Wednesday, July 09, 2014

"Every Day I Eat Zucchini..."

Tuesday was relatively quiet. Buzz and I kept ourselves entertained. In an effort to be productive I reorganized my entire clothes closet. Well, everything but the sock drawer - because that is just way too complicated to do with Buzz around.
We went to The FamBily House (via SuperH) for dinner. Phil was working an evening shift, so we made dinner for Dibble - yum hotdogs in buns, broccoli, and cucumbers! Then we hung out until Buzz seemed ready for bed. We said goodnight to the Dibble then drove across town. We were in the process of convincing Buzz that 9:55pm is not an appropriate time to pretend to drive when the air-raid siren sounded. He quickly jumped out of his seat into Z's arms and we flat out ran to our building. Thankfully a neighbor had been on his way out when the siren sounded, so he let us in and saved us the need to fumble with the sticky-lock. We made our way to the stairwell in the basement and waited the requisite amount of time until it was safe to head upstairs. Then Z put Buzz to bed whilst I assured friends and family that we were all ok.
This morning I decided to tackle a perfect (sorely procrastinated but necessary) chore. The machsan (storage locker - located in the basement of the building - 2 flights down from our apartment) desperately needed to be reorganized. The goal of reorganizing was ultimately to make enough space for all of the boxes that have been filling up our mamad (safe room). Most of the boxes were actually the contents of my Pesach kitchen. It was not easy task to reorganize that small but very full storage room - especially while keeping an eye on Buzz. It got even harder when I eventually found space but needed to shlep all of the boxes down from the apartment. At first Buzz complied and followed me happily but after four trips he had a meltdown. My solution was to sling him up on my back and get the job done. And so I finally officially took my new Tula Toddler for it's first ride. With Buzz on my back and my arms full of boxes we made the final 5 trips. Buzz would hit the lightswitch for the hallway then grab the door-handle to the apartment and pull it closed behind us on the way out. After 3 hours the machsan was neat and packed and it was time to work on the mamad. A huge garbage bag, another 3 hours of work, a lot of organizing, and finally the room was done. There was even space to unroll the rug. I was extremely proud of myself and Buzz even gave me a round of applause.
When Z got home from work we ran straight out the door. We picked up the van along with Phil and Timmy and went out grocery shopping at Osher Ad. It was quite an exciting outing - the slowest-moving cashiers were on shift - so it took us quite some time to get out of the store. Buzz was excited once we were on our way out because he got his own little bag of bbq potato chips.
We dropped off our groceries at home then proceeded to The FamBily House where dinner prep got underway. Timmy (and Phil) cooked up a delicious feast. We grilled on the indoor grill to avoid any mid-prep interruptions by siren (it seemed like the wise thing to do...) Finally it was mealtime and nobody left the table hungry. Even clean-up was a group effort (although I wasn't part of that group...)
I drove us home (because Timmy & Z shared a bottle of alcoholic deliciousness with our pseudo-bbq.) I managed to snag a spot in our lot and we made it inside with no incidents. Now Buzz is fast asleep and I wish I were too.

Is it weird that I'm still awake because I'm sort of waiting for the 'nightly' siren?

Dammit Hamas - how did you know that I spent 7 hours of my day making the mamad usable?!?!

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