Thursday, July 31, 2014

Meats & Pies

Yesterday I was moderately productive. Buzz and I baked challah and chocolate babka in the morning. Then we played with ice, read a lot of books, and chased each other around on riding toys. When Z got home we went over to The a FamBily House for a quick dinner. We cut short our dinner visit to take Phil to work. Then Buzz took a jog around the mall. 
This morning was pretty traumatic for me - I tried to get Buzz ready to head out to Jeru while having some weird panic attack. (Yay trying to get a two year old out to a post-op appointment all alone!) the Crazy Lady was awesome - she put up with my on again off again planning, then she put up with me being a crazy nut-case in the car. We made it to Jeru in record time, parked the car, and before I knew it we were already at the doctor's office. A less than two second glance into Buzz's mouth and we were on our way to the shuk. My Tula Toddler got a great workout today - I wore all 13kg of Buzz on our adventures. Definitely ideal for getting through the shuk with a toddler. I definitely need to strengthen my upper-back muscles but it's just slight soreness - not pain - which is suuuuper cool!
We drove back to The Sun House and stopped off at the grocery store for our last minute groceries. Then after a quick stop at home to drop off my groceries we went back to The FamBily House to hang out with The FamBily - or whoever was in residence anyway. Buzz, Timmy, and Fuzz, kept each other amused. The Crazy Lady made a mini dinner for us to take-away since we had to head to early to wait for our delivery of groceries - because I grocery shopped online for the second time in my life. The groceries arrived at the same time as we did (20 minutes early - pretty cool!)

Buzz went to sleep at about 8:40pm (yay no nap and overstimulation all day long!) Then Z was kind enough to assist me in organizing most of the house! How awesome is that for a Thursday night?!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Dozen Rockets

Has it really been 22 days? 22 short days since my Hebrew birthday? 22 days since all residents of The Sun House ran to their bomb-shelters for the first time since this war began?

Since then we've had twelve occasions to take cover. Anywhere from stairwells to behind dumpsters.

Last night Buzz could (would?) not fall asleep. At 11pm he was still sitting in my bed, noshing on Cheerios, and watching Curious George. It was ridiculous. Finally Z got sick of me complaining about the kid keeping me awake so dumped him in his own bed. I figured that with such a late bedtime he would sleep through to the morning in his own bed. However - at 3:30am he was back in my bed, kneeing me in the back. At 5am I gave up and moved to the bed in the guest room. This is why we have (read:need) a guest room.

Z left for work and I set to being semi-productive. I can't do laundry this week (yay 9 days?) but I did put it all into laundry baskets in the laundry room. I washed all of the dairy and pareve dishes and cleaned out the sink. I cleared all of the 'old' food out of the fridge. We baked a batch of granola - new recipe that didn't actually set as 'bars' but tasted delicious as tiny-clusters. I did not let Buzz nap at all today - so 9 hours straight of entertaining Buzz was pretty exhausting.

Z got home a bit on the early side. He had gone to the airport to pick up our suitcase of stuff brought in by a friend. This bag was full of so many goodies! Things I barely remembered since I had ordered them 8-10 months ago. Pretty crazy but very exciting. Plus now Buzz has clothes for the next 2-3 years.
I made a huge batch of mashed potatoes for dinner but nobody ended up wanting any. I guess tomorrow I'll either make knishes or blintzes or puffs...

We got Buzz into the bath at about 8:15. He insisted that I be the one to bathe him (so much for getting a break from kid-duty) he also wanted to dawdle in the tub for aaaages. He finally agreed to come out of the tub. We got him into pjs and finally convinced him to lie down in bed. I said good night to him, Z closed the door, I walked to the kitchen to get a snack and was about to sit down in bed to relax when the siren sounded. We all made our way into the mamad, waited the requisite period of time, then returned to bedtime as though nothing had happened. Totally surreal how normal it is to take a 12-15 minute 'break' in the middle of whatever you happened to be doing to sit in the bomb shelter and pray that nothing falls in your neighborhood or on your house or on the house of a friend/neighbor/family member. (Heck, this morning while cooking up a batch of caramel I found myself praying that the siren not sound because that would've been an enormous waste of effort, time, and sugar! How abnormal is that?!)

I shmoozed with Freddie online, Shosh took off for Shmutz La'aretz, Buzz has woken up twice (so far) coughing (he seems to be getting another cold, and coughing really makes his recovering throat hurt a lot - poor kiddo)...

I reckon it's time to try to fall asleep. Lots to do tomorrow. Gotta bake challah, gotta clean the dishes from dinner tonight, maybe wipe down the kitchen cabinet doors, grocery shopping...

