Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Uio o?"

This morning got off to an obnoxiously early start at 1:52am when we were dragged from our dreamless sleep by the terrifying sound of the siren. Z scooped Buzz from his bed and we waited bleary eyed in the pitch dark of the mamad. The siren went on for an interminably long time - it was a double. Buzz woke up pointing at the ceiling and covering his ears to block out the sound.
Thankfully it eventually ended and we were able to return to our beds. Buzz snuggled with Z and they both fell back asleep. I was not so lucky. Unable to fall asleep after being woken I lay in the dark tossing and turning until close to 5am when I finally drifted off.
Z left for work on the late side. Before he left he got Buzz dressed, then when he went to leave Buzz was devastated that they wouldn't be leaving together. I made eggs to go with our fries for breakfast and enticed Buzz to stay with me. I promised him that we'd do a fun activity.
I wandered around the house all day doing small tasks and chores. I made a menu for shabbos and I emailed a shopping list to Z of things that he could pick up on his way home from work. Buzz bounced around the house playing with everything that he could get his hands on.
Eventually I decided that it was time for our 'fun activity' - I opted for some sensory play. Moon Sand (also known as cloud dough) sounded good. I combined 4 cups of all purpose flour with 1/2 cup of canola oil then stirred the mixture until everything was combined. We ended up with an awesome light and fluffy, soft and moldable, version of wet sand. It was SO cool! It wiped off hands pretty easily, and wasn't gritty. It definitely made a mess but the fun he had playing with it was definitely worth the effort. Next time I'll either stick a smock on him or let him at it in just a bathing suit.
At first Buzz was apprehensive about getting his hands dirty. (Meanwhile I was sitting there up to my elbows in the stuff - IT WAS SO COOL!) I gave him a whisk and some serving utensils so that he could play with it on his own terms. I offered him moulded 'boulders' of the stuff and he happily allowed me to place them on the spoons for him to transport. Eventually his curiosity got the better of him and he allowed me to take his hands and dig down into the bowl. He was hooked. He went crazy after that. Pouring from bowl to bowl, smashing, smushing, and having a great time.
This activity kept him busy for over an hour. I was extremely impressed. He was so engrossed in it that he let me put his hair up so that it wouldn't interfere with his vision and he didn't even charge towards the ipad when I took a few pictures.
Towards the end of playing Ayala called to find out whether it would be alright for her to come over. With the whole 'semi-war' situation Avi has been kept fairly busy and late on base every night. I was happy to have the grown-up company and Buzz was delighted because he loves A&A so so so much!
We washed up the toys and the floor of the mirpeset. Then we started making dinner (fleishigs tomato vegetable soup - I was SO in the mood for something delicious and filling - I added meatballs, barley, and split peas so the pot too!) Ayala arrived as we began dicing the vegetables. Soon the soup was simmering, so it was a prefect time to bathe Buzz. He showed off all of his cool bath toys and splashed around for quite a long time. Eventually we coerced him out of the tub with offers of his OmNom shirt as pajamas.
Z finally came home bearing groceries. We sat and enjoyed a delicious dinner (I threw borekas into the oven too in case anybody wanted something that crunched with their soup.) Ayala read Buzz two books then we called it bedtime and Z marched him off to his room. After an hour and a half of cuddling the kid was finally asleep. 10:00pm. No doubt there will be a siren in the next couple of hours - just because...
Tomorrow is clean and cook time. There's not much to do but it'll be enough to keep us busy!

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