Monday, July 28, 2014


Last Friday morning I had an eye dr appointment. Just a yearly check-up but it was the first time that the whole 'dilation' thing was intense. Usually it doesn't really bother me but this time my eyes were sore and super-sensitive until the next morning. Buzz was cute and wouldn't leave me at the dr's office alone - he insisted on waiting with me even though Z offered to take him to the park.

Shabbos food got cooked. The house got cleaned. Abe came to stay by us. Friday night was fun. Buzz conked out at the table (it was a good thing we made early Shabbos.)

Shabbos morning we made our way over to The FamBily House for brunch with everybody. The Freddies were there and Buzz was thrilled to hang out with his cousin! The day went by pretty quickly - all things considered. After havdala we got a lift home then Abe made his way out to the bus.

Sunday was pretty boring. We went to the mall when Z got home from work - just for a change of pace. Z cleared the dish draining racks and even washed all of the meat dishes which was a nice surprise for me.

Today was quiet too. Buzz and I stayed cool by staying home in the a/c. We didn't do anything overly exciting.

Tomorrow maybe I'll clear out the dairy sink. I wish I knew where all of these dishes came from.

If I get the kitchen organized maybe Buzz and I will bake some granola bars or something equally as delicious. Who knows...

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