Monday, July 07, 2014

Happy Hebrew 29th!!!

Well - this birthday certainly got off to a loud and terrifying start. A siren sounded in The Sun House and  surrounding cities as a barrage of rockets was shot in our general direction from Gaza. Once the siren sounds we have 90 seconds to grab whatever is important and get ourselves safely situated in our safe-room. I am grateful that we have a private 'mamad' (safe-room) located in our apartment. It's actually our guest room (conveniently done so that it is always stocked with bedding, mattresses, and our gas masks.)

Buzz handled the blip in routine quite well - he grabbed George and Toffee and headed off to the designated safe-spot, all the while munching on a chicken nugget. My little Sabra won't let anything faze him.

Wishing everybody in The Holy Land a safe and quiet night!

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