Sunday, June 15, 2014

We can take you to the creepy mall...

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad I know! And a very Happy Birthday to Yo'Abba and of course to his amazingly awesome and decidedly prettier twin and Michalie too! My goodness June 15th was quite a busy day this year!
Shabbos went pretty well. We managed to scrounge around and pull together a meal for Friday night. Thankfully (luckily)'we got a last minute invitation to The FamBily House for lunch because it was Devorah's last shabbos on The Holy Land and Timmy was scheduled to come home too! We walked early but it was in the 90s by 10am anyway. We opted to crash until shabbos was over and the sun had gone down to head home. We played two games of Settlers (Frank won them both- somehow...) and ate so much mandel bread...
This morning was busy busy busy. Buzz woke up at 6am - as though he knew we had plans and places to be.
At around 10:30 we piled into the car and drove into Jeru. We made it to the doctor's office early and managed to sneak in an appointment early since the other patient was a no-show. Based on the hearing rest results and the fact that some of the fluid in Buzz's ears has cleared - he does not need tubes, he just needs to have his adenoids removed.
It's a simple outpatient procedure. We've scheduled it for July 1st - bright and early in the morning (since he has to fast for 6 hours prior we want him in and out as quickly as possible). The doctor we chose is an expert and we are doing the surgery privately in Ramat Hachayal. Be"H everything will go smoothly, quickly, and painlessly.
After leaving the doctor's office we walked down to Rechov Shatz to visit the used book store. Sadly they didn't have the book that we were looking for, but we popped into a second used bookstore and I found one title that looked interesting. We also found the restaurant that Timmy works at - but he wasn't on shift - so we didn't get to see him.
We wandered back up Agripas. I bought a new bag of gluten (since my old bag was really old and in serious need of replacing). Then Z and Buzz picked up some fish'N'chips for lunch in the shuk.
When we got home Z washed all of the meat dishes that had been filling up the sink. Then I had enough space to whip up some mini FF Devils Food Cake(s). I made a full batch of batter - so I ended up with 4 small cakes - but 2 stacked were more than enough to make an adorable birthday/Father's Day cake for Yo'Abba. I went a little frosting-crazy and the cake ended up looking like a cliched wedding cake - but hey - it was a cake and it was made with love!
We made our way over to The FamBily House for a special BBQ birthday dinner. With cake for dessert, Buzz walking the Fuzz, Buzz chasing the spatula, Buzz being immensely amusing, frank's little white pills (turns out they were mini minty mentos), a lost pair of headphones, and a psychotic cat - it was quite the amusing evening.
We capped it all off by giving Frank and his friend a ride to the bus stop near our house. Back at home Sara called to (jokingly) find out whether I remembered her and whether we could be friends again - I said definitely yes to both - but only if she agreed to come for a shabbos meal! So we're working on that - hopefully next weekend when her finals are alllllmost over! My goodness it has been quite the busy semester!
Tomorrow I desperately need to organize my kitchen. The dairy sink is overflowing with dishes at this point so those should probably get washed. I also want to organize the food cabinets. If I'm feeling really adventurous I'll deal with sorting out the dairy and pareve stuff that we don't really use. I wonder whether Phill will have any boxes from work since they're switching around collections.
Did I mention that I wore my (Phil's) size 8 skirt on shabbos?! Yeeeehaw! More Pilates! Do all the Pilates! Tone those abs! Strike a pose! Just kidding - do a roll up and hold it - riiiiight there...

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