Monday, July 28, 2014


Last Friday morning I had an eye dr appointment. Just a yearly check-up but it was the first time that the whole 'dilation' thing was intense. Usually it doesn't really bother me but this time my eyes were sore and super-sensitive until the next morning. Buzz was cute and wouldn't leave me at the dr's office alone - he insisted on waiting with me even though Z offered to take him to the park.

Shabbos food got cooked. The house got cleaned. Abe came to stay by us. Friday night was fun. Buzz conked out at the table (it was a good thing we made early Shabbos.)

Shabbos morning we made our way over to The FamBily House for brunch with everybody. The Freddies were there and Buzz was thrilled to hang out with his cousin! The day went by pretty quickly - all things considered. After havdala we got a lift home then Abe made his way out to the bus.

Sunday was pretty boring. We went to the mall when Z got home from work - just for a change of pace. Z cleared the dish draining racks and even washed all of the meat dishes which was a nice surprise for me.

Today was quiet too. Buzz and I stayed cool by staying home in the a/c. We didn't do anything overly exciting.

Tomorrow maybe I'll clear out the dairy sink. I wish I knew where all of these dishes came from.

If I get the kitchen organized maybe Buzz and I will bake some granola bars or something equally as delicious. Who knows...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Immy Immy!

This morning kicked off at 6am - that's about 2 hours before Z has to leave for work. Z put French fries in nice and early so breakfast was ready at around 7:15.

At 8 when Z had to leave for work Buzz freaked out. He was going stir-crazy locked up in the house. I know the dr said that he should take it easy - but he had already spent an entire afternoon and evening cooped up in the house. He was more than ready to get some fresh air. So we went out to the park near our house. Buzz played for a while and we slowly wandered up the snake path to the top of the park where we swung on the swings for a while.

At the top of the park Buzz turned - as is his habit - towards The FamBily House. It was the 'late' hour of 9:00am. I pleaded with him to turn back and head home but he would not agree. We walked at Buzz-pace and about 30 minutes later we arrived at The FamBily House.

We spent all day camped out on the comfy couches watching movies. Buzz took an hourlong nap. Finding Nemo, Rio, Monsters Inc, Monsters University... And finally Z came home and we ate a delicious dinner (of a new teriyaki-bbq sauce chicken) made by The Crazy Lady and Timmy.

Then it was 7:45ish and Buzz was getting super cranky so we took him home, dosed him with painkillers, put him in pjs, and he was asleep by 8:30. Hopefully he'll sleep peacefully through the night.

How cute is this shirt with sharks from our Miller cousins in NYC! Buzz loves it - and chose it himself this morning! Thanks so much! An especially awesome shirt to wear while watching Finding Nemo!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Adenoidectomy & A Siren

We woke up at 4am thanks to a terrific light-show from Buzz's watch. By 5:25 we were packed and ready to go. Two minutes later we were driving down the street on our way to Tel Aviv. We opted to do the procedure privately at Assuta and it was an overwhelmingly good choice. The staff was great and the ward was wonderful.
They took him in at 7:10 and by 7:45 he was already coming out of sedation. We cuddled him while he regained his bearings. Not too long after he was sipping ice cold water like a champ and Z read to him. He conked back out for a while and when he woke up he was ready for some ice cream and to play!
By 11:10 we were all signed out and released. Free to go home. Buzz enjoyed a pita with peanut butter right on his usual schedule. He fell asleep on the trip home and for the first time in his 27 months of life he didn't snore!!! I found myself nervously staring at his chest to make sure it was rising and falling steadily. There was an 'incoming missile siren' while we were playing in the soft toy room but the fun didn't even miss a beat because the ward we were in was a 'protected zone' (bomb shelter) of the building.
Back at home it was a long afternoon. He was still a bit woozy and had hour-long cycles. 45 minutes would go by and he was fine, then suddenly for 10-15 minutes he'd get a low-grade fever and tantrum like a maniac. We eventually caught on to the pattern and that made it easier to keep him calm. He conked out at 6:30pm in my bed. - and I'm curious whether he's asleep for the night. I'm leaving him right where he is because any sleep is good sleep - it's important for healing. The surgeon said that by Thursday he can go back to his regularly scheduled program and routine - and he's already itching to go to the park so tomorrow should be interesting.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Uio o?"

