Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"I can make farts..." -anon

Yesterday was a fast day and it was super extra boring/long. I washed/folded three loads of laundry. Buzz and I played with ice, cleaned the mirpeset (again), watered the plants, washed the a/c filters, and watched A LOT of Curious George.
When Z got home from work we went over to The FamBily House for dinner. The Crazy Lady made delicious tomato vegetable soup and a whole meal too.
We headed home on the 'early side', it was only 9pm. We had to walk to the main road to get to the car, then we had to park on the main road near our apartment too because there were no spots in the lot. Buzz walked so it was slow going but we made it inside and were about to press the elevator button when we heard the siren start. The elevator was up on the 2nd floor and would have taken approximately 35 seconds to descend and then take us up to our floor - so we opted to take the stairs. Z scooped up Buzz and we ran. We made it into the apartment, turned on the air-conditioning, and closed the door to the mamad with a few seconds to spare. We heard one faint boom as the Iron Dome took out a missile but it was a micro-second blip in the fun that we were having while changing Buzz into pjs and putting party hats on him.
This morning Buzz and I enjoyed our breakfast fries. Then I complained to Z that a I was bored and that there was nothing to do. A note arrived from the post office yesterday saying that there was a package waiting for me - so Z suggested that I take Buzz for a walk.
We got dressed and found the keys to the front door. Then as I opened the door Buzz rushed out driving his green bimba (riding toy). I quickly revised the 'post office plan' and decided that we'd just go to the nearby neighborhood park. Buzz happily rode around the park for 40 minutes. We made our way up to the top of the park and when he was done playing on the swings I figured he'd be ready to head home. However he had other ideas. He insisted that we head in the opposite direction than home. I then decided it wouldn't be too hard to shlep him to the post office. After picking up the package he still refused to turn back towards home. We walked steadily down the hill until we arrived at mercaz hapizza. Buzz was wearing his 'I love pizza' shirt so of course he wanted a slice. We sat and he enjoyed a mid morning snack while watching the buses go by. I suggested heading towards home one more time but he was adamant that we continue down the hill. As we approached The FamBily House he began to cheer and clap his hands. Evidently he knew where he wanted to spend the day.
We watched the gardeners clean up the garden, we watched Rio and Tangled, we helped cook, we helped plan shul events, and we played with all the toys. Overall it was quite a fun day. Frank is home from his fancy-pants cruise, and Dibble started his D&D chug today.
The Crazy Lady prepared a delicious dairy dinner for us to enjoy. Broccoli soufflé and a huge fake-(take)out 'Italian Salad'. Z had arrived from work, and Frank had come home from his friend's house where he spent the day getting right back into the swing of things.
We feasted, then we cleaned up the toys, said our goodbyes, and went out to the car. Yo'Abba needed a ride up to the shul for maariv so we gave him a tremp. Back at home we snagged a nice wide spot in the parking lot (courtesy of two morons who parked not so nicely in two spots apiece on either side of the spot we took). Then we made our way inside, changed into pjs, and it was bedtime for Buzzy. He didn't nap after our trek this morning, and he didn't conk out this afternoon. By earlier this evening when he was slightly grumpy and wanted to fall asleep I made huge efforts to keep him awake and was (thankfully) successful. So here we are, 8:45pm and there is a pretty good chance that he'll be asleep by 9. It would be a miracle. I'm not getting my hopes up tooooo high - but here's to hoping...
 Also if there is a siren at any point later tonight I am going to be SO extremely pissed off. And if the bomb-shelter-hustle wakes my kid you will hear me scream no matter what corner of the world you may find yourself in.

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