Saturday, July 05, 2014

Mgonza do it!

Wednesday morning we took The Parental's Galaxy for a joyride. Loading up groceries was super simple with so much trunk space! We had taken Phil out with us so that she could stock up for a Girls Weekend with her friends. Wednesday afternoon we met up with Rikuda&co at the mall and the kiddos ran amok while we prayed their energies would be depleted to make for easier bedtimes. Eventually we couldn't keep up with them and we all made our way over to our house. Dinner time was quickly approaching and I was too lazy to go out to eat so I sent Z to the grocery store and quickly threw together a meal. Chicken-in-a-pot, sliders, fries, rice, and some broccoli for greens. Easy peasy and except for the slightly over-lemony-ness of the chicken gravy (on account of being out of white wine) it was fairly successful. The kids had a blast or they seemed to anyway and it was nice to hang out with our newest FamBily in The Holy Land.

Thursday morning dawned sunny and hot. We had planned an IKEA trip, but when plans got changed to the Netanya branch I was super sad. Z decided that we should still have our outing so we made our way to Rishon and shopped our hearts out. Just kidding - we replaced stuff for The FamBily House - the drinking glasses (that we managed to (accidentally) smash while making piƱa coladas at my birthday party) and we bought a new French press (the cat on the counter causes havoc galore...). We also picked up some yummy cherry scented candles to put in the guest bathroom with the hope that the lingering mildew-y/mold-y smell would be masked (it's working just in case you were curious) with the scent of cherry deliciousness. Back in The Sun House we toiveled all of the glassware - then we dropped it off and spent a couple of hours at The FamBily House because Buzz decided that it was the place to be. We made some dinner and fed the Dibble. Then we made our way home.

Friday was a pretty typical erev shabbos. I decided to make a fresh pot of chicken soup because I wasn't sure how many people we were going to actually be for the meal. Dibble ended up being our only guest - but it was fun anyway. Meatballs for the soup and some tomato-sauce meatballs, a whole roasted chicken, rice, pasta, ravioli bake, carrot kugel, oriental pasta salad, brownies and cheesecake from the freezer... Nobody went hungry this weekend. We managed to get everything done by 4pm, so there was no reason for not making early shabbos. It was better in a way because we all got a chance to digest a bit before battling Buzz into bed.

Today was nice even though we didn't leave the house. Buzz has been highly entertaining lately. He now says a whole bunch of 'new' words - 'ice, keys, out...' Today as Z rinsed and refilled his cup he demanded, 'Abba, Ice!' We blew bubbles off the mirpeset because Buzz loves to watch them float across the driveway and into the sun. We also played some 'monkey in the middle' (guess who the monkey was...) and some 'soccer'. Dibble kept Buzz entertained for a while which was a real treat! We were going to go out to visit S&S but Buzz's nose would not stop running and he's developed a cough - which generally signals that he's almost over whatever cold he's got but he's definitely not '100%'. He then conked out on the couh for a 3.5hr nap in the window when it would have been best to go. Maybe next week...

After havdalah we had some melava malka. Then Z took Dibble home. Buzz and I quickly swept the kitchen/living/dining rooms the sat down to read some books and do a puzzle. When Z got back it was bedtime for Buzzo - and that afforded me some quiet time to sit and type this update.

Tomorrow Z starts his new job in Kfar Menachem. I'm bracing to get myself back into some semblance of a routine with Buzz in tow. 8 weeks until he starts gan and I and undeniably excited!

Speaking of gan, on Wednesday I got my birthday presents! Z bought me a Tula Toddler Carrier in the Giraffe print that I love!!! It is SUPER comfy (based on the 10 mins I wore him around the house on Thursday just to try it out) and I can't wait to take it for a real test-drive this week! The seat is wider so Buzz's knees don't dangle awkwardly, the back is higher so that he can sit more comfortably, and the shoulder straps are nice and padded, while the hip buckle is off to the side so it doesn't dig into my middle! I'm looking forward to all of the walks that we'll take with it!

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