This morning got off to an obnoxiously early start at 1:52am when we were dragged from our dreamless sleep by the terrifying sound of the siren. Z scooped Buzz from his bed and we waited bleary eyed in the pitch dark of the mamad. The siren went on for an interminably long time - it was a double. Buzz woke up pointing at the ceiling and covering his ears to block out the sound.
Thankfully it eventually ended and we were able to return to our beds. Buzz snuggled with Z and they both fell back asleep. I was not so lucky. Unable to fall asleep after being woken I lay in the dark tossing and turning until close to 5am when I finally drifted off.
Z left for work on the late side. Before he left he got Buzz dressed, then when he went to leave Buzz was devastated that they wouldn't be leaving together. I made eggs to go with our fries for breakfast and enticed Buzz to stay with me. I promised him that we'd do a fun activity.
I wandered around the house all day doing small tasks and chores. I made a menu for shabbos and I emailed a shopping list to Z of things that he could pick up on his way home from work. Buzz bounced around the house playing with everything that he could get his hands on.
Eventually I decided that it was time for our 'fun activity' - I opted for some sensory play. Moon Sand (also known as cloud dough) sounded good. I combined 4 cups of all purpose flour with 1/2 cup of canola oil then stirred the mixture until everything was combined. We ended up with an awesome light and fluffy, soft and moldable, version of wet sand. It was SO cool! It wiped off hands pretty easily, and wasn't gritty. It definitely made a mess but the fun he had playing with it was definitely worth the effort. Next time I'll either stick a smock on him or let him at it in just a bathing suit.
At first Buzz was apprehensive about getting his hands dirty. (Meanwhile I was sitting there up to my elbows in the stuff - IT WAS SO COOL!) I gave him a whisk and some serving utensils so that he could play with it on his own terms. I offered him moulded 'boulders' of the stuff and he happily allowed me to place them on the spoons for him to transport. Eventually his curiosity got the better of him and he allowed me to take his hands and dig down into the bowl. He was hooked. He went crazy after that. Pouring from bowl to bowl, smashing, smushing, and having a great time.
This activity kept him busy for over an hour. I was extremely impressed. He was so engrossed in it that he let me put his hair up so that it wouldn't interfere with his vision and he didn't even charge towards the ipad when I took a few pictures.
Towards the end of playing Ayala called to find out whether it would be alright for her to come over. With the whole 'semi-war' situation Avi has been kept fairly busy and late on base every night. I was happy to have the grown-up company and Buzz was delighted because he loves A&A so so so much!
We washed up the toys and the floor of the mirpeset. Then we started making dinner (fleishigs tomato vegetable soup - I was SO in the mood for something delicious and filling - I added meatballs, barley, and split peas so the pot too!) Ayala arrived as we began dicing the vegetables. Soon the soup was simmering, so it was a prefect time to bathe Buzz. He showed off all of his cool bath toys and splashed around for quite a long time. Eventually we coerced him out of the tub with offers of his OmNom shirt as pajamas.
Z finally came home bearing groceries. We sat and enjoyed a delicious dinner (I threw borekas into the oven too in case anybody wanted something that crunched with their soup.) Ayala read Buzz two books then we called it bedtime and Z marched him off to his room. After an hour and a half of cuddling the kid was finally asleep. 10:00pm. No doubt there will be a siren in the next couple of hours - just because...
Tomorrow is clean and cook time. There's not much to do but it'll be enough to keep us busy!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"I can make farts..." -anon

