Thursday, July 10, 2014


Happy Thursday! I'm not going to lie - I was relieved to not wake up to a siren this morning like my friends and family in numerous other places in the country. Stories of post-shower towel-clad mad-dashes to the stairwells really made me grateful for my 'safe' location. Well, safe so long as the bad-guys are aiming for other places...
My biggest achievement today was washing all of the dishes in the dairy sink. Then I washed out the sink, just for good measure. I also spent a lot of time snuggling with Buzz because he was uber-cuddly today. On account of all of the cuddling I opted to leave the a/c on all day. A good move since the mercury was still hovering at around 90F at 7pm.
The entire day passed by in relative quiet. I figured that with Phil working a night shift that I should make some dinner and feed The Dibble. I kneaded up a batch of pizza dough, but wasn't in the mood to shape pies. Instead I opted to get fancy and stuff balls of dough. I made a pan stuffed with sauce and mozzarella for Dibble, a pan stuffed with sauce, mozzarella, and grated feta cheese for the slightly more adventurous among us, and the last tray was stuffed with a sautéed mushroom and onion mixture, and a mozzarella and feta mix.
Z arrived home as I began stuffing the dough. In the middle the first tray the incoming-rocket-siren sounded. So I dropped the dough I was working on, grabbed a towel to wipe my hands on, and we all filed off to the mamad. We shut the door and sat ourselves down in all the nice neat roomy space that I found yesterday! It was a completely different experience from the overcrowded and stress inducing incidents from earlier in the week. We giggled and took some selfies - because why not - and because it was something to do while we waited until it was safe to leave and resume our daily activities.
I finished the pizza bubbles and stuck them into the oven to bake. 20 minutes later I put them onto a towel lined tray, loosely covered them, and we made our way across town to The FamBily House. We enjoyed a delicious dinner with The Dibble and now Z is playing X-Box while Buzz plays with his best friend. (Yes Crazy Lady, he's got your vaccuum, again.)

Hoping for a quiet and uneventful night. We had our daily excitement - I just want to go to sleep early and sleep well until tomorrow. Because tomorrow is Friday and there is A TON to do...

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