Monday, July 14, 2014


Z left for work this morning as usual and I decided to get an errand done that I'd been procrastinating. So Buzz and I got dressed, filled our water bottles, and set out at 10am before it got too hot to walk. Buzz was insistent that he wanted to walk so I didn't bother shlepping the stroller. Instead I wore the carrier like a belt. He had a blast pointing out trees, buses, motorcycles... All the things you'd see on a nice walk through town. I was highly impressed when 25 minutes later we arrived at our destination - Buzz had walked over a kilometer without a word of complaint. As a treat he picked out a bag of chips at the kiosk, then we went into Meuhedet to sort out the paperwork for his procedure next week. (One of the referrals expires this week so we needed to get the date changed.) He happily ate his snack and drank his water while I dealt with everything. We even said hi to our 'family' pediatrician (who was rather bemused by Buzz's fancy (but askew) sunglasses.)

We got super lucky since The Crazy Lady was actually out and about town picking up milk and eggs - so she gave us a ride home. It was really nice - partly because we missed her so much and partly because it's a relief to have her back in the driver's seat of the van. We got dropped off and came inside just in time for mid-morning snack - Buzz was excited for his mini pita with peanut butter.

(Reading through this post I realize that it is really not overly exciting - just a lot of 'what Buzz did'.)

Buzz took a three hour nap - conking out at 1:40 and waking up at 4:40. I probably should have woken him up a bit earlier but I feel bad because we've been having really late nights. Even if he were asleep earlier he'd just be woken up by the bomb-shelter-dash - so it doesn't seem worth our while to fight him to bed at an earlier 'more reasonable' hour.

While he was napping I washed the dishes from both sinks. I also consolidated a few misc. bottles of vanilla extract and filled a 'gift-bottle' for A&A. I took the old beans from one of the bottles and laid them out to dry - I'm planning to toss them into a jar of golden cane sugar to make some vanilla sugar.

Buzz woke up  when my phone vibrated on the bookcase near the bed. It was Timmy calling to see whether we were ready to be picked up for a ride to The FamBily House. I pulled everything together and we headed out to the driveway to wait. Buzz rode his little train riding toy around for a few minutes until they arrived.

At The FamBily House things were pretty quiet. People started to trickle in. Fuzzle is home from the farm which made Buzz extremely happy. Dinner was delicious. Then we made our way home to attempt to get Buzz into bed on the early side.

Bath then bed was the plan but after 45 minutes in the tub the crazy kid ran around in just his diaper for another hour. I eventually went to sleep at 10:50pm.

Now I'm exhausted.

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