Yesterday was a fast day and it was super extra boring/long. I washed/folded three loads of laundry. Buzz and I played with ice, cleaned the mirpeset (again), watered the plants, washed the a/c filters, and watched A LOT of Curious George.
When Z got home from work we went over to The FamBily House for dinner. The Crazy Lady made delicious tomato vegetable soup and a whole meal too.
We headed home on the 'early side', it was only 9pm. We had to walk to the main road to get to the car, then we had to park on the main road near our apartment too because there were no spots in the lot. Buzz walked so it was slow going but we made it inside and were about to press the elevator button when we heard the siren start. The elevator was up on the 2nd floor and would have taken approximately 35 seconds to descend and then take us up to our floor - so we opted to take the stairs. Z scooped up Buzz and we ran. We made it into the apartment, turned on the air-conditioning, and closed the door to the mamad with a few seconds to spare. We heard one faint boom as the Iron Dome took out a missile but it was a micro-second blip in the fun that we were having while changing Buzz into pjs and putting party hats on him.
This morning Buzz and I enjoyed our breakfast fries. Then I complained to Z that a I was bored and that there was nothing to do. A note arrived from the post office yesterday saying that there was a package waiting for me - so Z suggested that I take Buzz for a walk.
We got dressed and found the keys to the front door. Then as I opened the door Buzz rushed out driving his green bimba (riding toy). I quickly revised the 'post office plan' and decided that we'd just go to the nearby neighborhood park. Buzz happily rode around the park for 40 minutes. We made our way up to the top of the park and when he was done playing on the swings I figured he'd be ready to head home. However he had other ideas. He insisted that we head in the opposite direction than home. I then decided it wouldn't be too hard to shlep him to the post office. After picking up the package he still refused to turn back towards home. We walked steadily down the hill until we arrived at mercaz hapizza. Buzz was wearing his 'I love pizza' shirt so of course he wanted a slice. We sat and he enjoyed a mid morning snack while watching the buses go by. I suggested heading towards home one more time but he was adamant that we continue down the hill. As we approached The FamBily House he began to cheer and clap his hands. Evidently he knew where he wanted to spend the day.
We watched the gardeners clean up the garden, we watched Rio and Tangled, we helped cook, we helped plan shul events, and we played with all the toys. Overall it was quite a fun day. Frank is home from his fancy-pants cruise, and Dibble started his D&D chug today.
The Crazy Lady prepared a delicious dairy dinner for us to enjoy. Broccoli soufflé and a huge fake-(take)out 'Italian Salad'. Z had arrived from work, and Frank had come home from his friend's house where he spent the day getting right back into the swing of things.
We feasted, then we cleaned up the toys, said our goodbyes, and went out to the car. Yo'Abba needed a ride up to the shul for maariv so we gave him a tremp. Back at home we snagged a nice wide spot in the parking lot (courtesy of two morons who parked not so nicely in two spots apiece on either side of the spot we took). Then we made our way inside, changed into pjs, and it was bedtime for Buzzy. He didn't nap after our trek this morning, and he didn't conk out this afternoon. By earlier this evening when he was slightly grumpy and wanted to fall asleep I made huge efforts to keep him awake and was (thankfully) successful. So here we are, 8:45pm and there is a pretty good chance that he'll be asleep by 9. It would be a miracle. I'm not getting my hopes up tooooo high - but here's to hoping...
 Also if there is a siren at any point later tonight I am going to be SO extremely pissed off. And if the bomb-shelter-hustle wakes my kid you will hear me scream no matter what corner of the world you may find yourself in.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Z left for work this morning as usual and I decided to get an errand done that I'd been procrastinating. So Buzz and I got dressed, filled our water bottles, and set out at 10am before it got too hot to walk. Buzz was insistent that he wanted to walk so I didn't bother shlepping the stroller. Instead I wore the carrier like a belt. He had a blast pointing out trees, buses, motorcycles... All the things you'd see on a nice walk through town. I was highly impressed when 25 minutes later we arrived at our destination - Buzz had walked over a kilometer without a word of complaint. As a treat he picked out a bag of chips at the kiosk, then we went into Meuhedet to sort out the paperwork for his procedure next week. (One of the referrals expires this week so we needed to get the date changed.) He happily ate his snack and drank his water while I dealt with everything. We even said hi to our 'family' pediatrician (who was rather bemused by Buzz's fancy (but askew) sunglasses.)

We got super lucky since The Crazy Lady was actually out and about town picking up milk and eggs - so she gave us a ride home. It was really nice - partly because we missed her so much and partly because it's a relief to have her back in the driver's seat of the van. We got dropped off and came inside just in time for mid-morning snack - Buzz was excited for his mini pita with peanut butter.

(Reading through this post I realize that it is really not overly exciting - just a lot of 'what Buzz did'.)

Buzz took a three hour nap - conking out at 1:40 and waking up at 4:40. I probably should have woken him up a bit earlier but I feel bad because we've been having really late nights. Even if he were asleep earlier he'd just be woken up by the bomb-shelter-dash - so it doesn't seem worth our while to fight him to bed at an earlier 'more reasonable' hour.

While he was napping I washed the dishes from both sinks. I also consolidated a few misc. bottles of vanilla extract and filled a 'gift-bottle' for A&A. I took the old beans from one of the bottles and laid them out to dry - I'm planning to toss them into a jar of golden cane sugar to make some vanilla sugar.

Buzz woke up  when my phone vibrated on the bookcase near the bed. It was Timmy calling to see whether we were ready to be picked up for a ride to The FamBily House. I pulled everything together and we headed out to the driveway to wait. Buzz rode his little train riding toy around for a few minutes until they arrived.

At The FamBily House things were pretty quiet. People started to trickle in. Fuzzle is home from the farm which made Buzz extremely happy. Dinner was delicious. Then we made our way home to attempt to get Buzz into bed on the early side.

Bath then bed was the plan but after 45 minutes in the tub the crazy kid ran around in just his diaper for another hour. I eventually went to sleep at 10:50pm.

