Sunday, July 13, 2014

Signs and things...

It was a long long morning. Buzz who is chronically overtired spent close to four hours trying to fall asleep for his nap. In his 'awake' periods we did fun stuff. I set up his ball tent in the living room then he had a blast filling it with his 400 colorful ball-pit balls. When he grew bored of playing in the tent with Curious a George we moved on to a different activity (which I actually had the forethought to prepare last week.) I had frozen water in a dozen small storage containers. We took a few of these ice blocks outside and I let him play with them - I provided two trays and a table for him to sit at. He didn't lick the blocks as much as I'd thought he would (though that might be a good thing...) but he sure had a lot of fun chasing them around. We also watered the plants on the mirpeset. It was a bit heartbreaking when he disappeared inside to the ball tent and for lunch for about an hour and when he came back the ice was pretty much gone - all that was left was a big puddle. Luckily he understood why there was no more ice and insisted on pouring all of the water into the planter of mint.
He ended up falling asleep for a (relatively) early nap at 12:45. While he was asleep I kneaded up a batch of hamburger buns. An hour later he was still fast asleep while I shaped them. He woke up about 10 minutes shy of putting them into the oven - so he got to help glaze them and sprinkle on the sesame seeds.

At about 4:30 we made our way out to the (borrowed) van. We stopped off at SuperH to pick up some meat for hamburgers and some hotdogs. Then we drove down to The FamBily House. Phil was hard at work getting everything clean and shiny. Timmy arrived not too long after us. We colored and crafted like crazy people to get the 'welcome home' sign finished in time. Finally we got the call that the 'eagles had landed' followed by the half-hour warning. Thankfully the food was already on the indoor grill (we opted to cook everything 'stove-top' to save ourselves any hassle in the event of a bomb-shelter hustle.)

We waited (im)patiently for the car to pull up and we all rushed out the door when they finally arrived. A few neighbors watched on bemusedly as we performed our 'you're finally home' greetings ritual. Dinner was cooked and waiting once all of the bags had been brought inside. We sat down to eat and things were going swimmingly until the persistent hollow whine of the siren carried across the city to our ears. Everybody calmly made their way to the miklat (even though Phil & I spent an extra 20 precious seconds shoving the food back into the oven to keep it 'safe' from the household pets.) We still made it downstairs with time to spare and it was a relatively short siren so the food was still warm as we returned to the table and resumed our feast.

After the meal came the 'messy unpack and distribution of presents' from which we made out like bandits. Buzz received a super cool watch from The Parentals and an awesome gift from his NY cousins! Z got shiny presents too! I got super practical very much appreciated items of clothing and I can't wait to wear them! (I also got some gas-x which as everyone knows is practically as good as jewelry to me.)

By that point Buzz was off his rocker with exhaustion so we said our 'good nights' and headed home. Buzz bounced around until 10:40 either way - super excited about his new things and that Abba was putting him to sleep (until he wanted me, of course...) now he's fast asleep and I'm going to get some shut eye too - before he comes into my bed and kicks me for the remainder of the night.

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