Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Dozen Rockets

Has it really been 22 days? 22 short days since my Hebrew birthday? 22 days since all residents of The Sun House ran to their bomb-shelters for the first time since this war began?

Since then we've had twelve occasions to take cover. Anywhere from stairwells to behind dumpsters.

Last night Buzz could (would?) not fall asleep. At 11pm he was still sitting in my bed, noshing on Cheerios, and watching Curious George. It was ridiculous. Finally Z got sick of me complaining about the kid keeping me awake so dumped him in his own bed. I figured that with such a late bedtime he would sleep through to the morning in his own bed. However - at 3:30am he was back in my bed, kneeing me in the back. At 5am I gave up and moved to the bed in the guest room. This is why we have (read:need) a guest room.

Z left for work and I set to being semi-productive. I can't do laundry this week (yay 9 days?) but I did put it all into laundry baskets in the laundry room. I washed all of the dairy and pareve dishes and cleaned out the sink. I cleared all of the 'old' food out of the fridge. We baked a batch of granola - new recipe that didn't actually set as 'bars' but tasted delicious as tiny-clusters. I did not let Buzz nap at all today - so 9 hours straight of entertaining Buzz was pretty exhausting.

Z got home a bit on the early side. He had gone to the airport to pick up our suitcase of stuff brought in by a friend. This bag was full of so many goodies! Things I barely remembered since I had ordered them 8-10 months ago. Pretty crazy but very exciting. Plus now Buzz has clothes for the next 2-3 years.
I made a huge batch of mashed potatoes for dinner but nobody ended up wanting any. I guess tomorrow I'll either make knishes or blintzes or puffs...

We got Buzz into the bath at about 8:15. He insisted that I be the one to bathe him (so much for getting a break from kid-duty) he also wanted to dawdle in the tub for aaaages. He finally agreed to come out of the tub. We got him into pjs and finally convinced him to lie down in bed. I said good night to him, Z closed the door, I walked to the kitchen to get a snack and was about to sit down in bed to relax when the siren sounded. We all made our way into the mamad, waited the requisite period of time, then returned to bedtime as though nothing had happened. Totally surreal how normal it is to take a 12-15 minute 'break' in the middle of whatever you happened to be doing to sit in the bomb shelter and pray that nothing falls in your neighborhood or on your house or on the house of a friend/neighbor/family member. (Heck, this morning while cooking up a batch of caramel I found myself praying that the siren not sound because that would've been an enormous waste of effort, time, and sugar! How abnormal is that?!)

I shmoozed with Freddie online, Shosh took off for Shmutz La'aretz, Buzz has woken up twice (so far) coughing (he seems to be getting another cold, and coughing really makes his recovering throat hurt a lot - poor kiddo)...

I reckon it's time to try to fall asleep. Lots to do tomorrow. Gotta bake challah, gotta clean the dishes from dinner tonight, maybe wipe down the kitchen cabinet doors, grocery shopping...

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