Now I'm exhausted.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Signs and things...

It was a long long morning. Buzz who is chronically overtired spent close to four hours trying to fall asleep for his nap. In his 'awake' periods we did fun stuff. I set up his ball tent in the living room then he had a blast filling it with his 400 colorful ball-pit balls. When he grew bored of playing in the tent with Curious a George we moved on to a different activity (which I actually had the forethought to prepare last week.) I had frozen water in a dozen small storage containers. We took a few of these ice blocks outside and I let him play with them - I provided two trays and a table for him to sit at. He didn't lick the blocks as much as I'd thought he would (though that might be a good thing...) but he sure had a lot of fun chasing them around. We also watered the plants on the mirpeset. It was a bit heartbreaking when he disappeared inside to the ball tent and for lunch for about an hour and when he came back the ice was pretty much gone - all that was left was a big puddle. Luckily he understood why there was no more ice and insisted on pouring all of the water into the planter of mint.
He ended up falling asleep for a (relatively) early nap at 12:45. While he was asleep I kneaded up a batch of hamburger buns. An hour later he was still fast asleep while I shaped them. He woke up about 10 minutes shy of putting them into the oven - so he got to help glaze them and sprinkle on the sesame seeds.

At about 4:30 we made our way out to the (borrowed) van. We stopped off at SuperH to pick up some meat for hamburgers and some hotdogs. Then we drove down to The FamBily House. Phil was hard at work getting everything clean and shiny. Timmy arrived not too long after us. We colored and crafted like crazy people to get the 'welcome home' sign finished in time. Finally we got the call that the 'eagles had landed' followed by the half-hour warning. Thankfully the food was already on the indoor grill (we opted to cook everything 'stove-top' to save ourselves any hassle in the event of a bomb-shelter hustle.)

We waited (im)patiently for the car to pull up and we all rushed out the door when they finally arrived. A few neighbors watched on bemusedly as we performed our 'you're finally home' greetings ritual. Dinner was cooked and waiting once all of the bags had been brought inside. We sat down to eat and things were going swimmingly until the persistent hollow whine of the siren carried across the city to our ears. Everybody calmly made their way to the miklat (even though Phil & I spent an extra 20 precious seconds shoving the food back into the oven to keep it 'safe' from the household pets.) We still made it downstairs with time to spare and it was a relatively short siren so the food was still warm as we returned to the table and resumed our feast.

After the meal came the 'messy unpack and distribution of presents' from which we made out like bandits. Buzz received a super cool watch from The Parentals and an awesome gift from his NY cousins! Z got shiny presents too! I got super practical very much appreciated items of clothing and I can't wait to wear them! (I also got some gas-x which as everyone knows is practically as good as jewelry to me.)

By that point Buzz was off his rocker with exhaustion so we said our 'good nights' and headed home. Buzz bounced around until 10:40 either way - super excited about his new things and that Abba was putting him to sleep (until he wanted me, of course...) now he's fast asleep and I'm going to get some shut eye too - before he comes into my bed and kicks me for the remainder of the night.

Mgonza Gomb Baza

Friday was exhausting. We scrambled around trying to get the house organized and the food prepped. Finally thing were neat enough and it was 10 minutes before early candle lighting so we packed up the car and drove across town.

Our meal was simple and delicious. It was just Us, Ayala, Phil, and Dibble. We had a lively meal followed by a very long shmooze session. By the time we went to bed it was after midnight and we were all completely zonked.

This morning it was the same group. We enjoyed an early brunch then spent the afternoon schmoozing and dozing. Eventually it was late afternoon so we ate some seudah shlishit. Before we knew it the time for havdala had arrived.

We said the prayers, packed up our stuff, wished each other a good quiet week then packed up the cars. Since Z will be picking up The Parentals at the airport tomorrow and it's supposed to be hot not to mention that there are errands to be done - I decided to also take the van.

Buzz was inconsolable and distraught when he realized that I wouldn't be joining them in our car for the 'long' ride home. Z buckled him into his seat as I clambered into the spaceship and powered it up. I had the headlights on, took off the emergency brake, and had just gently pressed on the gas pedal which rolled me squarely in front of the Feldman's house when I heard the unmistakable hollow whine of the air-raid siren. 90-seconds (closer to 75...) to get to safety is simply not enough in a new situation but I think I handled it pretty well. I quickly closed the windows, shut the lights, put the car in park, pulled up the emergency brake, and flew out of the car in less than 10 seconds. I ran towards the car Z was driving directly behind me - and motioned to him that there was a siren.

