Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Immy Immy!

This morning kicked off at 6am - that's about 2 hours before Z has to leave for work. Z put French fries in nice and early so breakfast was ready at around 7:15.

At 8 when Z had to leave for work Buzz freaked out. He was going stir-crazy locked up in the house. I know the dr said that he should take it easy - but he had already spent an entire afternoon and evening cooped up in the house. He was more than ready to get some fresh air. So we went out to the park near our house. Buzz played for a while and we slowly wandered up the snake path to the top of the park where we swung on the swings for a while.

At the top of the park Buzz turned - as is his habit - towards The FamBily House. It was the 'late' hour of 9:00am. I pleaded with him to turn back and head home but he would not agree. We walked at Buzz-pace and about 30 minutes later we arrived at The FamBily House.

We spent all day camped out on the comfy couches watching movies. Buzz took an hourlong nap. Finding Nemo, Rio, Monsters Inc, Monsters University... And finally Z came home and we ate a delicious dinner (of a new teriyaki-bbq sauce chicken) made by The Crazy Lady and Timmy.

Then it was 7:45ish and Buzz was getting super cranky so we took him home, dosed him with painkillers, put him in pjs, and he was asleep by 8:30. Hopefully he'll sleep peacefully through the night.

How cute is this shirt with sharks from our Miller cousins in NYC! Buzz loves it - and chose it himself this morning! Thanks so much! An especially awesome shirt to wear while watching Finding Nemo!

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