Thursday, July 31, 2014

Meats & Pies

Yesterday I was moderately productive. Buzz and I baked challah and chocolate babka in the morning. Then we played with ice, read a lot of books, and chased each other around on riding toys. When Z got home we went over to The a FamBily House for a quick dinner. We cut short our dinner visit to take Phil to work. Then Buzz took a jog around the mall. 
This morning was pretty traumatic for me - I tried to get Buzz ready to head out to Jeru while having some weird panic attack. (Yay trying to get a two year old out to a post-op appointment all alone!) the Crazy Lady was awesome - she put up with my on again off again planning, then she put up with me being a crazy nut-case in the car. We made it to Jeru in record time, parked the car, and before I knew it we were already at the doctor's office. A less than two second glance into Buzz's mouth and we were on our way to the shuk. My Tula Toddler got a great workout today - I wore all 13kg of Buzz on our adventures. Definitely ideal for getting through the shuk with a toddler. I definitely need to strengthen my upper-back muscles but it's just slight soreness - not pain - which is suuuuper cool!
We drove back to The Sun House and stopped off at the grocery store for our last minute groceries. Then after a quick stop at home to drop off my groceries we went back to The FamBily House to hang out with The FamBily - or whoever was in residence anyway. Buzz, Timmy, and Fuzz, kept each other amused. The Crazy Lady made a mini dinner for us to take-away since we had to head to early to wait for our delivery of groceries - because I grocery shopped online for the second time in my life. The groceries arrived at the same time as we did (20 minutes early - pretty cool!)

Buzz went to sleep at about 8:40pm (yay no nap and overstimulation all day long!) Then Z was kind enough to assist me in organizing most of the house! How awesome is that for a Thursday night?!

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