He rolled down the window all confused at why I was having a fit and I shouted 'SIREN!!!' He hadn't heard it because Buzz was throwing a full blown toddler tantrum in the back seat. He put the car into reverse and said, "I'll just park!" At which point I screamed, "NO!" and flung open Buzz's door to wrestle a now panicked toddler out of his car seat. Z turned off the car and we all ran back towards The FamBily House.

Phil had closed the door behind us and upon hearing the siren had followed Dibble and his friend downstairs to the safe room - but then she realized that we were probably not far so she ran back up the stairs and opened the front door - just as we ran up the front stairs with only 15 seconds to spare. We made it down to the basement and were trying to catch our breath when we heard the Iron Dome hard at work in the distance.

6 explosions and 10 minutes later we climbed the stairs, said our goodbyes again, and went out to the cars for take 2. It is a somewhat surreal feeling that 90seconds+10 minutes of our lives had just passed with bated breath in complete limbo.

We made it across town. Somewhat unpacked from shabbos. Got together Buzz's 'bedtime stuff' and Z was sitting with him in his room as he drifted to sleep when the second siren sounded. Safely settled into routine we each grabbed our stuffed buddy and water bottle then made our way to the mamad with no hassle. We shut the door and sat in the darkness (because turning on the lights would have completely thrown off Buzz's 'night-time' 'sleep-mode'. Unfortunately once we were 'all clear' to leave the mamad Buzz was re-energized. It took him over an hour and a half to actually fall asleep (he conked out at around 11:40pm!) I REALLY hope that the rest of the night is quiet and that he sleeps late in the morning. I know I'm asking a lot but I would really appreciate it.

Tomorrow The Parentals and The Freddies return to The Holy Land - they've been gone for 3 long weeks and we've missed them so much while they were off having fun! Here's to hoping that their plane lands safely at Ben Gurion Airport on time!

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Happy Thursday! I'm not going to lie - I was relieved to not wake up to a siren this morning like my friends and family in numerous other places in the country. Stories of post-shower towel-clad mad-dashes to the stairwells really made me grateful for my 'safe' location. Well, safe so long as the bad-guys are aiming for other places...
My biggest achievement today was washing all of the dishes in the dairy sink. Then I washed out the sink, just for good measure. I also spent a lot of time snuggling with Buzz because he was uber-cuddly today. On account of all of the cuddling I opted to leave the a/c on all day. A good move since the mercury was still hovering at around 90F at 7pm.
The entire day passed by in relative quiet. I figured that with Phil working a night shift that I should make some dinner and feed The Dibble. I kneaded up a batch of pizza dough, but wasn't in the mood to shape pies. Instead I opted to get fancy and stuff balls of dough. I made a pan stuffed with sauce and mozzarella for Dibble, a pan stuffed with sauce, mozzarella, and grated feta cheese for the slightly more adventurous among us, and the last tray was stuffed with a sautéed mushroom and onion mixture, and a mozzarella and feta mix.
Z arrived home as I began stuffing the dough. In the middle the first tray the incoming-rocket-siren sounded. So I dropped the dough I was working on, grabbed a towel to wipe my hands on, and we all filed off to the mamad. We shut the door and sat ourselves down in all the nice neat roomy space that I found yesterday! It was a completely different experience from the overcrowded and stress inducing incidents from earlier in the week. We giggled and took some selfies - because why not - and because it was something to do while we waited until it was safe to leave and resume our daily activities.
I finished the pizza bubbles and stuck them into the oven to bake. 20 minutes later I put them onto a towel lined tray, loosely covered them, and we made our way across town to The FamBily House. We enjoyed a delicious dinner with The Dibble and now Z is playing X-Box while Buzz plays with his best friend. (Yes Crazy Lady, he's got your vaccuum, again.)

Hoping for a quiet and uneventful night. We had our daily excitement - I just want to go to sleep early and sleep well until tomorrow. Because tomorrow is Friday and there is A TON to do...

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

"Every Day I Eat Zucchini..."

