Monday, July 07, 2014

Georgie's Heeeees!

Yesterday was Z's first day at his new job. It went pretty well which is exciting. Buzz and I spent the entire day together which was fun - exhausting - but fun.
I was actually somewhat productive - I scrubbed the kitchen counters, sinks, and stovetop. I also washed all of the dishes and let Buzz splash around in the bathtub for about an hour. I figured the tub was just as good as a pool on the mirpeset - but easier to fill/empty and the kid comes out clean at the end of it all.
When Z got home from work we went out to the mall to let Buzz run around. Buzz did his ostrich bit - can you spot him in the picture below? We had an early/late birthday dinner for me at Greg - because Buzz was desperate for chocolate milk. It was fun and delicious. Then we scurried home to get Buzz into bed.
This morning was much like yesterday. We painted, colored with markers, played with stickers, read books, danced, straightened up the living room, and re-organized my clothing closet (all three shelves and three drawers!).
At around 4pm Buzz conked out in my bed snuggled with Toffee. It's sure toy 7:30pm and he is still fast asleep. I know he's catching up on sleep from last week but this is a tad ridiculous. I'm hoping this won't result in a 3am wake-up call tomorrow because I just don't think that I can handle that.
Speaking of tomorrow - it's my Hebrew birthday - so that's super exciting. I'm not expecting anything overly exciting to happen - although maybe we will make it to the grocery store to stock up on some basics which we're now running periolously low on. (Didn't we just go shopping last week? Where did all of the milk and the cucumbers go?!?)

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