Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Adenoidectomy & A Siren

We woke up at 4am thanks to a terrific light-show from Buzz's watch. By 5:25 we were packed and ready to go. Two minutes later we were driving down the street on our way to Tel Aviv. We opted to do the procedure privately at Assuta and it was an overwhelmingly good choice. The staff was great and the ward was wonderful.
They took him in at 7:10 and by 7:45 he was already coming out of sedation. We cuddled him while he regained his bearings. Not too long after he was sipping ice cold water like a champ and Z read to him. He conked back out for a while and when he woke up he was ready for some ice cream and to play!
By 11:10 we were all signed out and released. Free to go home. Buzz enjoyed a pita with peanut butter right on his usual schedule. He fell asleep on the trip home and for the first time in his 27 months of life he didn't snore!!! I found myself nervously staring at his chest to make sure it was rising and falling steadily. There was an 'incoming missile siren' while we were playing in the soft toy room but the fun didn't even miss a beat because the ward we were in was a 'protected zone' (bomb shelter) of the building.
Back at home it was a long afternoon. He was still a bit woozy and had hour-long cycles. 45 minutes would go by and he was fine, then suddenly for 10-15 minutes he'd get a low-grade fever and tantrum like a maniac. We eventually caught on to the pattern and that made it easier to keep him calm. He conked out at 6:30pm in my bed. - and I'm curious whether he's asleep for the night. I'm leaving him right where he is because any sleep is good sleep - it's important for healing. The surgeon said that by Thursday he can go back to his regularly scheduled program and routine - and he's already itching to go to the park so tomorrow should be interesting.

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