Tuesday was relatively quiet. Buzz and I kept ourselves entertained. In an effort to be productive I reorganized my entire clothes closet. Well, everything but the sock drawer - because that is just way too complicated to do with Buzz around.
We went to The FamBily House (via SuperH) for dinner. Phil was working an evening shift, so we made dinner for Dibble - yum hotdogs in buns, broccoli, and cucumbers! Then we hung out until Buzz seemed ready for bed. We said goodnight to the Dibble then drove across town. We were in the process of convincing Buzz that 9:55pm is not an appropriate time to pretend to drive when the air-raid siren sounded. He quickly jumped out of his seat into Z's arms and we flat out ran to our building. Thankfully a neighbor had been on his way out when the siren sounded, so he let us in and saved us the need to fumble with the sticky-lock. We made our way to the stairwell in the basement and waited the requisite amount of time until it was safe to head upstairs. Then Z put Buzz to bed whilst I assured friends and family that we were all ok.
This morning I decided to tackle a perfect (sorely procrastinated but necessary) chore. The machsan (storage locker - located in the basement of the building - 2 flights down from our apartment) desperately needed to be reorganized. The goal of reorganizing was ultimately to make enough space for all of the boxes that have been filling up our mamad (safe room). Most of the boxes were actually the contents of my Pesach kitchen. It was not easy task to reorganize that small but very full storage room - especially while keeping an eye on Buzz. It got even harder when I eventually found space but needed to shlep all of the boxes down from the apartment. At first Buzz complied and followed me happily but after four trips he had a meltdown. My solution was to sling him up on my back and get the job done. And so I finally officially took my new Tula Toddler for it's first ride. With Buzz on my back and my arms full of boxes we made the final 5 trips. Buzz would hit the lightswitch for the hallway then grab the door-handle to the apartment and pull it closed behind us on the way out. After 3 hours the machsan was neat and packed and it was time to work on the mamad. A huge garbage bag, another 3 hours of work, a lot of organizing, and finally the room was done. There was even space to unroll the rug. I was extremely proud of myself and Buzz even gave me a round of applause.
When Z got home from work we ran straight out the door. We picked up the van along with Phil and Timmy and went out grocery shopping at Osher Ad. It was quite an exciting outing - the slowest-moving cashiers were on shift - so it took us quite some time to get out of the store. Buzz was excited once we were on our way out because he got his own little bag of bbq potato chips.
We dropped off our groceries at home then proceeded to The FamBily House where dinner prep got underway. Timmy (and Phil) cooked up a delicious feast. We grilled on the indoor grill to avoid any mid-prep interruptions by siren (it seemed like the wise thing to do...) Finally it was mealtime and nobody left the table hungry. Even clean-up was a group effort (although I wasn't part of that group...)
I drove us home (because Timmy & Z shared a bottle of alcoholic deliciousness with our pseudo-bbq.) I managed to snag a spot in our lot and we made it inside with no incidents. Now Buzz is fast asleep and I wish I were too.

Is it weird that I'm still awake because I'm sort of waiting for the 'nightly' siren?

Dammit Hamas - how did you know that I spent 7 hours of my day making the mamad usable?!?!

Monday, July 07, 2014

Happy Hebrew 29th!!!

Well - this birthday certainly got off to a loud and terrifying start. A siren sounded in The Sun House and  surrounding cities as a barrage of rockets was shot in our general direction from Gaza. Once the siren sounds we have 90 seconds to grab whatever is important and get ourselves safely situated in our safe-room. I am grateful that we have a private 'mamad' (safe-room) located in our apartment. It's actually our guest room (conveniently done so that it is always stocked with bedding, mattresses, and our gas masks.)

Buzz handled the blip in routine quite well - he grabbed George and Toffee and headed off to the designated safe-spot, all the while munching on a chicken nugget. My little Sabra won't let anything faze him.

Wishing everybody in The Holy Land a safe and quiet night!

Georgie's Heeeees!

Yesterday was Z's first day at his new job. It went pretty well which is exciting. Buzz and I spent the entire day together which was fun - exhausting - but fun.
I was actually somewhat productive - I scrubbed the kitchen counters, sinks, and stovetop. I also washed all of the dishes and let Buzz splash around in the bathtub for about an hour. I figured the tub was just as good as a pool on the mirpeset - but easier to fill/empty and the kid comes out clean at the end of it all.
When Z got home from work we went out to the mall to let Buzz run around. Buzz did his ostrich bit - can you spot him in the picture below? We had an early/late birthday dinner for me at Greg - because Buzz was desperate for chocolate milk. It was fun and delicious. Then we scurried home to get Buzz into bed.
This morning was much like yesterday. We painted, colored with markers, played with stickers, read books, danced, straightened up the living room, and re-organized my clothing closet (all three shelves and three drawers!).
At around 4pm Buzz conked out in my bed snuggled with Toffee. It's sure toy 7:30pm and he is still fast asleep. I know he's catching up on sleep from last week but this is a tad ridiculous. I'm hoping this won't result in a 3am wake-up call tomorrow because I just don't think that I can handle that.
Speaking of tomorrow - it's my Hebrew birthday - so that's super exciting. I'm not expecting anything overly exciting to happen - although maybe we will make it to the grocery store to stock up on some basics which we're now running periolously low on. (Didn't we just go shopping last week? Where did all of the milk and the cucumbers go?!?)

