washed more dishes, ran around like a crazy person, and danced like nobody was watching - except that I was being stared at - by a super-confused toddler.
The house is more or less ready. The weather was beautiful all day but the sky just got dark and overcast. Everyone is wondering whether the forecast (100F+) for tomorrow is even possible after two beautiful days. We'll be leaving our a/c on - just in case...
I just realized that with nothing else to do and some time to spare - I might as well polish the candlesticks.

Have a great holiday! See you on the other side - when we freak out about the fact that Shabbos is just a day away...

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