Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mgonza Gomb Baza

Friday was exhausting. We scrambled around trying to get the house organized and the food prepped. Finally thing were neat enough and it was 10 minutes before early candle lighting so we packed up the car and drove across town.

Our meal was simple and delicious. It was just Us, Ayala, Phil, and Dibble. We had a lively meal followed by a very long shmooze session. By the time we went to bed it was after midnight and we were all completely zonked.

This morning it was the same group. We enjoyed an early brunch then spent the afternoon schmoozing and dozing. Eventually it was late afternoon so we ate some seudah shlishit. Before we knew it the time for havdala had arrived.

We said the prayers, packed up our stuff, wished each other a good quiet week then packed up the cars. Since Z will be picking up The Parentals at the airport tomorrow and it's supposed to be hot not to mention that there are errands to be done - I decided to also take the van.

Buzz was inconsolable and distraught when he realized that I wouldn't be joining them in our car for the 'long' ride home. Z buckled him into his seat as I clambered into the spaceship and powered it up. I had the headlights on, took off the emergency brake, and had just gently pressed on the gas pedal which rolled me squarely in front of the Feldman's house when I heard the unmistakable hollow whine of the air-raid siren. 90-seconds (closer to 75...) to get to safety is simply not enough in a new situation but I think I handled it pretty well. I quickly closed the windows, shut the lights, put the car in park, pulled up the emergency brake, and flew out of the car in less than 10 seconds. I ran towards the car Z was driving directly behind me - and motioned to him that there was a siren.

He rolled down the window all confused at why I was having a fit and I shouted 'SIREN!!!' He hadn't heard it because Buzz was throwing a full blown toddler tantrum in the back seat. He put the car into reverse and said, "I'll just park!" At which point I screamed, "NO!" and flung open Buzz's door to wrestle a now panicked toddler out of his car seat. Z turned off the car and we all ran back towards The FamBily House.

Phil had closed the door behind us and upon hearing the siren had followed Dibble and his friend downstairs to the safe room - but then she realized that we were probably not far so she ran back up the stairs and opened the front door - just as we ran up the front stairs with only 15 seconds to spare. We made it down to the basement and were trying to catch our breath when we heard the Iron Dome hard at work in the distance.

6 explosions and 10 minutes later we climbed the stairs, said our goodbyes again, and went out to the cars for take 2. It is a somewhat surreal feeling that 90seconds+10 minutes of our lives had just passed with bated breath in complete limbo.

We made it across town. Somewhat unpacked from shabbos. Got together Buzz's 'bedtime stuff' and Z was sitting with him in his room as he drifted to sleep when the second siren sounded. Safely settled into routine we each grabbed our stuffed buddy and water bottle then made our way to the mamad with no hassle. We shut the door and sat in the darkness (because turning on the lights would have completely thrown off Buzz's 'night-time' 'sleep-mode'. Unfortunately once we were 'all clear' to leave the mamad Buzz was re-energized. It took him over an hour and a half to actually fall asleep (he conked out at around 11:40pm!) I REALLY hope that the rest of the night is quiet and that he sleeps late in the morning. I know I'm asking a lot but I would really appreciate it.

Tomorrow The Parentals and The Freddies return to The Holy Land - they've been gone for 3 long weeks and we've missed them so much while they were off having fun! Here's to hoping that their plane lands safely at Ben Gurion Airport on time!

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