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Mgonza do it!

Wednesday morning we took The Parental's Galaxy for a joyride. Loading up groceries was super simple with so much trunk space! We had taken Phil out with us so that she could stock up for a Girls Weekend with her friends. Wednesday afternoon we met up with Rikuda&co at the mall and the kiddos ran amok while we prayed their energies would be depleted to make for easier bedtimes. Eventually we couldn't keep up with them and we all made our way over to our house. Dinner time was quickly approaching and I was too lazy to go out to eat so I sent Z to the grocery store and quickly threw together a meal. Chicken-in-a-pot, sliders, fries, rice, and some broccoli for greens. Easy peasy and except for the slightly over-lemony-ness of the chicken gravy (on account of being out of white wine) it was fairly successful. The kids had a blast or they seemed to anyway and it was nice to hang out with our newest FamBily in The Holy Land.

Thursday morning dawned sunny and hot. We had planned an IKEA trip, but when plans got changed to the Netanya branch I was super sad. Z decided that we should still have our outing so we made our way to Rishon and shopped our hearts out. Just kidding - we replaced stuff for The FamBily House - the drinking glasses (that we managed to (accidentally) smash while making piña coladas at my birthday party) and we bought a new French press (the cat on the counter causes havoc galore...). We also picked up some yummy cherry scented candles to put in the guest bathroom with the hope that the lingering mildew-y/mold-y smell would be masked (it's working just in case you were curious) with the scent of cherry deliciousness. Back in The Sun House we toiveled all of the glassware - then we dropped it off and spent a couple of hours at The FamBily House because Buzz decided that it was the place to be. We made some dinner and fed the Dibble. Then we made our way home.

Friday was a pretty typical erev shabbos. I decided to make a fresh pot of chicken soup because I wasn't sure how many people we were going to actually be for the meal. Dibble ended up being our only guest - but it was fun anyway. Meatballs for the soup and some tomato-sauce meatballs, a whole roasted chicken, rice, pasta, ravioli bake, carrot kugel, oriental pasta salad, brownies and cheesecake from the freezer... Nobody went hungry this weekend. We managed to get everything done by 4pm, so there was no reason for not making early shabbos. It was better in a way because we all got a chance to digest a bit before battling Buzz into bed.

Today was nice even though we didn't leave the house. Buzz has been highly entertaining lately. He now says a whole bunch of 'new' words - 'ice, keys, out...' Today as Z rinsed and refilled his cup he demanded, 'Abba, Ice!' We blew bubbles off the mirpeset because Buzz loves to watch them float across the driveway and into the sun. We also played some 'monkey in the middle' (guess who the monkey was...) and some 'soccer'. Dibble kept Buzz entertained for a while which was a real treat! We were going to go out to visit S&S but Buzz's nose would not stop running and he's developed a cough - which generally signals that he's almost over whatever cold he's got but he's definitely not '100%'. He then conked out on the couh for a 3.5hr nap in the window when it would have been best to go. Maybe next week...

After havdalah we had some melava malka. Then Z took Dibble home. Buzz and I quickly swept the kitchen/living/dining rooms the sat down to read some books and do a puzzle. When Z got back it was bedtime for Buzzo - and that afforded me some quiet time to sit and type this update.

Tomorrow Z starts his new job in Kfar Menachem. I'm bracing to get myself back into some semblance of a routine with Buzz in tow. 8 weeks until he starts gan and I and undeniably excited!

Speaking of gan, on Wednesday I got my birthday presents! Z bought me a Tula Toddler Carrier in the Giraffe print that I love!!! It is SUPER comfy (based on the 10 mins I wore him around the house on Thursday just to try it out) and I can't wait to take it for a real test-drive this week! The seat is wider so Buzz's knees don't dangle awkwardly, the back is higher so that he can sit more comfortably, and the shoulder straps are nice and padded, while the hip buckle is off to the side so it doesn't dig into my middle! I'm looking forward to all of the walks that we'll take with it!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Wish I were golden

I felt like a wizard when I made rice today - mostly because I successfully cooked 3/4cup of raw rice in a tiny 2 cup pot. That is talent.

Besides for spending a month's rent on overhaul for the car not too much has happened here.

Buzz's procedure has been rescheduled for July 22nd on account of a nasty 'bug' that he developed at some point in the middle of Sunday night. On Monday he spiked a fever and we ended up dosing I him with acamoli to bring it down. He was crabby but relatively cheery by this morning - so that's a good sign.

Today R&Y arrived on Aliyah. Hopefully we'll see them sometime this week.